The Photography Club of IIT Bombay which is a diverse club of amateurs with mobile cameras to professionals with DSLRs who contribute to world renowned magazines. You will find these crazies at odd nook and corners of the campus, at unexpected times shooting sunset in the lakeside or making light graffitis in the dark night or playing with lights in the photography studio know-more


‘Rangeelas’, as they are called; are these crazy people you will find doing all sorts of creative stuffs– from painting walls to institute roads, making graffitis to making colourful pfa videos to painting with colour splashes, hanging out together in night-outs, sketching and making 3D models; these people form RANG - The Fine Arts Club of IIT Bombay. Rang is not just a club consisting of the most creative people in the institute, it is a family where you learn, teach and enjoy the art of making life colourful know-more


SilverScreen is the film club of IIT Bombay. Started in 2008 by a few film enthusiasts, the club has ever since promoted the culture of film making and film appreciation amongst the student community of IIT-Bombay. We provide a platform where one can not only get to enjoy a lot of films but also experience the thrill of making one. know-more


IITBBC IIT-Bombay Broadcasting Channel, the online video channel of IIT-Bombay is aimed at giving the viewers a sneak peak into the events, activities and life at IIT-Bombay. It is a joint venture by the Institute Cultural Council and Insight, the media body of IIT-Bombay. We would constantly be putting up updates from cult, sports, tech and academics among others, on this channel. know-more


Symphony is the Music club of the institute. The club is proud of potraying diverse forms of music including fusion, Indian pop and various instrumentals. Over the past years there have been bands playing genres ranging from the blues, fusion and funk to prog. rock, thrash and metal. We believe that the three ingredients for good music are pitch, pocket and passion. We believe that music has a deeper meaning which resonates with our hearts. We are a large group of people who play/sing or listen to good music which isn't genre specific. know-more


Inspite of having a strong urge to dance, many of us feel so shy that we restrict it to our rooms. But here in IIT Bombay we give you ample opportunity to explore your interest in dancing. Right from the very first event, we help you out in nurturing your interests in this genre of cult. With ranges of dance being from Bollywood to Hip-Hop, from Kathak to Punjabi, from Contemporary to Jazz, and Salsa, we try to convey our emotions with dancing. know-more


So you are an Actor..? a Director..? Scriptwriter..? Technician..? Never mind, if you just love how those fellas set you cracking with their jokes or leave you shuddering with their spine chilling performances and wish to try it out, then you SHOULD pay this haven a visit! A huge and spacious room with a wooden stage and overhead spot lightings, Theatre room is all set to polish every bit of theatricality in you! This room serves a perfect practise place for all the dramatic events from street plays to stage plays. know-more

We Speak  

WeSpeak is the club primarily for all the debating enthusiasts in the Institute. The club not only consists of people who debate, but also of people who are into Slam poetry and Model United Nations (MUN). A lot of club members take part in group discussions as well after the debate practice sessions to discuss the various socio-economic and international issues. All in all, one can learn how to frame their arguments and speak out in front of a public audience after being a part of WeSpeak. know-more

Comedy Cons 

Comedy Cons is the club meant for all the Stand-up comedy enthusiasts in the Institute. Regular workshops and Open Mics are organized to help club members grasp the art of Stand-up comedy and perform their jokes fearlessly in front of a capacity crowd. Club members also participate in various Open Mics taking place in the Bombay region. Join this club if you wish to have a time full of humour and excitement as we never fail to make anyone laugh. know-more


Vaani - The Indian Languages Club of IIT Bombay, is a one-of-a-kind club amongst various others in the Institute. It promotes all 22 official languages of the country. While poetry remains the Forté of Vaani, creative writing in prose and debate along with stage performances are also followed with great enthusiasm. Club members have excelled in and out of Institute events and the club is ever growing. It's a symbol of the heterogeneity of India which we all are so proud of. know-more


Literati is one of the most active, entertaining and intellectually stimulating clubs in the institute, with a healthy mixture of formal (meaning you probably stand to get prize money) and informal (meaning you get chocolates instead!) events held quite frequently. We host a range of events like Quizzes, Creative Writing, Rebuses, Word Games, Scrabble, Scavenger Hunts, Treasure Hunts and Pot-pourri (dumb charades and other fun games). know-more


A freshly sown seed in IIT Bombay, with an aim to revive the plant of Classical and Folk Arts that has its roots deep down to the origin of any kind of art form. ROOTS, The Classical and Folk Arts Club of IIT Bombay is a place where dance, music and fine arts are learnt, enjoyed and felt in a traditional way. It gives you a platform to diversify your knowledge of arts with various art forms like Carnatic and Hindustani classical music, Classical dances like Kuchipudi, Kathakali, BharataNatyam, Kathak, folk dances like Bhangra, Garba, Ghoomar, and folk arts like Warli painting, Madhubani Painting and much more all at one place. Everyone is Expressive - Classical beautifies the expressions.. know-more

The Design Club 

When creativity meets passion, design happens. Design is thoughts given shape; to put together the pieces of a puzzle, not knowing of what would unfold. Have an idea? Give it shape and bring it into existence; scribble it out or express yourself digitally. The Design Club came into existence last year, with the motive of creating a culture of design in the institute. The amazing response we got has encouraged us to go further and expand across the genres, to have infrastructure set aside for enthusiastic people. So, all artistic souls out there, join us, in the island of misfit toys. know-more


"Make yourself a priority once in a while. It's not selfish, It's necessary."
It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in and what defines you the most. The StyleUp Club at IIT Bombay provides you the platform to explore your inhibited desires without any bar of knowledge, credentials and skills. Come and join us to celebrate your StyleUp know-more