Message from the Team

A very warm welcome to the Post Graduate life in IIT Bombay. Here, you have a rare opportunity. You start a new leg of your journey towards the excellence that you aimed for. Here is where you make something of what you have learned in your undergraduate studies. This is where you put the bits and pieces - that you have picked up along the way - together. It is a new start.
But, this is also where a few things from your undergraduate days start to disappear as a part of growing up; the sense of wonder, your free-spiritedness, your zeal and your sense of involvement - to name a few. But, don’t worry. They disappear only if you let them go. Tame them and shape them and use them to get what you came here for. To nurture yourself, IIT Bombay offers you the avenues and the opportunities of both academic and non-academic nature that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in India. Do make use of them and the life here would be exciting.

- Deekshith, GSecAA (PG)

About us

Postgraduate Academic Council (PGAC), is one of the six student councils of IIT Bombay. Working under the guidance of Dean of Students Affairs and Dean of Academic Affairs, it is headed by an elected General Secretary for Academic Affairs (PG). The responsibility of the P.G.A.C. is to represent the interests of our postgraduate students - masters and Ph.D. students, alike. While the matters related to academic policies and grievances are our forte and our primary objective, we often collaborate with other councils and bodies such as the Companion Programmes to work on myriad issues that concern the postgraduate students of our institute. Wholly, We strive to make the life of every student on campus an enriching experience.


To bring a fulfilling world-class education and an enriching research experience to the postgraduate students of IIT Bombay so that it brings out the best in each of us.


  • To update and improve educational facilities for PG students
  • To take forward and address students’ concerns related to academics and research
  • To help in revising and evaluating the curriculum for matching the required competence along the technological growth
  • To organize conferences, seminars and lectures for the benefit of students

Our Team