IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
IIT Bombay Sports
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Upcoming Events


Sports Carnival

Time: 3 pm to 9 pm
Venue: SAC


Monsoon Run 2

Time: 6:00 pm
Venue: In front of SAC


Cycling Ride to Madh Fort

Time: 5:00 AM
Starting point: SAC
Total distance: 65 km
Difficulty level: Medium


Sophie Crossy

Time: 6:45 pm
Venue: in front of SAC
Route will be announced at the venue

Latest News

Sports Carnival on 29 August


On the occasion of the National Sports Day, IIT Bombay Sports presents to you the most fun event of the year, The Annual Sports Carnival.

The "Carnival" will be held at SAC on 29th August from 3 pm to 9 pm and will take you through an amazing collection of events filled with loads of fun and excitement.

The special attractions include photo booth, food stalls and many more.

You surely don't wanna miss this !!

Workshop on Basics of Rappelling

Here's the first workshop by Adventure Sports Club. Club brings to you the opportunity to learn and master the basic techniques of rappelling. Rappelling is a quick and safe technique to climb down steep sections in a terrain using a rope and some equipment. Rappelling is indeed very thrilling :D The Workshop involves:- Lecture Demo and Presentation (LDP) of mechanical rappelling, LDP of Basic belaying techniques Students can perform all the techniques practically. Workshop is Open to All.... Freshers are specially invited Students who have done BMC are also encouraged to come, some techniques which are not taught in the BMC curriculum will also be taught. Students who are well trained mountaineers will guide you ensuring all the safety while conducting the workshop. Date: 23rd August 2015 Timings: 03:30 pm Venue: OAT, top of stairs Do join!! Have Fun!! Keep Learning!! register at tinyurl.com/abseil101 For more update, visit fb.com/adviitb

Squash Beginners Camp from 17th of August

With the demand for squash training in the institute increasing exponentially with the opening of three new courts, the institute sports council has organized squash beginners camp from 17th of August, to be taken by professional coaches.

Sports Outlet will remain closed from 12th to 16th August

The Sports Outlet will be closed from 12th August (today) to 16th August (Sunday). This will resume on 17th August till next Sunday i.e., 23rd August.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.