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Wondering where the driving force of the insti comes from? You are at the right place! Welcome to Madhouse! The official manufacturer-cum-storehouse of ultimate hostel enthusiasm, Hostel 4 welcomes you. Undoubtedly the best place to cut your days through at the insti, Madhouse offers the profoundest and much too often the funniest ways to learn and grow, and enjoy, in its ingenious ways exhibited over the course of its fun-filled past decades. Why, even today every inmate of H4 nurtures the hostel-sentiment in his sincerest way possible. We owe it to the rich hostel culture inherited from our yesteryears, the ideal of which to this day burns bright within our hearts, and continues to blaze brighter year after year.H4 invites you to explore the various nitty-gritties that make up our home

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H4 craxx MDGC with 1st Position \H4/\H4/
  • Cricket GC- 21 Jan
  • Hockey GC- 18 Jan
  • Football GC Practice- 17 Jan
  • Volleyball GC Practice-19 Jan
  • Hindi Creative Writing GC-18 Jan
  • Hindi Debate GC-23 Jan
  • WolfPack GC-1 Feb
  • 3D-Fine Art GC-7 Feb
  • NEWS
  • Hostel 4 craxx 1st Position in MDGC.

  • Ranjan gets Best Actor Award in MDGC for Hostel 4.

  • Mitesh bags the Best Director Award MDGC

  • GEM of MDGC-H4 Music Team

  • H4 gets 2nd position in Crossy GC

  • Athletics GC 3rd position

  • Music Video GC 4th position