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Hostel one (H-1) is the first (oldest) hostel in the campus. Hostel one take care of the students who are staying away from the home, like a mother and hence it is entitled with the name 'Queen of the Campus'.

Queen of the Campus (old photo)
H-1 Front View

Staying in Queen of the campus will be a wonderful and memorable experience. Hostel one is the centre of attraction in this intellectual valley, IIT Bombay. The first thing one can notice while entering the hostel would be the "Thought of the Day" a quotation (from collections) written by the inmates of H-1 which may emphatically motivate the visitors. H-1 is famous for its one-minute walk - "One minute walk to swimming pool... One-minute walk to gymkhana... One minute walk to soccer ground... One minute walk to open air theatre... One minute walk to Students activity Center (SAC)".

Queen of the campus is not just another hostel. "It is a way of life, a philosophy... a place of enthusiasm and vigour. This hostel houses mostly postgraduates and research scholars. The tense research atmosphere at work contrasts with the pleasant environment of the hostel." H-1 is a nest for the aspiring researchers who sleep with their groaning research problems and wake up with new ideas. H-1 inmates are good in both academics and in sports. The research publications and the triumphs in inter hostel events will prove this fact.

The spacious lounge, huge mess with excellent workers and ever improving quality of mess food are the traits of our Queen. Gorgeous garden with plenty of trees such as wild badam, giant banyan, toddy breadfruit tree, kanchans, gulmohor, coppor pods are the homes for the crows, pigeons and monkeys. These trees gives a pleasant environment to the hostel. Along with the well-equipped hostel gym and good playgrounds helps to mould the body along with mind. In simple words it is a paradise.

H-1 Garden
Ganesh Utsav Celebration
Hostel one celebrates almost all the festivals that are celebrated across the country such as, Colors day (Holi), Crackers day (Diwali), Harvesting day (Oname, Gudi padwa, Pongal, etc.), Ganesh Utsav, Dhai Handi, Independence day, and the list goes on. These festivals bring tremendous enthusiasm and energy among the inmates which creates a friendly bonding, a unity in team spirit and great opportunity in network building as well as socio cultural interaction and harmony among the culturally diverse H-1 inmates. H-1 catches the really fun by arranging picnic or trekking. That makes an unique H-1 culture. Life is a celebration in H-1.

"Queen of the campus is the home away from home"

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