Hostel 5

To the abode of the most passionate, the most fearless, the most intense and the most lion-hearted of all IITians. For others what might seem like just another hostel is for its inhabitants a matter of great pride and joy.

Walk around, visit our footer field which has been witness to many a close matches and paf practise year after year, check out our well stocked canteen, read a magazine in one of the many bucket chairs in the lounge, surf the net or watch movies in the amazing compy room, sample our grub(reportedly second to none in the insti), rest awhile under our beloved poltu ped and meet some of the many multi-dimensionally talented inhabitants of this hostel.

Whether you be an alumnus remniscencing about your glorious past or a freshie who is checking out what is in store for him or even an envious 'just another' hostelite, we warmly welcome you all to penthouse.

Breakfast : Veg Cheese Sandwich, Sweet Corn, Omelette, Banana, Chocos

Lunch : Chhole, Bhature, Tur Dal, Jeera Rice, Imli Chutney, Lassi

Tiffin : Dahi Sev Puri /Pani Puri Ice Tea

Dinner : Gatte Ki Sabji, aloo methi dry, Merwar Dal, Roti, Veg Schezwan Rice, Chumchum/ Rasmalai, papaya

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Sports-Bronze in chess GC Narender Choudhary
H5 won bronze medal in chess GC player were Pranav Damani, Rohan Bukte, Sai Krishna Deepak Maram, Vivek turkar, Jitesh gosar, Amit Waghmare, Pushyarag Yadagiri
Sep 27, 2015 | 4:29 PM
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