Genres: Dramatics Photography & Fine Arts

Roll No: 20B090004


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    3rd Prize Terribly Tiny Hindi in PG Cult 2016-17 | 2016 (verified)
    3rd Prize Terribly Tiny Hindi in PG Cult 2016-17 | 2016 (verified)
    3rd Prize Terribly Tiny Hindi in PG Cult 2016-17 | 2016 (verified)
    3rd Prize Terribly Tiny Hindi in PG Cult 2016-17 | 2016 (verified)
    3rd Prize Terribly Tiny Hindi in PG Cult 2016-17 | 2016 (verified)
    Won 1st prize in street-play competition of freshmen | 2014 (verified)
    Awarded special mention in Ad-making competition held for freshmen | 2014 (verified)
    1st, PAF Dance | 2015 (verified)
    1st, PAF Dance | 2016 (verified)
    5th, Design GC | 2016 (verified)
    Top 5, Gyrations | 2015 (verified)
    Top 5, Gyrations | 2016 (verified)
    • Secured 1st position in Scavenger Hunt, PG Cult 2016-’17, IIT Bombay | 2017 (verified)
    1st position in group dance competition in Freshizza | 2014 (verified)
    Secured 2nd position in group dance in Freshizza’ | 2014 (verified)
    Secured 2nd position in Sophie Dance League among 11 Hostels | 2015 (verified)
    Instructed and performed a group dance in Rock n Roll workshop | 2014 (verified)
    IIT Bombay | 2017 (verified)
    Came First in a National Music Competition | 2015 (verified)
    Secured first Position in Dance Section of Performing Art Festival | 2017 (verified)
    Bagged fourth Position in Freshmen Group Dance Competition | 2016 (verified)
    Represented IIT Bombay's dance Contingent at Malhar,annual fest of St. Xavier's | 2014 | 2018-01 (verified)
    Edited and Acted in a short film for freshmen film making competition | 2016-08 (verified)
    PG Convener Fourth-wall drama Club IIT Bombay - Planned and Organized PG cult orientation 2018 drama for more than 1000 people. -Wrote script and Directed the staged Drama in PG cult orientation 2018. -Assisted in Organizing the UG cult orientation for more than 1000 students -Organized registration stall for encouraging the participation of new students. -Interviewed more than 20 new PG students for the post of new PG Dramatic Coordinator 2018-2019. - Planned and Organized Sophie writer meet of Fouth-Wall Club 2018. -Planned and Organized Sophie Prod Audition 2018. -Worked with a team of more than 60 people including different zoner Convener , coordinators and nominees in PG cult council. -Worked with a team of more than 12 people in Fourth-Wall Club. -Assisted in planning and organizing Fourth-Wall Orientation 2018. Participation in PG-Cult Phase 2 2018 -Wrote story and screenplay of Drama "Inteqam" . -Directed and acted as lead in Drama "Inteqam". -Participated in Dance genre in phase-II. -Participated in Inter-hostel poetry competition 2017. | 2018-01 (verified)
    Participated in department flag competition in fine arts, PG cult phase 1 | 2017-09 (verified)
    Participated in Dramatics organized as part of PG cult 2018 (cultural festival of IITB) [March 2018] | 2018-03 (verified)
    Achieved 1st position in productions as part of core team in Performing Arts Festival for 2 years [’16,’18] | 2016, 2018 (verified)
    Stood 2nd in Kavyasandhya GC, solo Hindi poem recitation, among 250 participants | 2016-08 (verified)
    Secured 2nd position in Sophie Dance League (among 14 hostels) at IIT Bombay | 2016 (verified)
    • Represented IIT Bombay in a street play competition at Unmaad, IIM Bangalore [’16] • Bagged 1st position in Sophomore Dance League (SDL) out of 10 teams [’16] | 2018-01 (verified)
    3rd position in Sophie Dance League among 11 participating hostels | 2016-09 (verified)
    Performed in Anuanl Insync Dance show, Salsa Night, TheOnlineCultChallenge and PG Cult Orientation | 2017-2018 (verified)
    Secured 1st position in Ad-Making in Freshiezza | 2015-09 (verified)
    part of a team of 20 that secured 3rd position in gyrations the inter hostel dance general championship 2017 | 2017-10 (verified)
    2nd Prize General Quiz, PG-Cult | 2019-04 (verified)
    Lead dancer and choreographer in Sophie Dance League (group dance competition) | 2016 (verified)
    • Formed the first ever Acapella group of IIT Bombay consisting of Indian classical and western vocalists | 2019-08 (verified)
    • Mentored and performed in a street play that bagged Gold at Arcade | 2017-09 (verified)
    Awarded Institute Cultural Color for exemplary contribution to IITB’s film making | ['19] (verified)
    Convener | Symphony, IIT Bombay Part of a 5-member council responsible for ideating, managing and promoting 15+ events catering to 5k+ people •Mentored 10 bands involving 45+ musicians throughout the year, boosting participation by 200% y-o-y •Modified structure of flagship event ‘Battle of Bands’ from 1-tier to 2-tier model, increasing participation •Conducted the Annual Music Show Surbahaar, managing a team of 60+ and an audience of 2K+ people •Promoted the Facebook page of Symphony with 4.6k+ likes, increased its reach by 250%, views by 107% | 2018-04 (verified)
    Member of Organizing Committee of “IZHAAR”, a flagship event of Indian languages Club “Vaani” | IIT Bombay [Sep'18] | 2019-08 (verified)
    Trained in elocution by an IELTS and TOEFL trainer at the Public speaking program organized by the Speaking Arts Community as a part of the Summer School of Cultural Activities at IIT Bombay | 2019-05 (verified)
    •Acted in front of 200+ people at a stage play performed in Sophomore Theatre Production [’18] | 2018-08 (verified)
    kindly verify my resume points regarding the member of organizing team in the cultural meet: Core Team Member, Cultural Meet 4.0 •Part of a 20-member team responsible for organizing CULTURAL MEET 4.0at IIT Bombay •Coordinated with10+ judgesand21 IIT’swho came for Cultural Meet 4.0 •Managed an audience of around 1500 people during the competitions last years verification was done by shubham khoker | 2019-08 (verified)
    2nd best band performance in Institute Music General Championship (Goonj 2020) (H5) | 2020-03 (verified)
    Secured first position in the inter-hostel MDGC (Main Dramatics General Championship) [H5- H9 combined performance of Apoorva] | 2018-10 (verified)
    Convener Literati, IIT Bombay Literary Arts Club (Apr’19- May’20) • Maintained and created content for two blogs in summer and winter- Don Quizote and LitWar, spanning genres such as quizzing and word games, garnering 60,000+ hits in three months • Ideated, created and conducted multiple quizzes and word game competitions attended by 200+ people • Part of the team responsible for conducting Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2019 attended by 800+ participants | 2019-04 (verified)
    Convener | Literati, IIT Bombay (April 2019 - June 2020) 1. In charge of ideating and curating content for quizzes, word games and other literary events in the institute attended by 200+ people as well as ensuring their promotion and smooth conduct 2. Maintained and created content for two summer blogs encompassing word games and quizzing that garnered 50,000+ hits as well as widespread acclaim during the summer and winter vacations | 2019-04 (verified)
    Secured 2nd Position in Ad-Making Competition, Freshiezza 2016 | 2016-08 (verified)
    Won 3rd position in Street play Arcade on depicting the struggles faced by women in all spheres of life | 2018-10 (verified)
    Assisted in the conduct of Kaladarshan, the Annual Photography and Fine Arts Exhibition of IIT Bombay having a footfall of 10,000+ | 2019-03 (verified)
    • Ranked 3rd in Street Play Arcade for play based on problems faced by women in India | 2018-10 (verified)
    Directed and managed technicalities of a stage play in Sophomore Productions | 2019-08 (verified)
    Convener | Rang & Pixels, Fine Arts and Photography Club, IIT Bombay (Apr’19 - May’20) Part of a 5-membered team responsible for promoting photography and fine-arts,administering a budget of 0.2 M • Conceptualized 40+ events including workshops of Fine-Arts and Photography • Initiated campaigns for targeted publicity leading to a 40% y-o-y increase in the outreach of club • Ideated Kaladarshan- Annual Fine Arts and Photography exhibition with10k+ footfall and500+exhibits • Achieved 68% y-o-y increase in footfall of Road Painting, flagship event of Kaladarshan, by innovative publicity | 2019-04 (verified)
    Miss personality 2019-20 finalist | 2019-09 (verified)
    • Participated in Rangoli event in PG cult 2019 phase 1 at IIT Bombay. | 2019-09 (verified)
    • Secured the 2nd position in the Themed Photography Competition during the Inter IIT Cultural Meet’19, as a part of IITB’s Photography Contingent • Part of Click Beetles; the 10 membered team conducting event photography covering 15+ flagship events of Culturals, IIT Bombay • Planned & executed efficient collection of 600+ artworks & photographs for Kaladarshan, annual cultural exhibition with a footfall of 10,000+ people • Secured the 2nd position in the Themed Photography Competition during Inter IIT Cultural Meet (’19) | 2019-12 (verified)
    Photography and Fine Arts Convener (Part of an8 membered team; Annual budget: INR 0.2 Million) 1. Organized and executed the first-ever online Inter Art Contest;250+participants prizes of INR 10,000+ 2. Ideated and conducted10+instructor based photography workshops under a zero budget constraint 3. Gestated the website of Pixels and revamped the social media pages achieving a 100% increase in the outreach 4. Overviewed successful execution of an online farewell to graduating club seniors via personalized mementos | 2020-05 (verified)
    3rd in MUN Arcade 2019 | 2019-08(not verified)
    • Secured 2nd Position in Dance Mania (Inter Hostel Dance Championship of IIT Bombay).(2019) • Performed in front of 2000+ audience in Annual Insync Dance Show (AIDS), IIT Bombay. (2020) INSTITUTE CULTURAL MENTOR | INSYNC - DANCE CLUB OF IIT BOMBAY (Jun ’20 - Present) Part of the Team under Institute Cultural Council • Working in a team of 6 members to plan and execute more than 30+ virtual club events effectively. • Spearheaded professional workshop with 200+ participants in collaboration with Bhangra Sway. • Spreading awareness about Dance Culture in IITB by conducting Weekly Initiative Spark Up Saturdays. • Coordinating with Institute Cultural Council (ICC) to execute various cultural events for 1000+ freshmen and effectively increasing their participation in 14 different institute genres and clubs of IIT Bombay. • Designing an effective plan for building up social media campaign for publicity and increasing the participation. | 2019-06 (verified)
    Extra-Curricular Skills & Achievements : Miscellaneous : Volunteered to be a part of organizing committee of Inter Varsity Debate Tournament 2019 [Oct’20] | 2019-10 (verified)
    Institute Design Convener | The Design Club, IIT Bombay [Jun’20 - present] Institute Cultural Council, IIT Bombay •Working in a team of 8 members to lead the publicity of 80+ events of various Cultural clubs of the Cultural Council through extensive use of promotional materials and campaigns increasing followers by 200% •Training 600+ students in the interface, editorial, and visual communication design with software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator by conducting 15+ workshops and organizing online competitions •Ideating and organizing creative projects in Vision: The Design Festival of IIT Bombay with a series of workshops and seminars by eminent professional designers from all over India working in distinct fields •Designed graphics, merchandise, and promotional material for 58th virtual convocation, IIT Bombay | 2020-06 (verified)
    • Achieved 1st position in Street play General Championship representing Hostel 15 and 16 [2020] | 2020-02 (verified)
    Sophie Prod 2016 | 2019-08(not verified)




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Issue  Request

6 SAC-6 Questions and Answers J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
7 SAC-7 The Ending of Time J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
10 SAC-10 In the light of silence, all problems are dissolved J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
11 SAC-11 Surely freedom from the self J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
12 SAC-12 You are the World J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
13 SAC-13 This Matter of Culture J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
14 SAC-14 The Flight of the Eagle J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
15 SAC-15 The Revolution from Within J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
16 SAC-16 1968 and After Inside the Revolution Tariq Ali Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
17 SAC-17 Krishnamurti's Notebook J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
18 SAC-18 Krishnamurti to Himself J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
20 SAC-20 Krishnamurti's Journal J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
21 SAC-21 On Relationship J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
22 SAC-22 The Way of Intelligence J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
23 SAC-23 Wings of Fire Abdul Kalam Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
24 SAC-24 Krishnamurti on Education J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
25 SAC-25 Education and the Significance of Life J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
26 SAC-26 The Future of Humanity J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
27 SAC-27 Beyond Violence J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
28 SAC-28 Exploration into Insight J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
29 SAC-29 Seven Great Religions Annie Besant Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
30 SAC-30 Tradition and Revolution J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
31 SAC-31 Commentaries on Living J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
32 SAC-32 You are the World J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
33 SAC-33 Krishnamurti for Beginners J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
34 SAC-34 Letters to the Schools J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
35 SAC-35 Life Ahead J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
36 SAC-36 The Last Talks J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
37 SAC-37 Mind Without Measure J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
38 SAC-38 The Joy in Loving Mother Teresa Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
39 SAC-39 Seek Out The Way Rohit Mehta Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
40 SAC-40 The Laws Of The Higher Life Annie Besant Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
41 SAC-41 Reincarnation Fact or Fallacy? Geoffrey Hodson Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
42 SAC-42 Towards Integration Rohit Mehta Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
43 SAC-43 Life After Life Raymond Moody Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
44 SAC-44 Who Moved My Cheese Dr Spencer Johnson Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
45 SAC-45 The Key to Theosophy H P Blavatsky Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
46 SAC-46 Hints on the Study of the Bhagavad Gita Annie Besant Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
47 SAC-47 The New Humanity of Intuition Jinarajadasa Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
48 SAC-48 The Purpose of Theosophy A P Sinnett Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
49 SAC-49 The Search for Freedom Rohit Mehta Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
50 SAC-50 The Eternal Light Rohit Mehta Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
51 SAC-51 Impact of Theosophy and Science Kannan Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
52 SAC-52 Letters, Articles, Speeches and Statements Subhash Chandra Bose Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
53 SAC-53 Burnt Alive Martis and Desai Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
54 SAC-54 Challenge Underground Bruce Bedford Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
55 SAC-55 A Wholly Different Way Of Living J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
56 SAC-56 Commentaries on Living J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
57 SAC-57 Inward Flowering J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
58 SAC-58 The Book of Life J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
59 SAC-59 The Religious Mind J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
60 SAC-60 Mind in Meditation J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
61 SAC-61 Freedom, Responsibility and Discipline J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
62 SAC-62 Leaves from a Diary J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
63 SAC-63 Network of Thought J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
64 SAC-64 Letters to the Schools J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
65 SAC-65 Truth and Actuality J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
66 SAC-66 Running from Safety Richard Bach Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
67 SAC-67 The Flame of Attention J Krishnamurti Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
69 SAC-69 Malaysia's Secret Realm National Geographic Photography Available
71 SAC-71 Acrylics Wendy Clouse Fine Arts Available
73 SAC-73 Water Colours for Beginners Konemann Fine Arts Available
74 SAC-74 Water Colour Milind Mulick Fine Arts Available
75 SAC-75 Guidelines of Painting Gordon Johnston Fine Arts Available
77 SAC-77 The Focal Guide to Larger Format Cameras Sidney Ray Photography Available
80 SAC-80 The Photoguide to Mountains Douglas Milner Photography Available
81 SAC-81 All About Print Finishing R M Fanstone Photography Available
83 SAC-83 All About Copying H W Greenwood Photography Available
84 SAC-84 All About Lighting With Two Lamps Hugo van Wadenoyen Photography Available
85 SAC-85 The Photoguide to Low Light Photography Paul Petzold Photography Available
86 SAC-86 The Young Photographer's Handbook Hamlyn Photography Available
87 SAC-87 Catalogue of Short Films Photography and Films Available
88 SAC-88 Creative Dark Room Techniques Kodak Book Photography Available
89 SAC-89 Films of the Federal Republic of Germany Photography Available
90 SAC-90 Focal Book of Practical Photography Paul Petzold Photography Available
91 SAC-91 All the Photo Tricks Edwin Smith Photography Available
92 SAC-92 Wildlife Photography Eric Hosgkin and John Gooders Photography Available
93 SAC-93 The Photographer's Handbook John Hedgecoe Photography Available
94 SAC-94 Film and Paper processing Leonard Gaunt Photography Available
95 SAC-95 How to select and use Photographic Gadgets Carl and Phoebe Holzman Photography Available
96 SAC-96 Basic Colour Photography Andreas Feininger Photography Available
97 SAC-97 Flowers, Plants and Landscapes Derek Fell Photography Available
98 SAC-98 Lighting for Photography W Nurnberg Photography Available
99 SAC-99 The Photographer's Build It Yourself Tom Branch Photography Available
101 SAC-101 The Complete Art of Printing and Enlarging O R Croy Photography Available
102 SAC-102 How to photograph Weddings, Groups and Ceremonies Tom Burk Photography Available
103 SAC-103 Colour Films George Wakefield Photography Available
104 SAC-104 How to take better Travel Photos Lisl Dennis Photography Available
105 SAC-105 Animated Cartoons for the Beginner Walter Foster Fine Arts Available
107 SAC-107 Transportation in Pencil Gene Franks Fine Arts Available
108 SAC-108 Starting out in Pastel Walter Foster Fine Arts Available
109 SAC-109 Color William Powell Fine Arts Available
110 SAC-110 Landscapes Walter Foster Fine Arts Available
112 SAC-112 Working with Oils Norman Battershil Fine Arts Available
113 SAC-113 Drawing Landscapes William Powell Fine Arts Available
114 SAC-114 Drawing Still Lifes William Powell Fine Arts Available
115 SAC-115 How to Draw 2 Walter Foster Fine Arts Available
116 SAC-116 People of the World in Pencil Gene Franks Fine Arts Available
117 SAC-117 Working with Water Colour Leslie Worth Fine Arts Available
118 SAC-118 Landscapes - Learn to Paint Ken Goldman Fine Arts Available
119 SAC-119 Sunsets Violet Parkhurst Fine Arts Available
121 SAC-121 Faces Walter Foster Fine Arts Available
122 SAC-122 Cartooning 2 Jack Keely Fine Arts Available
123 SAC-123 Prelude to Foundation Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Available
124 SAC-124 Forward the Foundation Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Available
125 SAC-125 Foundation and Empire Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Available
126 SAC-126 Second Foundation Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Available
127 SAC-127 Gold - The Final Science Fiction Collection Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Available
128 SAC-128 2010 : Odyssey Two Arthur C Clarke Science Fiction Available
129 SAC-129 2061: Odyssey Three Arthur C Clarke Science Fiction Available
130 SAC-130 3001: The Final Odyssey Arthur C Clarke Science Fiction Available
131 SAC-131 The Lost World Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Science Fiction Available
133 SAC-133 The War of The Worlds H G Wells Science Fiction Available
134 SAC-134 The Invisible Man H G Wells Science Fiction Available
135 SAC-135 The Time Machine H G Wells Science Fiction Available
136 SAC-136 The Island of Dr. Moreau H G Wells Science Fiction Available
137 SAC-137 The Emperor of Dune Frank Herbert Science Fiction Available
138 SAC-138 The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Douglas Adams Science Fiction Available
139 SAC-139 Intruders Budd Hopkins Science Fiction Available
140 SAC-140 The Book of the Green Planet William Kotzwinkle Science Fiction Available
141 SAC-141 Baffle Puzzles Diagram Group Logic and Puzzles Available
142 SAC-142 The Mammoth Book of Limericks Glyn Rees Writing Available
143 SAC-143 Ode to the Wind and other poems Percy Shelley Poetry Available
144 SAC-144 William Wordsworth Favourite Poems William Wordsworth Poetry Available
145 SAC-145 Lyric Poems John Keats Poetry Available
146 SAC-146 Selected Poems George Gordon, Lord Byron Poetry Available
147 SAC-147 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Other Poems Samuel Coleridge Poetry Available
148 SAC-148 The Pillars of the Earth Ken Follett Thriller Available
149 SAC-149 Selected Short Stories Joseph Conrad Classics Available
150 SAC-150 A Thousand Splendid Suns Khaleed Hosseini Novel Available
151 SAC-151 The Immortals of Meluha Amish Indian Fiction Available
152 SAC-152 In Course of True Love Sanjeev Ranjan Indian Fiction Available
153 SAC-153 One Night @ The Call Center Chetan Bhagat Indian Fiction Available
154 SAC-154 Heartbreaks and Dreams Parul Mittal Indian Fiction Available
155 SAC-155 Unspoken Love Doreen Rainey Fiction Available
156 SAC-156 Northanger Abbey Jane Austen Classics Available
157 SAC-157 Indian Miniatures Mario Bussagli Fiction Available
158 SAC-158 Fever Robin Cook Fiction Available
159 SAC-159 The Complete Sherlock Holmes Novels and Stories Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Detective Fiction Available
160 SAC-160 The Camel Club David Baldacci Fiction Available
161 SAC-161 The Omen David Seltzer Fiction Available
162 SAC-162 Congo Michael Crichton Fiction Available
163 SAC-163 Disclosure Michael Crichton Fiction Available
164 SAC-164 Airframe Michael Crichton Fiction Available
165 SAC-165 The Bourne Ultimatum Robert Ludlum Fiction Available
166 SAC-166 The Holcroft Covenant Robert Ludlum Fiction Available
167 SAC-167 The Sigma Protocol Robert Ludlum Fiction Available
168 SAC-168 The Bourne Supremacy Robert Ludlum Fiction Available
169 SAC-169 The Bourne Identity Robert Ludlum Fiction Available
170 SAC-170 The Moscow Vector Robert Ludlum and Patrick Larkin Fiction Available
171 SAC-171 The Matarese Countdown Robert Ludlum Fiction Available
172 SAC-172 Digital Fortress Dan Brown Fiction Available
173 SAC-173 Angels and Demons Dan Brown Fiction Available
174 SAC-174 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Fiction Available
175 SAC-175 The Lost Symbol Dan Brown Fiction Available
176 SAC-176 If Tomorrow Comes Sidney Sheldon Fiction Available
177 SAC-177 Are you afraid of the dark? Sidney Sheldon Fiction Available
178 SAC-178 Nothing lasts forever Sidney Sheldon Fiction Available
179 SAC-179 A Twist in the Tale Jeffrey Archer Fiction Available
180 SAC-180 To Cut a Long Story Short Jeffrey Archer Fiction Available
181 SAC-181 36 The Collected Short Stories Jeffrey Archer Fiction Available
182 SAC-182 No Comebacks Frederick Forsyth Fiction Available
183 SAC-183 The Odessa File Frederick Forsyth Fiction Available
184 SAC-184 The Phantom of Frederick Forsyth Fiction Available
185 SAC-185 The Client John Grisham Fiction Available
186 SAC-186 The Testament John Grisham Fiction Available
187 SAC-187 The Runaway Jury John Grisham Fiction Available
188 SAC-188 Mastermind India BBC Siddhartha Basu Quizzing Available
189 SAC-189 Mastermind India 2 Siddhartha Basu Quizzing Available
190 SAC-190 Times Sudoku Logic and Puzzles Available
191 SAC-191 Manorama Yearbook 2003 Quizzing Available
192 SAC-192 Times Sudoku Logic and Puzzles Available
193 SAC-193 Guinness Book of World Records Quizzing Available
194 SAC-194 More General Quiz Monomoy Banerjee Quizzing Available
195 SAC-195 The Book of Japanese Puzzles Garethe Moore Logic and Puzzles Available
196 SAC-196 Brain Teasers Mendoza Logic and Puzzles Available
197 SAC-197 Conversations with God Book 1 Neale Donald Walsch Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
198 SAC-198 Illusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah Richard Bach Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
199 SAC-199 Honest Living Radha Soami Satsang Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
200 SAC-200 As A Man Thinketh James Allen Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
201 SAC-201 The Te of Pig Benjamin Hoff Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
202 SAC-202 Raja Yoga Swami Vivekananda Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
203 SAC-203 Forever Free Joy Adamson Wildlife Available
204 SAC-204 The Black Panther of Sivanipalli Kenneth Anderson Wildlife Available
205 SAC-205 My India Jim Corbett Wildlife Available
206 SAC-206 Man eaters of Kumaon Jim Corbett Wildlife Available
207 SAC-207 Born Free Joy Adamson Wildlife Available
208 SAC-208 Man on Earth John Reader Wildlife Available
209 SAC-209 Land of the Tiger Valmik Thapar Widlife Available
210 SAC-210 5000 Days To Save The Planet Edward Goldsmith, Nicholas Hildyard, Peter Bunyard Widlife Available
211 SAC-211 Our Magnificent Wildlife Reader's Digest Widlife Available
212 SAC-212 The Lost World of the Kalahari David Coulson Wildlife Available
213 SAC-213 Life on Earth David Attenborough Wildlife Available
214 SAC-214 Competition and the Structure of Bird Communities Martin Cody Wildlife Available
215 SAC-215 Bournvita Book of Knowledge Quizzing Available
216 SAC-216 Butterflies of the Indian Region Wynter Blyth Wildlife Available
217 SAC-217 The Dictionary of Butterflies and Moths Eric Laithwaite Wildlife Available
218 SAC-218 An Introduction to Ornithology Wallace and Mahan Wildlife Available
219 SAC-219 Development Guide 1985 : 1 Hamrell and Nordberg Wildlife Available
220 SAC-220 Development Guide 1982 : 1-3 Wildlife Available
221 SAC-221 Development Guide 1977 : 2 Wildlife Available
222 SAC-222 Development Guide 1978 : 2 Wildlife Available
223 SAC-223 Development Guide 1978 : 1 Wildlife Available
224 SAC-224 Development Guide 1987 : 1 Wildlife Available
225 SAC-225 Development Guide 1979 : 2 Wildlife Available
226 SAC-226 Development Guide 1980: 1 Wildlife Available
227 SAC-227 Development Guide 1980: 2 Wildlife Available
228 SAC-228 Development Guide 1985 : 2 Wildlife Available
229 SAC-229 Development Guide 1981 : 2 Wildlife Available
230 SAC-230 Development Guide 1979: 1 Wildlife Available
231 SAC-231 The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles Gambaccini and Mike Read Music Available
232 SAC-232 Ecumenical Student Ministry in Asia Pacific Politics Available
233 SAC-233 Practical Measurements for Evaluation in Physical Education Barry Johnson and Jack Nelson Sports Available
234 SAC-234 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Melvin Williams Sports Available
235 SAC-235 The Giant Book of Murder Jonathan Goodman Murder Available
236 SAC-236 Myths and Legends From Around the World Robin Brockman Quizzing Available
237 SAC-237 Kinesiology Luttgens and Wells Sports Available
238 SAC-238 Sports Grounds and Buildings Captain Webster Sports Available
239 SAC-239 The Sackville Illustrated Dictionary of Athletics Sebastian Coe Sports Available
240 SAC-240 The World Reference Encyclopedia Professor J K Galbraith Quizzing Available
241 SAC-241 Guide to Places of the World Reader's Digest Quizzing Available
242 SAC-242 The Athlete Within Harvey Simon and Steven Levisohn Sports Available
243 SAC-243 The Olympics Book of Sports Medicine Dirix and Tittel Sports Available
244 SAC-244 Biomechanics of Sports Techniques James Hay Sports Available
246 SAC-246 Ulysses James Joyce Classics Available
247 SAC-247 Frankenstein Mary Shelley Science Fiction Available
248 SAC-248 Uncle Tom's Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe Fiction Available
249 SAC-249 Candide Voltaire Fiction Available
250 SAC-250 The Republic Plato Fiction Available
251 SAC-251 Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott Fiction Available
252 SAC-252 Four Great American Classics (Scarlet Letter, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Red Badge of Courage, Sailor) Fiction Available
253 SAC-253 The Great Gatsby Scott Fitzgerald Fiction Available
254 SAC-254 Lolita Vladimir Nabokov Fiction Available
255 SAC-255 Sons and Lovers D H Lawrence Fiction Available
256 SAC-256 A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess Fiction Available
257 SAC-257 Love in the Time of Cholera Gabriel Garcia Marqueez Fiction Available
258 SAC-258 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain Fiction Available
259 SAC-259 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne Fiction Available
260 SAC-260 Anna Karenina - Book Two Lev Tolstoy Fiction Available
261 SAC-261 Selected Short Stories Rudyard Kipling Classics Available
262 SAC-262 Treasure Island R L Stevenson Fiction Available
263 SAC-263 Lady Chatterley's Lover D H Lawrence Fiction Available
264 SAC-264 Papillon Henri Charriere Fiction Available
265 SAC-265 In a Glass Darkly Sheridan Le Fanu Fiction Available
266 SAC-266 Moby Dick or the White Whale Herman Meville Fiction Available
267 SAC-267 A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens Fiction Available
268 SAC-268 The War of The Worlds H G Wells Fiction Available
269 SAC-269 David Copperfield Charles Dickens Fiction Available
270 SAC-270 The Swiss Family Robinson Johann Wyss Fiction Available
271 SAC-271 Moby Dick or the White Whale Herman Meville Fiction Available
272 SAC-272 Captains Courageous Rudyard Kipling Fiction Available
273 SAC-273 We The Living Ayn Rand Fiction Available
274 SAC-274 Anthem Ayn Rand Fiction Available
275 SAC-275 The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas Fiction Available
276 SAC-276 Roots Alex Haley Fiction Available
277 SAC-277 Miss Marple Omnibus Agatha Christie Detective Fiction Available
278 SAC-278 The Mousetrap Agatha Christie Detective Fiction Available
279 SAC-279 Witness for the Prosectuion and other selected plays Agatha Christie Detective Fiction Available
280 SAC-280 Vanity Fair William Thackeray Fiction Available
281 SAC-281 Les Miserables Victor Hugo Classics Available
282 SAC-282 To Cut a Long Story Short Jeffrey Archer Fiction Available
283 SAC-283 A Quiver Full Of Arrows Jeffrey Archer Fiction Available
284 SAC-284 The Namesake Jhumpa Lahiri Indian Fiction Available
285 SAC-285 The Namesake Jhumpa Lahiri Indian Fiction Available
286 SAC-286 The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco Fiction Available
287 SAC-287 Foucalt's Pendulum Umberto Eco Fiction Available
288 SAC-288 Foucalt's Pendulum Umberto Eco Fiction Available
290 SAC-290 Veronika Decides to Die Paulo Coelho Fiction Available
291 SAC-291 Love Story Erich Segal Fiction Available
292 SAC-292 Incidental Music Francoise Sagan Available
293 SAC-293 Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom Fiction Available
294 SAC-294 The Omerta Mario Puzo Fiction Available
295 SAC-295 The Call of The Wild and White Fang Jack London Fiction Available
296 SAC-296 The Tell Tale Picture Gallery Blavatsky and Judge Fiction Available
297 SAC-297 Schindler's List Thomas Keneally Fiction Available
298 SAC-298 The Money Changers Arthur Hailey Fiction Available
299 SAC-299 Airport Arthur Hailey Available
300 SAC-300 My Name is Red Orhan Pamuk Fiction Available
301 SAC-301 Overload Arthur Hailey Available
302 SAC-302 Fear Is The Key Alistair Maclean Fiction Available
303 SAC-303 Sea of Poppies Amitav Ghosh Indian Fiction Available
304 SAC-304 The Line of Beauty Alan Hollinghurst Fiction Available
305 SAC-305 1984 George Orwell Fiction Available
306 SAC-306 The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck Fiction Available
307 SAC-307 A Fine Balance Rohinton Mistry Indian Fiction Available
308 SAC-308 Slumdog Millionaire Vikas Swarup Indian Fiction Available
309 SAC-309 Slumdog Millionaire Vikas Swarup Indian Fiction Available
310 SAC-310 Sultry Days Shobha De Indian Fiction Available
311 SAC-311 Starry Nights Shobha De Indian Fiction Available
312 SAC-312 My Family and Other Animals Gerald Durrell Fiction Available
313 SAC-313 Memoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden Fiction Available
314 SAC-314 River God, Eagle In The Sky Wilbur Smith Fiction Available
315 SAC-315 Dollar Bahu Sudha Murty Indian Fiction Available
316 SAC-316 Two Lives Vikram Seth Indian Fiction Available
317 SAC-317 The Enchantress of Florence Salman Rushdie Indian Fiction Available
318 SAC-318 White Mughals William Dalrymple Historical Fiction Available
319 SAC-319 Maximum City Suketu Mehta Indian Fiction Available
320 SAC-320 Mysteries from Forgotten Charles Berlitz Fiction Available
321 SAC-321 The City of Joy Dominique Lapierre Fiction Available
322 SAC-322 The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman Available
323 SAC-323 Blink Malcolm Gladwell Available
324 SAC-324 Freakonomics Levitt and Dubner Available
325 SAC-325 On Stories and Other Essays on Literature C S Lewis Literature Available
326 SAC-326 Life of Pi Yann Martel Fiction Available
327 SAC-327 Einstein's Essays in Science Albert Einstein Science Available
328 SAC-328 The Colours of Violence Sudhir Kakar Available
329 SAC-329 Courts and Their Judgements Arun Shourie Indian Fiction Available
330 SAC-330 Spouse Shobhaa De Indian Fiction Available
331 SAC-331 The Amber Spyglass Philip Pullman Available
332 SAC-332 New Spring (Wheel of Time Novel) Robert Jordan Available
333 SAC-333 Harvard Business Review on Marketing Available
334 SAC-334 Dianetics Ron Hubbard Available
335 SAC-335 Short Story Writing Wilson Thornley Literature Available
336 SAC-336 The Golden Compass Philip Pullman Fiction Available
337 SAC-337 Bringing Down The House Ben Mezrich Fiction Available
338 SAC-338 The Last Lecture Randy Pausch Fiction Available
339 SAC-339 Cinderella Man Marc Cerasini Fiction Available
340 SAC-340 The Theory of Numbers Alan Baker Science Available
341 SAC-341 India In Slow Motion Mark Tully Politics Available
342 SAC-342 India 2020 APJ Abdul Kalam Politics Available
343 SAC-343 New Moon Stephenie Meyer Fiction Available
344 SAC-344 Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse Rick Riordan Fiction Available
345 SAC-345 Feynman's Lost Lecture Goodstein Available
346 SAC-346 The Eye of the World Robert Jordan Fiction Available
347 SAC-347 The Novice Trudi Canavan Fiction Available
348 SAC-348 The Amulet of Samarkand Jonathan Stroud Fiction Available
349 SAC-349 Sorcerer's Tales Mike Ashley Fiction Available
350 SAC-350 Asterix and Caesar's Gift Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
351 SAC-351 Asterix and the Actress Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
352 SAC-352 Asterix and the Roman Agent Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
353 SAC-353 Asterix and the Great Divide Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
354 SAC-354 Asterix and the Big Fight Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
355 SAC-355 Asterix - The Mansions of the Gods Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
356 SAC-356 Asterix in Corsica Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
357 SAC-357 Asterix and the Laurel Wreath Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
358 SAC-358 Mareech, the Legend and Jagannath Arun Mukherjee Available
359 SAC-359 Snapshots from Hell Peter Robinson Available
360 SAC-360 Fast Track to Windowns Vista Robery Sovereign Available
361 SAC-361 Murphy's Law Arthur Bloch Available
362 SAC-362 Doctor In Love Richard Gordon Available
363 SAC-363 Eggs, Beans and Crumpots P G Wodehouse Available
364 SAC-364 Doctor and Son Richard Gordon Available
365 SAC-365 Uncle Fred in the Spring Time (A Blandings Story) P G Wodehouse Available
366 SAC-366 The Code of the Woosters P G Wodehouse Available
367 SAC-367 The Hippopotamus Stephen Fry Available
368 SAC-368 Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki Available
369 SAC-369 Doctor at Large Richard Gordon Available
370 SAC-370 Brinkley Manor P G Wodehouse Available
371 SAC-371 More William Richmal Crompton Available
372 SAC-372 The Inscrutable Americans Anurag Mathur Available
373 SAC-373 Dennis the Menace Hank Ketcham Comics Available
374 SAC-374 Just Another Dirty Joke Book Jackie Martling Available
375 SAC-375 The Return of Jeeves P G Wodehouse Fiction Available
376 SAC-376 Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves P G Wodehouse Fiction Available
377 SAC-377 Dr. Gordon's Casebook Richard Gordon Available
378 SAC-378 Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki Available
379 SAC-379 Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus John Gray Available
380 SAC-380 Garfield - you're only young once Comics Available
381 SAC-381 A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson Non fictioon Available
382 SAC-382 Sure Success In Interviews Jayant Neogy Available
383 SAC-383 The Secret Rhonda Byrne Available
384 SAC-384 The Lonely Heart Cary Grant Available
385 SAC-385 The Road Ahead Bill Gates Available
386 SAC-386 It's Not About The Bike Lance Armstrong Available
387 SAC-387 Love Handles for the Romantically Impaired Laura Jensen Walker Available
388 SAC-388 Franklin's Autobiography Franklin Available
389 SAC-389 Fish Stephen Lundin Available
390 SAC-390 Just For Fun Linus Torvalds Available
391 SAC-391 Einstein - The Life and Times Ronald W Clark Available
392 SAC-392 Sourav - A Biography Gulu Ezekiel Sports Available
393 SAC-393 Screw it, Let's Do It Richard Branson Available
394 SAC-394 Sandy Storm Sandeep Patil Sports Available
395 SAC-395 The Luminous Life of Madonna Shyam Dua Available
396 SAC-396 The Audacity of Hope Barack Obama Available
397 SAC-397 King of Bollywood - Shah Rukh Khan Anupama Chopra Available
398 SAC-398 Richard Branson - The Autobiography Richard Branson Available
399 SAC-399 Man of Steel (Adrian Havill) Adrian Havill Available
400 SAC-400 iWoz Steve Wozniak Available
401 SAC-401 Dreams From My Father Barack Obama Available
402 SAC-402 76 Short Stories (Reginald, The Chronicles of Clovis, The Toys of Peace) Saki Fiction Available
403 SAC-403 And Then There Were None Agatha Christie Detective Fiction Available
404 SAC-404 Advertising Art and Production J Nath Management and Finance Available
405 SAC-405 Advertising Theory and Practice Sandage , Fryburger Management and Finance Available
406 SAC-406 Tested Advertising Methods John Caples Management and Finance Available
407 SAC-407 Business @ The Speed of Thought Bill Gates Management and Finance Available
408 SAC-408 The Economic Development of India Brian Davey Management and Finance Available
409 SAC-409 Marketing Research David J Luck & Ronald Rubin Management and Finance Available
410 SAC-410 18 Brand Astras Jagdeep Kapoor Management and Finance Available
411 SAC-411 Brand Switch Jagdeep Kapoor Management and Finance Available
412 SAC-412 The Mirror of Gesture Ananda Coomaraswamy Dance Available
413 SAC-413 Musical Instruments of India S Krishnaswami Music Available
415 SAC-415 Choral Music Robert Garretson Music Available
416 SAC-416 Play the Guitar in 30 Minutes Tony Mottola Music Available
417 SAC-417 Advertising Principles, Problems and Cases Charles Dirksen Finance and Marketing Available
418 SAC-418 International Pops - 70's Greatest Hits John Brimhall Music Available
419 SAC-419 World's Greatest Hits of the '60s and '70s - The Rock Era Music Available
420 SAC-420 101 Popular Solos for Flute Music Available
421 SAC-421 Method of Organ Playing Harold Gleason Music Available
422 SAC-422 The Dance in India Enakshi Bhavnani Dance Available
423 SAC-423 The State of India's Environment 1982 - A Citizen's Report Centre for Science and Environment Environment Available
424 SAC-424 Simple Transistor Projects for Hobbyists and Students Harry Steckler Science Available
425 SAC-425 A Manual of Matriculation Astronomy Tripathi Astronomy Available
426 SAC-426 Indian Astronomy Subbarayappa and K V Sarma Astronomy Available
427 SAC-427 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Space Ian Ridpath Astronomy Available
428 SAC-428 The Comet is Coming Nigel Calder Astronomy Available
429 SAC-429 The Universal Encyclopedia of Mathematics James Newman Maths Available
430 SAC-430 Scientific Evidence of the Existence of the Soul Benito Reyes Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
431 SAC-431 Industrial Design John Heskett Science Available
432 SAC-432 Kundalini G S Arundale Fiction Available
433 SAC-433 The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga Swami Vishnudevananda Health and Spirituality Available
434 SAC-434 About Fasting Otto Buchinger Health and Hygiene Available
435 SAC-435 An Introduction to Yoga Annie Besant Health and Spirituality Available
436 SAC-436 Meditations on the Occult Life Geoffrey Hodson Health and Spirituality Available
437 SAC-437 Yoga for Youth Maureen Lockhart Health and Spirituality Available
438 SAC-438 Your Guide to Health Clifford Anderson Health and Hygiene Available
439 SAC-439 Impossibility John Barrow Science Available
440 SAC-440 The Dancing Wu Li Masters Gary Zukav Science Available
441 SAC-441 The Green Planes James Gilbert Science Available
442 SAC-442 The Path to the Double Helix - The Discovery of DNA Robery Olboy Biology Available
443 SAC-443 Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II Antony Preston Science Available
444 SAC-444 The Prism and The Pendulum Robert P Crease Science Available
445 SAC-445 The Arrl Handbook for Radio Amateurs American Radio Relay League Science Available
446 SAC-446 Man's Body Diagram Group Biology Available
447 SAC-447 Planet Earth in Jeopardy Lydia Dotto Astronomy Available
448 SAC-448 Guide to Stars and Planets Patrick Moore Astronomy Available
449 SAC-449 Doomsdat 1999 AD Charles Berlitz Astronomy Available
450 SAC-450 The Next One Hundred Years Jonathan Weiner Astronomy Available
451 SAC-451 Too Many Georg Borgstrom Astronomy Available
452 SAC-452 The Universe From Flat Earth to Quasar Isaac Asimov Astronomy Available
453 SAC-453 Guidelines to Astronomy Macdonald Astronomy Available
454 SAC-454 The Ninth of August Manoranjan Das Available
455 SAC-455 All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, A View from the Bridge, After the Fall Arthur Miller Available
456 SAC-456 4 Play Irvine Welsh Dramatics Available
457 SAC-457 Five Comic One Act Plays Anton Chekhov Dramatics Available
458 SAC-458 Audition Speeches for Young Actors Jean Marlow Dramatics Available
459 SAC-459 The Rat Trap Adoor Gopalakrishnan Dramatics Available
460 SAC-460 Plays Chekhov Dramatics Available
461 SAC-461 Strindberg Plays : One Michael Meyer Dramatics Available
462 SAC-462 Modern Indian Drama G P D Deshpande Dramatics Available
463 SAC-463 The Plays of Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde Dramatics Available
464 SAC-464 Isben Plays James Walter Dramatics Available
465 SAC-465 Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller Dramatics Available
466 SAC-466 Sangeet Natak Dramatics Available
467 SAC-467 A Challenge for the Youth Banaras Hindu University Dramatics Available
468 SAC-468 Take Ten : New 10 Minute Plays Eric Lane and Nina Shengold Dramatics Available
469 SAC-469 The Complete Works of Shakespeare G B Harrison Dramatics Available
470 SAC-470 Five Plays Vijay Tendulkar Dramatics Available
471 SAC-471 Leading Women - Plays for Actresses Eric Lane and Nina Shengold Dramatics Available
472 SAC-472 Sylvia Plath -A Dramatic Portrait Barry Kyle Dramatics Available
473 SAC-473 Ibsen Plays: Two Michael Meyer Dramatics Available
474 SAC-474 How to Analyze Drama Christopher Russell Dramatics Available
475 SAC-475 Live Theatre C P Taylor Dramatics Available
476 SAC-476 Play Production Henning Nelms Dramatics Available
477 SAC-477 Fine Art of Acting Jyoti Sarup Dramatics Available
478 SAC-478 Collected Plays Mahesh Dattani Dramatics Available
479 SAC-479 Modern One Act Plays For Schools J M Charlton Dramatics Available
480 SAC-480 Sartre Jean Paul Dramatics Available
481 SAC-481 Has Washington Legs ? & Dingo Charles Wood Dramatics Available
482 SAC-482 The Complete Plays John M Synge Dramatics Available
483 SAC-483 Three Plays Badal Sircar Dramatics Available
484 SAC-484 English One Act Plays of Today Donald Fitz John Dramatics Available
485 SAC-485 Best Radio Plays of 1980 Dramatics Available
486 SAC-486 Churchill Plays : One Caryl Churchill Dramatics Available
487 SAC-487 Five Plays Mahasweta Devi Dramatics Available
488 SAC-488 Sugar and Spice & Trial Run Nigel Williams Dramatics Available
489 SAC-489 The Balcony Jean Genet Dramatics Available
490 SAC-490 Parables for the Theatre Bertold Brecht Dramatics Available
491 SAC-491 The Wild Harvest Manoranjan Das Dramatics Available
492 SAC-492 The Condemned of Altona Sartre Dramatics Available
493 SAC-493 The Plays of Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde Dramatics Available
494 SAC-494 Theatre Brief Version Robert Cohen Dramatics Available
495 SAC-495 Rhinoceros, The Chairs Eugene Ionesco Dramatics Available
496 SAC-496 The Business of Good Government John Arden and Margaretta D'Arcy Dramatics Available
497 SAC-497 The Crucible Arthur Miller Dramatics Available
498 SAC-498 Arms and the Man Bernard Shaw Dramatics Available
499 SAC-499 The Old Country Alan Bennett Dramatics Available
500 SAC-500 The American Clock Arthur Miller Dramatics Available
501 SAC-501 Endgame Samuel Beckett Dramatics Available
502 SAC-502 Stanislavski's Legacy Constantin Stanislavski Dramatics Available
503 SAC-503 Party Mahesh Elkunchwar Dramatics Available
504 SAC-504 Riders to the Sea and the Playboy of the Western World J M Synge Dramatics Available
505 SAC-505 Mr. Sapatnekar's Child and Four Billion Forgetfuls Makarand Sathe Dramatics Available
506 SAC-506 Hayavadana Girish Karnad Dramatics Available
507 SAC-507 Introduction to Bharata's Natya Sastra Adya Rangacharya Dramatics Available
508 SAC-508 Endgame Samuel Beckett Dramatics Available
509 SAC-509 The Good Person of Szechwan Bertold Brecht Dramatics Available
510 SAC-510 Creative Writing Dianne Doubtfire Writing Available
511 SAC-511 5 Weeks to Winning Bridge Alfred Sheinwold Sports Available
512 SAC-512 Judo Eric Dominy Sports Available
513 SAC-513 Contract Bridge Made Easy Josephine Culbertson Sports Available
514 SAC-514 Better Football Tommy Docherty Sports Available
515 SAC-515 How to Play Badminton Pat Davis Sports Available
516 SAC-516 The Complete Book of Gymnastics David Hunn Sports Available
517 SAC-517 Basketball Coleman and Ray Sports Available
518 SAC-518 Inside Volleyball Gene Selznick Sports Available
519 SAC-519 Soccer Tactics David Brenner Sports Available
520 SAC-520 How to Play Soccer Ken Jones Sports Available
521 SAC-521 An Understanding of the Fundamental Techniques of Football Robert E Howard Sports Available
522 SAC-522 The Chess of Bobby Fischer Robert Burger Sports Available
523 SAC-523 Why you lose at Bridge S J Simon Sports Available
524 SAC-524 The ABC of Contract Bridge Ben Cohen and Rhoda Lederer Sports Available
525 SAC-525 Teaching Volleyball Richard Cox Sports Available
526 SAC-526 Badminton for Schools Jake Downey Sports Available
527 SAC-527 Sports Fitness for Women Elizabeth and Ken Day Sports Available
528 SAC-528 Coach Yourself Soccer Allen Wade Sports Available
529 SAC-529 The Story of the Asian Games S Sanyal Sports Available
530 SAC-530 Handbook of Rules and Regulations for Inter University Tournaments Sports Available
531 SAC-531 Step by step Tennis Skills Deutscher Tennis Bund Sports Available
532 SAC-532 Science of Sports Training Hardayal Singh Sports Available
533 SAC-533 Waterskiing Paul Seaton & David Emery Sports Available
534 SAC-534 Yoga Stretching and Relaxation for Sportsmen M Rajan Sports Available
535 SAC-535 Learn Chess from the Masters Fred Reinfeld Sports Available
536 SAC-536 Modern Volleyball Keith Nicholls Sports Available
537 SAC-537 Hockey Ron Hendricks Sports Available
538 SAC-538 Against the Tide Sharron Davies Sports Available
539 SAC-539 Table Tennis Brian Bun Sports Available
540 SAC-540 The Art of Cricket Sir Donald Bradman Sports Available
541 SAC-541 Winning Weightlifting R V Fodor Sports Available
542 SAC-542 Volley ball Basic and Advanced Gurbakhsh S. Sandhu Sports Available
543 SAC-543 Card Games Upto Date Charles Roberts Sports Available
544 SAC-544 Physical Education Facts and Foundations M L Kamlesh Sports Available
545 SAC-545 Basketball Fundamentals FIBA Sports Available
546 SAC-546 Hockey, Almanac and Who?s Who Sports Available
547 SAC-547 Contemporary Gymnastics George and June Szypula Sports Available
548 SAC-548 The Olympic Games Adananda Mukherjee Sports Available
549 SAC-549 Yoga Against Spinal Pain Pandit Shiv Sharma Sports Available
550 SAC-550 Inside Track Jim Bush Sports Available
551 SAC-551 Inside Track Jim Bush Sports Available
552 SAC-552 Inside Gymnastics Ed Gagnier Sports Available
553 SAC-553 40 Common Errors in Running and How to Correct Them Arthur Shay Sports Available
554 SAC-554 Tennis Rules Illustrated George Sullivan Sports Available
555 SAC-555 Kinesiology John Cooper and Ruth Glassow Sports Available
556 SAC-556 Landscapes of Modern Sport John Bale Sports Available
557 SAC-557 Chess Secrets Learned from the Masters Edward Lasker Sports Available
558 SAC-558 The AAA Runner's Guide Steve Ovett Sports Available
559 SAC-559 Foundations of Physical Education Charles Bucher Sports Available
560 SAC-560 Bridge At The Top Terence Reese Sports Available
561 SAC-561 Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge World Bridge Federation Sports Available
562 SAC-562 Running for Lifelong Fitness Robert Girandola Sports Available
563 SAC-563 Sports Fitness and Sports Injuries Thomas Reilly Sports Available
564 SAC-564 Men's Gymnastics Sho Fukushima and Wrio Russell Sports Available
565 SAC-565 Modern Rowing Paul C Wilson Sports Available
566 SAC-566 Sports Medicine Eriksson Sports Available
567 SAC-567 Rock Aerobics Joanne Brown Sports Available
568 SAC-568 Soccer Tactics and Skills Charles Hughes Sports Available
569 SAC-569 Jim Corbett's India R E Hawkins Wildlife Available
570 SAC-570 Book of Indian animals S H Trater Wildlife Available
571 SAC-571 Some Beautiful Indian trees Blatter and Millard Wildlife Available
572 SAC-572 Directory of national parks and sanctuaries in Andaman Wildlife Available
573 SAC-573 The life of the robin David Lack Wildlife Available
574 SAC-574 Walks in the wild Prasenjeet Dasgupta Wildlife Available
575 SAC-575 Indian Hill Birds Salim Ali Wildlife Available
576 SAC-576 Flowers of the Himalaya Oleg Polumin and Adam Stainton Wildlife Available
577 SAC-577 Flowering trees Randhawa Wildlife Available
578 SAC-578 100 beautiful trees of India Charles Mc Cann Wildlife Available
579 SAC-579 Our tree neighbours Chakravarti Venkatesh Wildlife Available
580 SAC-580 The temple tiger Jim Corbett Wildlife Available
581 SAC-581 Collins Handguide to birds of the Indian subcontinent Martin Woodcock Wildlife Available
582 SAC-582 The Oxford book of birds Donald Watson Wildlife Available
583 SAC-583 The atlas of the living world Philip Whitfield Wildlife Available
584 SAC-584 Field guide to the birds of the eastern Himalayas Salim Ali Wildlife Available
585 SAC-585 Snakes of India Deoras Wildlife Available
586 SAC-586 Mammals of the world Michael Boorer Wildlife Available
587 SAC-587 Kanha National Park A handbook H S Panwar Wildlife Available
588 SAC-588 The book of Indian Birds Salim Ali Wildlife Available
589 SAC-589 The Wild Life of India E P Gee Wildlife Available
590 SAC-590 Common Trees Santa Pau Wildlife Available
591 SAC-591 A Pictorial guide to birds of the Indian Sub continent Salim Ali Wildlife Available
592 SAC-592 A Pictorial guide to birds of the Indian Sub continent Salim Ali Wildlife Available
593 SAC-593 Mammals of the world Michael Boorer Wildlife Available
594 SAC-594 Checklist of birds of Maharashtra Humayun Abdulali Wildlife Available
595 SAC-595 Checklist of birds of Maharashtra Humayun Abdulali Wildlife Available
596 SAC-596 The Birds of Bombay Rotary Club of Bombay Wildlife Available
597 SAC-597 Birds John Andrews Wildlife Available
598 SAC-598 Some beautiful Indian climbers and Shrubs N L Bor Wildlife Available
599 SAC-599 Birds of India and Pakistan(Vol 10) Salim Ali Wildlife Available
600 SAC-600 Guide to Pheasants Raghavendra Singh Wildlife Available
601 SAC-601 India's Wildlife M Krishnan Wildlife Available
602 SAC-602 Tiger Haven Arjan Singh Wildlife Available
603 SAC-603 Orchids of India AS Rao Wildlife Available
604 SAC-604 Introduction to Behavourial Ecology Krebs and Davies Wildlife Available
605 SAC-605 India Wetlands Mangroves and Coral Reefs WWF Wildlife Available
606 SAC-606 Bundle of Feathers Salim Ali Wildlife Available
607 SAC-607 British Thrushes Eric Sims Wildlife Available
608 SAC-608 Sanctuary cub Wildlife Available
609 SAC-609 Sanctuary cub Wildlife Available
610 SAC-610 Birds of mountain regions Lars Jonsson Wildlife Available
611 SAC-611 Animals of southern asia Michael Tweedy Wildlife Available
612 SAC-612 Reptiles of the world Karl Gans Wildlife Available
613 SAC-613 Fishes M Chand Wildlife Available
614 SAC-614 Common Indian Snakes Romulus Whitaker Wildlife Available
615 SAC-615 This is the jungle Kenneth Anderson Wildlife Available
616 SAC-616 The tiger roars Kenneth Anderson Wildlife Available
617 SAC-617 Birds of Nepal Robert Fleming Wildlife Available
618 SAC-618 Corbett National park Ramesh Bedi Wildlife Available
619 SAC-619 My Family and Other Animals Gerald Durrell Wildlife Available
620 SAC-620 Sanctuary Lion Wildlife Available
621 SAC-621 Animals world Wildlife Available
622 SAC-622 Birdwatcher's pocket guide Mitchell beazley Wildlife Available
623 SAC-623 Project tiger 1990 Wildlife Available
624 SAC-624 Birds of Andaman and Nicobar Islands B.K. Tikader Wildlife Available
625 SAC-625 Seashore Animals of Andaman and Nicobar Islands B.K. Tikader Wildlife Available
626 SAC-626 Greenshanks Desmond and Mamie Wildlife Available
627 SAC-627 Natural History Collecting Reg Harris Wildlife Available
628 SAC-628 Insects m s mani Wildlife Available
629 SAC-629 Nilgiri Wildlife Association Centenary Wildlife Available
630 SAC-630 Kenneth Anderson omnibus vol 2 Wildlife Available
631 SAC-631 Seabirds David Saunders Wildlife Available
632 SAC-632 Road to osambre john ridgway Wildlife Available
633 SAC-633 A Fieldguide in Colour to Birds Walter Cerny Wildlife Available
634 SAC-634 Threatened Plants of India S K Jain Wildlife Available
635 SAC-635 The Man Eating Leopard of Rudraprayas Jim Corbett Wildlife Available
636 SAC-636 Ecology Michael Allaby Wildlife Available
637 SAC-637 Birds of the Eastern Himalayas Salim Ali Wildlife Available
638 SAC-638 Insects Collins Gem Wildlife Available
639 SAC-639 Avian Breeding cycles Merton and westwood Wildlife Available
640 SAC-640 The twilight of India's wildlife Seshadri Wildlife Available
641 SAC-641 Handbook of the birds of India and Pakistan vol 2 salim ali Wildlife Available
642 SAC-642 The Wildlife Protection Act 1972 Wildlife Available
643 SAC-643 Hornbill(1977-1985) Wildlife Available
644 SAC-644 Wildlife Reserves of India Sunjoy Monga Wildlife Available
645 SAC-645 Orchids of Nepal M L Banerji Wildlife Available
646 SAC-646 Home Remedies Dr Girija Khanna Wildlife Available
647 SAC-647 Book of Indian reptiles J.C. Daniel Wildlife Available
648 SAC-648 Birds of Sikkim Salim ali Wildlife Available
649 SAC-649 Parental behaviour in Birds Ray Silver Wildlife Available
650 SAC-650 City Forest Sunjoy Monga Wildlife Available
651 SAC-651 Encyclopedia of the butterfly world Paul Smart Wildlife Available
652 SAC-652 Animals that hunt Michael Allaby Wildlife Available
653 SAC-653 Flowering trees and shrubs in india DV Cowen Wildlife Available
654 SAC-654 Saving the tiger Guy Mountfort Wildlife Available
655 SAC-655 The Encyclopedia of Wildlife Wildlife Available
656 SAC-656 Environmental NGOs in India WWF India Wildlife Available
657 SAC-657 The Plant Kingdom Ian Tribe Wildlife Available
658 SAC-658 Trek the Himalayas Air India Wildlife Available
659 SAC-659 Neelkanth The First Ascent Colonel Narendar Kumar Wildlife Available
660 SAC-660 Expeditions The Experts Way Various Wildlife Available
661 SAC-661 Annapurna South Face Chris Bonnington Wildlife Available
662 SAC-662 Mountaineering John Cleare Wildlife Available
663 SAC-663 Nine Atop Everest Captain M.S. Kohli Wildlife Available
664 SAC-664 Rope Boy Dennis Gray Wildlife Available
665 SAC-665 Two in the bush Gerald Durell Wildlife Available
667 SAC-667 Portrait of a Mountaineer Don Whillans Wildlife Available
668 SAC-668 Beautiful Valleys of Kashmir and Ladakh Samsar Chand Kaul Wildlife Available
669 SAC-669 Soldiers on Everest Fleming and Faux Wildlife Available
670 SAC-670 The epic of Mount Everest Sir Francis Younghusband Wildlife Available
671 SAC-671 Mountaineering John Cleare Wildlife Available
672 SAC-672 A Birdwatcher's guide to India Krys Kazmierczak Wildlife Available
673 SAC-673 Holiday & Trekking in Nepal Nest and Wings Wildlife Available
674 SAC-674 A Guide to Trekking in Nepal Stephen Bezruchka Wildlife Available
675 SAC-675 The Search for the Pink Headed Duck Rory Nugent Wildlife Available
676 SAC-676 Touching my Father's Soul Tenzing Norgay Wildlife Available
677 SAC-677 The Butterflies of Sikkim Himalaya Meena Haribal Wildlife Available
678 SAC-678 Vanishing Tracks Darla hillard Wildlife Available
679 SAC-679 The Book of Indian Animals S H Prater Wildlife Available
680 SAC-680 Trekking in India Gian chand Wildlife Available
681 SAC-681 fundamentals of Ornithology Van tyne and Berger Wildlife Available
682 SAC-682 Tiger Kailash Sankhala Wildlife Available
683 SAC-683 The Himalayas- Playground of the Gods Captain M.S. Kohli Wildlife Available
684 SAC-684 Seashore Life of India B F Chhapgar Wildlife Available
685 SAC-685 Geet Ramayan G.D.Madgulkar Marathi Available
686 SAC-686 Anvaanchith Arvind Gokhale Marathi Available
687 SAC-687 Natsamraat V.V.Shirvaadkar Marathi Available
688 SAC-688 Shabd Pradhaan Gaika Yashwant Dev Marathi Available
689 SAC-689 Mahapur satish Shalekar Marathi Available
690 SAC-690 Vedyaansa ghar unhanth Vasanth Kainetkar Marathi Available
691 SAC-691 Mahadwaar ani itar ekankika Dilip Pardesi Marathi Available
692 SAC-692 kalyanche nishwaas Vibhavari Shirodkar Marathi Available
693 SAC-693 Arey Sansaar Sansaar! Prabhakar Pendarkar Marathi Available
694 SAC-694 saare pravasi Ghadi che Jaywant Dalwi Marathi Available
695 SAC-695 Brihath Hindi Keesh Hindi Available
696 SAC-696 Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre Dr. Dantatre Ketkar Marathi Available
697 SAC-697 Ghethla Shingawar Manohar Kaatdhare Marathi Available
698 SAC-698 Pingala vel G.A. Kulkarni Marathi Available
699 SAC-699 Mumbai Dinaank Arun Sadhu Marathi Available
700 SAC-700 Sresht Bharitiya Ekanki Part 1 Prabhakar Shrotriya Hindi Available
701 SAC-701 Sresht Bharitiya Ekanki Part 2 Prabhakar Shrotriya Hindi Available
702 SAC-702 Outliers Malcolm Gladwell Available
703 SAC-703 This is Your Brain on Music Daniel Levitin Music Available
704 SAC-704 The 4 Hour Work Week Timothy Ferriss Available
705 SAC-705 What the Dog Saw and other Adventures Malcolm Gladwell Available
706 SAC-706 Blink Malcolm Gladwell Available
707 SAC-707 Dastakhat Jyoti Kumari Hindi Available
708 SAC-708 Fooled by Randomness Nassim Nicholas Taleb Available
709 SAC-709 The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell Available
710 SAC-710 Animal Farm George Orwell Fiction Available
711 SAC-711 Bartimaeus - The Amulet of Samarkand Jonathan Stroud Fiction Available
712 SAC-712 Bartimaeus - Ptolemy's Gate Jonathan Stroud Fiction Available
713 SAC-713 Bartimaeus - The Ring of Solomon Jonathan Stroud Fiction Available
714 SAC-714 The Inner Game of Music Barry Green Music Available
715 SAC-715 Peeli Chatri Wali Ladki Uday Prakash Hindi Available
716 SAC-716 Game of Thrones GRR Martin Fantasy (Fiction) Available
717 SAC-717 Clash of Kings GRR Martin Fantasy (Fiction) Available
718 SAC-718 A Storm of Swords (Steel and Snow) GRR Martin Fantasy (Fiction) Available
719 SAC-719 A Storm of Swords (Blood and Gold) GRR Martin Fantasy (Fiction) Available
720 SAC-720 A Feast For Crows GRR Martin Fantasy (Fiction) Available
721 SAC-721 A Dance With Dragons GRR Martin Fantasy (Fiction) Available
722 SAC-722 The Godfather Mario Puzo Fiction Available
723 SAC-723 The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer Classics Available
725 SAC-725 Fall of Thames Brian Ruckley Fiction Available
727 SAC-727 The Golem's Eye Jonathan Stroud Fiction Available
728 SAC-728 Norwegian Wood Haruki Murakami Fiction Available
729 SAC-729 The Complete Kafka Novels (Trial, America, Castle) Franz Kafka Fiction Available
730 SAC-730 Kafka on the Shore Haruki Murakami Fiction Available
731 SAC-731 India After Gandhi Ramachandra Guha Indian History Available
732 SAC-732 Basic Principles of Classical Ballet Agrippina Vaganova Dance Available
733 SAC-733 We Must Have No Price Arun Shourie Available
734 SAC-734 Belly Dancing for Fitness Tamalyn Dallal Dance Available
735 SAC-735 Rhythmic Perspectives Gavin Harrison Music Available
736 SAC-736 The Animator's Survival Kit Richard Williams Film and Media Available
737 SAC-737 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone J K Rowling Fiction Available
738 SAC-738 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J K Rowling Fiction Available
739 SAC-739 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J K Rowling Fiction Available
740 SAC-740 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J K Rowling Fiction Available
741 SAC-741 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J K Rowling Fiction Available
742 SAC-742 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince J K Rowling Fiction Available
743 SAC-743 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J K Rowling Fiction Available
744 SAC-744 Asterix Omnibus 2 Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
745 SAC-745 Asterix Omnibus 3 Goscinny and Uderzo Comics Available
746 SAC-746 The Adventures of Tintin Volume 3 Michael Turner Comics Available
747 SAC-747 The Adventures of Tintin Volume 2 Michael Turner Comics Available
748 SAC-748 The Adventures of Tintin Volume 1 Michael Turner Comics Available
750 SAC-750 Timeline Michael Crichton Fiction Available
751 SAC-751 Coma Robin Cook Medical thriller Available
752 SAC-752 The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank History, Politics Available
753 SAC-753 Managerial Economics Thomas, Maurice and Sarkar Management and Finance Available
754 SAC-754 Managerial Economics Thomas, Maurice and Sarkar Management and Finance Available
755 SAC-755 Managerial Economics Thomas, Maurice and Sarkar Management and Finance Available
756 SAC-756 Bond Markets, Analysis and Strategies Frank Fabozzi Management and Finance Available
757 SAC-757 Mergers, Restructuring and Corporate Control Weston, Chung, Hoag Management and Finance Available
758 SAC-758 Legal Aspects of Business Akhileshwar Pathak Management and Finance Available
759 SAC-759 e Business 2.0 Ravi Kalakota and Marcia Robinson Management and Finance Available
760 SAC-760 Organizational Behaviour Robbins, Judge and Sanghi Management and Finance Available
761 SAC-761 Managerial Accounting Hilton, Ramesh and Jayadev Management and Finance Available
762 SAC-762 Managerial Accounting Hilton, Ramesh and Jayadev Management and Finance Available
763 SAC-763 Principles of Corporate Finance Brealey, Myers, Allen and Mohanty Management and Finance Available
764 SAC-764 Principles of Corporate Finance Brealey, Myers, Allen and Mohanty Management and Finance Available
765 SAC-765 Strategic Management of Technological Innovation Melissa Schilling Management and Finance Available
766 SAC-766 Strategic Management of Technological Innovation Melissa Schilling Management and Finance Available
767 SAC-767 Financial Accounting for Management Ramachandran and Kakani Management and Finance Available
768 SAC-768 Financial Accounting for Management Ramachandran and Kakani Management and Finance Available
769 SAC-769 Macroeconomics Mankiw Management and Finance Available
770 SAC-770 Macroeconomics Mankiw Management and Finance Available
771 SAC-771 Transformational Leadership Shivganesh Bhargava Management and Finance Available
772 SAC-772 Transformational Leadership Shivganesh Bhargava Management and Finance Available
773 SAC-773 Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists Walpole, Myers and Keying Ye Management and Finance Available
775 SAC-775 Management Information System Laudon, Laudon and Dass Management and Finance Available
776 SAC-776 Management Information System Laudon, Laudon and Dass Management and Finance Available
777 SAC-777 Information Technology Henry Lucas Management and Finance Available
778 SAC-778 Information Technology Henry Lucas Management and Finance Available
779 SAC-779 The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
780 SAC-780 The Secret Rhonda Byrne Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
781 SAC-781 Conversations with God Book One Neale Donald Walsch Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
782 SAC-782 Conversations with God Book Two Neale Donald Walsch Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
783 SAC-783 Conversations with God Book Three Neale Donald Walsch Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
784 SAC-784 Contemporary Business Communication Scot Ober Management and Finance Available
785 SAC-785 Buddha, His Life and Teachings Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
786 SAC-786 The Essence of Vedanta Brian Hodgkinson Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
787 SAC-787 Wings of Fire Abdul Kalam Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
788 SAC-788 Chowringhee Sarkar Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
789 SAC-789 Under The Net Iris Murdoch Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
790 SAC-790 Managing Radical Change Ghoshal and Piramal Management and Finance Available
791 SAC-791 Badi Soch ka Bada Jadoo David J. Hindi Available
792 SAC-792 And Nothing Has Ever Happened Gurudev Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
793 SAC-793 Rumi's Love Affair Anandmurthi Gurumaa Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
794 SAC-794 Happier than God Neale Donald Walsch Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
795 SAC-795 One Hundred Years Of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marqueez Fiction Available
796 SAC-796 Staying On Paul Scott Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
797 SAC-797 The Dalai Lama Rajiv Mehrotra Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
798 SAC-798 Eternal Drama of Souls, Matter and God Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
799 SAC-799 Services Marketing Lovelock, Wirtz and Chatterjee Management and Finance Available
800 SAC-800 Management Control Systems Anthony and Govindarajan Management and Finance Available
801 SAC-801 Human Resource Management Dessler, Varkkey Management and Finance Available
802 SAC-802 Human Resource Management Dessler, Varkkey Management and Finance Available
803 SAC-803 Financial Management I M Pandey Management and Finance Available
804 SAC-804 International Economics, Theory and Policy Krugman and Obstfeld Management and Finance Available
805 SAC-805 Essential Wisdom from a Spiritual Master Sadhguru Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy Available
806 SAC-806 International Finance Maurice Levi Management and Finance Available
807 SAC-807 2 States Chetan Bhagat Fiction Available
808 SAC-808 Angels and Demons Dan Brown Fiction Available
809 SAC-809 Chekhov ke saath naatak Saabira Habib Dramatics Available
810 SAC-810 Raat beetne tak Mohan Rakesh Dramatics Available
811 SAC-811 Safdar Rajkamal Prakashan Dramatics Available
812 SAC-812 Lehron ke Rajhans Mohan Rakesh Dramatics Available
813 SAC-813 Manton ke Natak Narendr Mohan Dramatics Available
814 SAC-814 Ratngarbha Shankar Shesh Dramatics Available
815 SAC-815 Hatheri Kismat Vijay Tendulkar Dramatics Available
816 SAC-816 Teen Naatak Surendra Varma Dramatics Available
817 SAC-817 Chukaenge Nahi Dariyo Foe Dramatics Available
818 SAC-818 Ek Aur Dronachari Shankar Shesh Dramatics Available
819 SAC-819 Sakharam Bayender Vijay Tendulkar Dramatics Available
820 SAC-820 Khamosh, Adaalat Jaari Hai Vijay Tendulkar Dramatics Available
821 SAC-821 Gaadon Ke Intezaar Mein Samuel Beckitt Dramatics Available
822 SAC-822 Court Marshall Swadesh Deepak Dramatics Available
823 SAC-823 Ande Ke Chilke Mohan Rakesh Dramatics Available
824 SAC-824 Aashadh ka ek din Mohan Rakesh Dramatics Available
825 SAC-825 Aadhe Adhoore Mohan Rakesh Dramatics Available
826 SAC-826 Ghasiram Kothwal Vijay Tendulkar Dramatics Available
827 SAC-827 Baaki Itihaas Baadal Sarkar Dramatics Available
1 H2-1 10th aniversary james patterson thriller Available
2 H2-2 a bend in the ganges manohar malgaonkar novel Available
3 H2-3 a blunt instrument georgette heyer fiction Available
4 H2-4 a nice girl like me anne piper fiction Available
5 H2-5 after the fall arthur miller play Available
6 H2-6 all my sons arthur miller play Available
7 H2-7 an introduction to mechanics klepnner and kolenkov academic Available
8 H2-8 appointment to the moon richard lewis history Available
9 H2-9 are you killing yourself mr. Executive hr.h. Dastur non-fiction Available
10 H2-10 as the crow flies jeffrey archer fiction Available
11 H2-11 Asta's book Barbara Vine fiction-crime Available
12 H2-12 athabasca allister maclean thriller Available
13 H2-13 basanti bheeshm sahani hindi Available
14 H2-14 breakheart pass allister maclean thriller Available
15 H2-15 by truth divided teresa de luga fiction Available
16 H2-16 camille alexandre dumas fiction Available
17 H2-17 challenge and thrill of pre college mathematics v.crishnamurty et al academic Available
18 H2-18 chemistry principals and properties sienko and plane academic Available
19 H2-19 chemistry-9th edition raymond chang academic Available
20 H2-20 circus allister maclean thriller Available
21 H2-21 close range annie proulx short stories Available
22 H2-22 comeback dick francis Available
23 H2-23 complete stories of lewis carroll lewis carroll fiction Available
24 H2-24 computer networks -a systems approach L.L.Peterson&B.S.Davie academic Available
25 H2-25 concise inorganic chemistry J.D.Lee academic Available
26 H2-26 concise inorganic chemistry J.D.Lee academic Available
27 H2-27 counting the stars helen dunmore novel Available
28 H2-28 cradle and all james patterson thriller Available
29 H2-29 devil may care sebastian faulks as ian fleming thriller Available
30 H2-30 digital design M.M.Mano and M.D.ciletti academic Available
31 H2-31 doctor who and the armagaddon factor terrance dicks fiction Available
32 H2-32 doctor who and the dalek invasion on earth terrance dicks fiction Available
33 H2-33 doctor who and the power of kroll terrance dicks fiction Available
34 H2-34 doctor who and the stones of blood terrance dicks fiction Available
35 H2-35 doctor who the three doctors terrance dicks fiction Available
36 H2-36 doctor who-kinda terrance dicks fiction Available
37 H2-37 doctors erich segal fiction Available
38 H2-38 doctorwho and the warriors gate terrance dicks fiction Available
39 H2-39 Dont ever tell Kathyo'berine Available
40 H2-40 double in trouble richard prather and stephen marlowe fiction Available
41 H2-41 dracula bram stoker fiction Available
42 H2-42 educational JEEmathematics K D Joshi academic Available
43 H2-43 electricity and magnetism a.s.mahajan and a.a. Rangwala academic Available
44 H2-44 english russian dictionary Available
45 H2-45 fireflies shiva naipaul fiction Available
46 H2-46 forward the foundation isaac asimov scifi Available
47 H2-47 frankenstein mary shekkey fiction Available
48 H2-48 future shock alvin toffler non-fiction Available
49 H2-49 gullivers travels johnatan swift fiction Available
50 H2-50 harry potter and the chamber of secrets j. K. Rowling fiction Available
51 H2-51 how money is managed paul einzig non-fiction Available
52 H2-52 hungry as the sea wilbur smith fiction Available
53 H2-53 hunted richard pitman &joe mcNally Available
54 H2-54 I braved anu aunty& cofounded a million dollar company varun agrawal non-fiction Available
55 H2-55 interpersonal perception r.d. laing et al non-fiction Available
56 H2-56 introductionto electrodynamics d.j.griffitths academic Available
57 H2-57 jaws peter benchley thriller Available
58 H2-58 jonathon livingston seagull richard bach fiction Available
59 H2-59 jurassic park michael crichton thriller Available
60 H2-60 lady with carnations a.j.cronin fiction Available
61 H2-61 lost horison james hilton extra curricular Available
62 H2-62 luciano's luck jack higgins fiction Available
63 H2-63 lydia e.v. cunningham fiction Available
64 H2-64 machine drawing k.l.narayana and p.kanhaiya academic Available
65 H2-65 mechanics and thermodynamics g basvaraju and d. Ghosh academic Available
66 H2-66 mortal fear robin cook fiction Available
67 H2-67 mourning ruby helen dunmore novel Available
68 H2-68 National Geographic Magezine -dec 1999 nonfiction Available
69 H2-69 National Geographic Magezine -august 1998 nonfiction Available
70 H2-70 National Geographic Magezine -march 1996 nonfiction Available
71 H2-71 National Geographic Magezine -sept 2003 nonfiction Available
72 H2-72 National Geographic Magezine -may 1982 nonfiction Available
73 H2-73 National Geographic Magezine -dec 1977 nonfiction Available
74 H2-74 night song of the last train Robert Douglas autobiograpgical novel Available
75 H2-75 night without end allister maclean thriller Available
76 H2-76 nonlinear systems-analysis stability and control shankar sastry academic Available
77 H2-77 operation blur srat-the true story lt.gen.k.s.brar historic Available
78 H2-78 organic chemistry L.G.WADE academic Available
79 H2-79 others james herbert fiction(horror) Available
80 H2-80 outbreak robin cook fiction Available
81 H2-81 penguin plays many plays Available
82 H2-82 peter pan J.M.Barrie fiction Available
83 H2-83 phoenix force ultimate terror gar wilson thriller Available
84 H2-84 physics -III i.v. Savelyev academic Available
85 H2-85 plays-chekhov anton chekhov plays Available
86 H2-86 pride and prejudice jane austin fiction Available
87 H2-87 puppet on a chain allister maclean thriller Available
88 H2-88 report of the warren comissin on the assasination of president kennedy historic Available
89 H2-89 river of death allister maclean thriller Available
90 H2-90 rogets pocket theaurus Available
91 H2-91 rome '44 raleigh trevelyan historic Available
92 H2-92 roots alex haley autobiography Available
93 H2-93 san andreas allister maclean thriller Available
94 H2-94 seawitch allister maclean thriller Available
95 H2-95 second foundation isaac asimov scifi Available
96 H2-96 six weeks to words of power wilfred funk non-fiction Available
97 H2-97 sons and lovers d.h. lawrence fiction Available
98 H2-98 Sparkling Cyanide agatha christie Available
99 H2-99 speech and language processing D.Jurafsky and J.H.Martin academic Available
100 H2-100 spellbinder harold robbins fiction Available
101 H2-101 spy in amber manohar malgaonkar thriller Available
102 H2-102 SS-GB len deighton fiction Available
103 H2-103 star wars -return of the jedi stan lee comic-scifi Available
104 H2-104 tai pan james clavell fiction Available
105 H2-105 talking straight lee iacocca non-fiction Available
106 H2-106 talking to the dead helen dunmore novel Available
107 H2-107 textbook of physics std.11 s.y. Gambhir academic Available
108 H2-108 the algarve affair nick carter fiction Available
109 H2-109 the anderson tapes lawrence sanders crime novel Available
110 H2-110 the andromeda strain michael crichton novel Available
111 H2-111 the appeal john grisham fiction Available
112 H2-112 The balcony jean genet play Available
113 H2-113 the call of the wild and selected stories jack london fiction Available
114 H2-114 the case of lonely heiress erle stanly gardner Available
115 H2-115 the client johm grisham fiction Available
116 H2-116 the dogs of war frederick forsyth fiction Available
117 H2-117 the fear index robert harris thriller Available
118 H2-118 the fist of god frederic forsyth Available
119 H2-119 the girl with the deragon tattoo steig larsson fiction Available
120 H2-120 the grapes of wrath john steinbeck novel Available
121 H2-121 the heptameron margurite of navarre short stories Available
122 H2-122 the hobbit j.r.r. tolkein fiction Available
123 H2-123 the hopkins manuscript r.c.sherriff fiction Available
124 H2-124 the horse wisperer nicholas evans Available
125 H2-125 the house of the seven gables nathaniel hawthorne fiction Available
126 H2-126 the innocent mistress sara wood fiction Available
127 H2-127 the iron snake ronald hardy history Available
128 H2-128 The last frontie alistair maclean Available
129 H2-129 the last mughal william dalrymple history Available
130 H2-130 the law and the profits c.n. parkinson non-fiction Available
131 H2-131 the liberal hour j.k.galbraith historic Available
132 H2-132 the life and death of the mayor of casterbridge thomas hardy fiction Available
133 H2-133 the man in the iron mask alexandre dumas fiction Available
134 H2-134 the masterpiece library of short stories various authors short stories Available
135 H2-135 the misfits arthur miller fiction Available
136 H2-136 the novel james mitchner fiction Available
137 H2-137 the odessa file frederick forsyth fiction Available
138 H2-138 the outcast sadie jones fiction Available
139 H2-139 the pale horse agatha cristie thriller Available
140 H2-140 the partner john grisham fiction Available
141 H2-141 the pelican brief john grisham fiction Available
142 H2-142 the pit gene church&conrad c. carnes non-fiction Available
143 H2-143 the rasp phililip macdonald thriller Available
144 H2-144 the satan bug allister maclean thriller Available
145 H2-145 the sherrif of rockbye county j.t.edison fiction Available
146 H2-146 the shining stephen king thriller Available
147 H2-147 the siege helen dunmore novel Available
148 H2-148 the testament john grisham fiction Available
149 H2-149 the third wave alvin toffler non-fiction Available
150 H2-150 the token susanna mitchell fiction Available
151 H2-151 the twentieth century english drama many plays Available
152 H2-152 the wedding of jayanthimandel sara banerji novel Available
153 H2-153 the works of william shakespeare william shakespeare plays Available
154 H2-154 thelma marie corelli fiction Available
155 H2-155 theoretical structural metallurgy a.h.cottrell academic Available
156 H2-156 there was an old woman ellery queen fiction Available
157 H2-157 this sporting land john ford historic Available
158 H2-158 tough minded faith for tender hearted people robert h. Schuller non-fiction Available
159 H2-159 toxin robin cook fiction Available
160 H2-160 triniy leon uris fiction Available
161 H2-161 true confessions john gregory dunne fiction Available
162 H2-162 turn on the heat a.a.fair fiction Available
163 H2-163 twenty thousand miles under the sea jules verne fiction Available
164 H2-164 video movie guide 1998 Available
165 H2-165 w. somerset maugham the summing up autobiography Available
166 H2-166 we the living ayn rand Available
167 H2-167 wheatherspy philip kerrigan fiction Available
168 H2-168 when eight bells toll alister maclean novel Available
169 H2-169 where will all this take us arun shourie non-fiction Available
170 H2-170 wordpower made easy normn lewis academic Available
171 H2-171 world adventurers e.haddow short stories Available
172 H2-172 your previous life on earth gervee barote Available
173 H2-173 zennor in darkness helen dunmore novel Available
174 H2-174 zero! masatake okumiya&jiro horikoshi history Available
1 H3-1 In for a Penny Archer Jeffrey Available
2 H3-2 The Collectors Baldacci David Available
3 H3-3 The Mandarins de Beauvoir Simone Available
4 H3-4 Brazzaville Beach Boyd William Available
5 H3-5 Lost Souls Brite Poppy Z. Available
6 H3-6 Working-Class Images of Society Bulmer Martin Available
7 H3-7 The Fall Camus Albert Available
8 H3-8 Smiley's People Carre Le Available
9 H3-9 The Night Manager Carre Le Available
10 H3-10 Banco Charriere Henri Available
11 H3-11 Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul Available
12 H3-12 The Regatta Mystery Christie Agatha Available
13 H3-13 The Birth of Britain Churchill Winston Available
14 H3-14 The Patriot Games Clancy Tom Available
15 H3-15 Fade Away Coben Harlan Available
16 H3-16 The Witch of Portobello Coelho Paulo Available
17 H3-17 Vector Cook Robin Available
18 H3-18 Sharpe's Eagle Cornwell Bernard Available
19 H3-19 Sharpe's Fury Cornwell Bernard Available
20 H3-20 National Development & How It Works Coyle David Cushman Available
21 H3-21 Natural Selection Dare Bill Available
22 H3-22 Sethji De Shobhaa Available
23 H3-23 Guns, Germs and Steel Diamond Jared Available
24 H3-24 Nicholas Nickelby Dickens Charles Available
25 H3-25 Loon Lake Doctorow E.L. Available
26 H3-26 A Place called Freedom Follett Ken Available
27 H3-27 The Hammer of Eden Follett Ken Available
28 H3-28 The Cauldron Forbes Colin Available
29 H3-29 This United State Forbes Colin Available
30 H3-30 The Odessa File Forsyth Frederick Available
31 H3-31 Disturbia Fowler Christopher Available
32 H3-32 The Collector Fowles John Available
33 H3-33 Grand Jury Friedman Philip Available
34 H3-34 Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife Fuller John G. Available
35 H3-35 The Corsican Heffernan William Available
36 H3-36 Spycatcher Heinemann Available
37 H3-37 The Naked Manager Heller Robert Available
38 H3-38 Dune Herbert Frank Available
39 H3-39 All Things Wise and Wonderful Herriot James Available
40 H3-40 Leviathan Hobbes Thomas Available
41 H3-41 Hockey Available
42 H3-42 Bevis Jefferies Richard Available
43 H3-43 Three Continents Jhabvala Ruth Prawer Available
44 H3-44 Statements Jussawalla Adil Available
45 H3-45 The Domino Vendetta Kennedy Adam Available
46 H3-46 The Hahnemann Sequela King Harold Available
47 H3-47 Bare Bones King Stephen Available
48 H3-48 Christine King Stephen Available
49 H3-49 Danse Macabre King Stephen Available
50 H3-50 Firestarter King Stephen Available
51 H3-51 Hearts in Atlantis King Stephen Available
52 H3-52 Night Shift King Stephen Available
53 H3-53 Roadwork King Stephen Available
54 H3-54 Thinner King Stephen Available
55 H3-55 The Unfriendly Friends Krishnan T.V. Kunhi Available
56 H3-56 My Traitor's Heart Malan Rian Available
57 H3-57 Coromandel Masters John Available
58 H3-58 Raj Mehta Gita Available
59 H3-59 India: A Wonderful Civilisation Naipaul V.S. Available
60 H3-60 The Monza Protest Neilson Andrew Available
61 H3-61 Lucifer's Hammer Niven Larry Available
62 H3-62 Hard Time Paretsky Sara Available
63 H3-63 No Safe Place Patterson Richard North Available
64 H3-64 Dream Girl Parker Robert B. Available
65 H3-65 School Days Parker Robert B. Available
66 H3-66 The Blue Hour Parker T. Jefferson Available
67 H3-67 The Cold One Pike Christopher Available
68 H3-68 A Cure for Serpents Pirajno Alberto Denti di Available
69 H3-69 A Prospect of Vengenance Price Anthony Available
70 H3-70 The Professor's Daughter Read Piers Paul Available
71 H3-71 An Unkindness of Ravens Rendell Ruth Available
72 H3-72 Genome Ridley Matt Available
73 H3-73 Certain Prey Sanford John Available
74 H3-74 The World's Greatest Comebacks Schuller Robert Available
75 H3-75 An Exchange of Eagles Sela Owen Available
76 H3-76 Vikram Sarabhai: The Biography Shah Amrita Available
77 H3-77 Bread Upon the Waters Shaw Irvin Available
78 H3-78 Red-Dirt Marijuana Southern Terry Available
79 H3-79 Ghost Story Straub Peter Available
80 H3-80 The Great Railway Bazaar Theroux Paul Available
81 H3-81 Pleading Guilty Turow Scott Available
82 H3-82 QB VII Uris Leon Available
83 H3-83 Mother Night Vonnegut Kurt Available
84 H3-84 The Seventh Secret Wallace Irving Available
85 H3-85 The Eunuch of Stamboul Wheatley Dennis Available
86 H3-86 Right Ho, Jeeves Wodehouse P.G. Available
87 H3-87 Private Practices Wolfe Linda Available
88 H3-88 Veil Woodward Bob Available
89 H3-89 Mrs Dalloway Woolf Virginia Available
90 H3-90 Coolie Mulk Raj Anand Available
91 H3-91 The Man-Eater of Malgudi R.K. Narayan Available
92 H3-92 1984 George Orwell Available
93 H3-93 Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky Available
94 H3-94 The God of Small Things Arundhati Roy Available
95 H3-95 The Namesake Jhumpa Lahiri Available
96 H3-96 The White Tiger Aravind Adiga Available
97 H3-97 The Immortals of Meluha Amish Tripathi Available
98 H3-98 The Secret of the Nagas Amish Tripathi Available
99 H3-99 The Oath of the Vayuputras Amish Tripathi Available
100 H3-100 Almost Single Advaita Kala Available
101 H3-101 Freakonomics Levitt & Dubner Available
102 H3-102 Bravo Two Zero Andy Mcnab Available
103 H3-103 Core of Evil Nigel McCrery Available
104 H3-104 The Keys of Hell Jack Higgins Available
105 H3-105 The Red Tent Anita Diamant Available
106 H3-106 Mortal Suns Tanith Lee Available
107 H3-107 The Triumph of the Sun Wilbur Smith Available
108 H3-108 Beyond Nab End William Woodruff Available
109 H3-109 Cassandra: Princess of Troy Hilary Bailey Available
110 H3-110 Nefertiti: The Book of the Dead Nick Drake Available
111 H3-111 The Insider Piers Morgan Available
112 H3-112 Sleeping with the Enemy Nancy Price Available
113 H3-113 The Drinker Hans Fallada Available
114 H3-114 The Fringes of Power John Colville Available
115 H3-115 Tropic of Cancer Henry Miller Available
116 H3-116 Love over Scotland Alexander McCall Smith Available
117 H3-117 Madonna:Like an Icon Lucy O'Brien Available
118 H3-118 Mrs Kennedy Barbara Leaming Available
119 H3-119 The Girl who Played with Fire Stieg Larsson Available
120 H3-120 Jihad:The Secret War in Aghanistan Tom Carew Available
121 H3-121 My Life Bill Clinton Available
122 H3-122 Gone James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge Available
123 H3-123 The Broker John Grisham Available
124 H3-124 Being Gazza: My Journey to Hell and Back Paul Gascoigne Available
125 H3-125 Nelson Roy Hattersley Available
126 H3-126 How was It Done? Reader Digest Available
127 H3-127 Crimes and Victims Frank Smyth Available
128 H3-128 The War Years Eyewitness Accounts Available
129 H3-129 The Runaway Jury John Grisham Available
130 H3-130 The Confession John Grisham Available
131 H3-131 The King Of Torts John Grisham Available
132 H3-132 A time To kill John Grisham Available
133 H3-133 The Brethren John Grisham Available
134 H3-134 The Associate John Grisham Available
135 H3-135 Dictionary Of Idioms Oxford Available
136 H3-136 Consice Dictionary Of Quotations Oxford Available
137 H3-137 Twilght Stephanie Meyer Available
138 H3-138 Pope John XXIII Thomas Cahill Available
139 H3-139 The Runaway Martina Cole Available
140 H3-140 The Cardinal of Kremlin Tom Clancy Available
141 H3-141 Disclosure Alexander McCall Smith Available
142 H3-142 Adored Tilly Bagshawe Available
143 H3-143 The Dead Girls' Dance Rachel Caine Available
144 H3-144 Last Bus To Woodstock Colin Dexter Available
145 H3-145 Screaming At The Sky Tony Griffin Available
146 H3-146 The Appeal John Grisham Available
147 H3-147 Partiot Games & The Hunt For Red October Tom Clancy Available
148 H3-148 french dictionary Available
149 H3-149 panama Fever Matthew Parker Available
150 H3-150 100% health Patrick Holford Available
151 H3-151 Mao's last Dancer Li Cunxin Available
152 H3-152 The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Stieg Larsson Available
153 H3-153 Pictorial History Available
154 H3-154 Extraordinary Lives Available
155 H3-155 A Journey Tony Blair Available
1 H4-1 More Puzzles Shakuntala Devi Puzzles Available
2 H4-2 Chant and be Happy... Devotional Available
3 H4-3 The Importance of Being Gordo Lizzie Mcguire TV Series Available
4 H4-4 Franklin D Roosevelt and the search of security Edward M bennitt Politics Available
5 H4-5 Fundamatics 2014 IITB-aa Educational Available
6 H4-6 Spandan Rushabh Jain Poetry Available
7 H4-7 An Introduction To mechanics Kleppner/ Kolenkow Engineering Available
8 H4-8 Engineering Drawing N.D. Bhatt Engineering Available
9 H4-9 Engineering Drawing N H Dubey Engineering Available
10 H4-10 Machine Drawing K L Narayana Engineering Available
11 H4-11 Advanced Mechanics Of Materials Arther P Boreshi Engineering Available
12 H4-12 Introduction TO Engineering Materials B K Agarwal Engineering Available
13 H4-13 Fluid Mechanics and therodynamics of Turbomachinery S L Dixon Engineering Available
14 H4-14 Songs on Bronze Nigel Spivey History Available
15 H4-15 The IITians Sandipan Dev College Available
16 H4-16 The Frozen World Thayer willis History Available
17 H4-17 Celebrating Australia Steve parish Travells and Advantures Available
18 H4-18 Baneth The African sun Travells and Advantures Available
19 H4-19 britain from above Ian Harrison Travells and Advantures Available
20 H4-20 B is for Burglar Sue Grafton mystery Available
21 H4-21 there's a hippo in my cistern Pete may novel Available
22 H4-22 Macbeth shekespheare play Available
23 H4-23 Singing the Bling Grace Dent novel Available
24 H4-24 murder for treasure David Williams crime Available
25 H4-25 sistas on a vibe ijeoma inyama novel Available
26 H4-26 raven queen paulin francis novel Available
27 H4-27 cakes and ale w. somerset maugham novel Available
28 H4-28 the sandler inquiry noel hynd novel Available
29 H4-29 much ado about nothing shekespheare play Available
30 H4-30 dream of final theory steven weinberg psychology Available
31 H4-31 the complete yes minister bbc books politics Available
32 H4-32 the dragon lord connie mason novel Available
33 H4-33 a textbook of production engineering p.c.sharma engineering Available
34 H4-34 modern approach to chemical calculations r.c. mukharjee engineering Available
35 H4-35 advanced graphics programming in c and c++ roger t. stevens and christopher d. walkins engineering Available
36 H4-36 fundamentals and beyond courseware 3ds max 7 engineering Available
37 H4-37 refrigiration and air condition r.s. khurmi engineering Available
38 H4-38 control systems engineering i.j.nagrath engineering Available
39 H4-39 course of mechanics j.c.pal engineering Available
40 H4-40 theory of machines and mechanisms john j. uicker engineering Available
41 H4-41 analytical methods in engineering j.v. doshi engineering Available
42 H4-42 engineering optimisation singiresu s. rao engineering Available
43 H4-43 computational fluid mechanics klaus a. hoffman engineering Available
44 H4-44 fluid mechanics and its applications vijay gupta engineering Available
45 H4-45 industrial engineering and production management s. chand engineering Available
46 H4-46 compressor aerodynamics n.a. cumpsty engineering Available
47 H4-47 how to prepare for gre sharon weiner green engineering Available
48 H4-48 modern compresssible flow john d. anderson engineering Available
49 H4-49 mechanics engineering Available
50 H4-50 data book of engineers engineering Available
51 H4-51 instrumental methods of analysis willard merritt dean settle engineering Available
52 H4-52 fliud mechanics john f. douglas engineering Available
53 H4-53 physics galaxy ashish agarwal engineering Available
54 H4-54 an introduction to mechanics kleppner engineering Available
55 H4-55 the thomsan college of engineering K.V.mital engineering Available
56 H4-56 hoe to prepare fo the gre test galgotia engineering Available
57 H4-57 The curious incident of dog in night time mark haddon novel Available
58 H4-58 Wolf Hall hilary mantel novel Available
59 H4-59 The Bourne Supremacy robert landlum novel Available
60 H4-60 The Tao of Physics fritjof capra story Available
61 H4-61 Rage of angels sidney sheldon novel Available
62 H4-62 Deception Point dan brown novel Available
63 H4-63 The Thirteenth Tale Diane Setterfield novel Available
64 H4-64 The lost symbol dan brown novel Available
65 H4-65 The pelican Brief John Grisham novel Available
66 H4-66 Obsession jonathan kellerman novel Available
67 H4-67 The Golden Room Irving Wallace novel Available
68 H4-68 The Bourne Ultimatum robert lundlun novel Available
69 H4-69 I Heard That Song Before Marry Higgins Clark novel Available
70 H4-70 Guinness World Records 2004 gk Available
71 H4-71 Dreams To Reality: A Biography Of Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam srinivas laxman biography Available
72 H4-72 If Cricket Is A Religion%2C Sachin Is God vijay santhanam biography Available
73 H4-73 A Tale Of Two Cities Charles Dickens novel Available
74 H4-74 The Golden Gate Vikram Seth novel Available
75 H4-75 Business Of Freedom sandeep singh knowledge Available
76 H4-76 A train load of Jokes and Anecdotes k.r.vaidyanathan short stories Available
77 H4-77 Sword Of God chris kuzneski novel Available
78 H4-78 George Eliot silas marner novel Available
79 H4-79 Pride and Prejudice Jane Austin novel Available
80 H4-80 That Thing called Love tuhin a sinha novel Available
81 H4-81 The Last Juror | The Broker john grisham novel Available
82 H4-82 Bear Island alistair maclean novel Available
83 H4-83 The Lord of the Rings (Trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring + The Two Towers + The Return of the King novel Available
84 H4-84 The Count of Monte Cristo alexandre dumas novel Available
85 H4-85 Manorama yearbook 2005 gk Available
86 H4-86 Limca Book of records 2003 gk Available
87 H4-87 The Secret Of The Nagas amish novel Available
88 H4-88 Crime and Punishment fyodor dostotevsky novel Available
89 H4-89 The Inheritance of loss Kiran Desai novel Available
90 H4-90 Barbarians at the gate Bryan Burrough and John Helyar novel Available
91 H4-91 Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Rashmi Bansal euntrepreneurship Available
92 H4-92 Wolf Hall hilary mantel novel Available
93 H4-93 The Bourne Supremacy robert landlum novel Available
94 H4-94 Sea of poppies Amitav Ghosh novel Available
95 H4-95 The Tao of Physics fritjof capra story Available
1 H5-1 A Dangerous Fortune Ken Follet Available
2 H5-2 A Gift of Wings Richard Bach Available
3 H5-3 A little Bit of Love Tushar Taneja Available
4 H5-4 A Matter Of Honour Jeffrey Archer Available
5 H5-5 A Midsummer Night Dream The Macmillan Shakespeare Available
6 H5-6 A thousand Acres Jane Smiley Available
7 H5-7 Airframe Michael Crichton Available
8 H5-8 And the Mountains Echoed Khaled Hosseini Available
9 H5-9 Animal Farm George Orwell Available
10 H5-10 Anna Karenin Leo Tolstoy Available
11 H5-11 Another American Century? Nicholas Guyatt Available
12 H5-12 Anything for you Ma'am Tushar Raheja Available
13 H5-13 Athens 1968 Available
14 H5-14 Azincourt Bernard Cornwell Available
15 H5-15 Betrayers of the truth William Broad and Nicholas Wade Available
16 H5-16 Black Water Kerstin ekman Available
17 H5-17 Black wind Clive cussler Available
18 H5-18 Blitzkreig Len Deighton Available
19 H5-19 Blood Line Mark Billingham Available
20 H5-20 Brida Paulo Coelho Available
21 H5-21 Conversations with God Neal Donald Walsch Available
22 H5-22 Corporate Atyachar Abhay Nagarajan Available
23 H5-23 Daastan-E-Mulla Nasseruddin Collection by Dharam Baariya Available
24 H5-24 DarkMan Nicola Barker Available
25 H5-25 Darshan Sahitya aur aalochna Balenski,Harjan,Chernishevski,Dobrolyubov Available
26 H5-26 Deal Breaker Harlan Coben Available
27 H5-27 Dear and Glorious Physician Taylor Caldwell Available
28 H5-28 Doctor Who and the leisure hive David fischer Available
29 H5-29 Doctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora Phillip Hinchcliff Available
30 H5-30 Doctor Who and the Monster of Peladon Terrance Dicks Available
31 H5-31 Doctor Who and the three Doctors Terrance Dicks Available
32 H5-32 Dune Frank Herbert Available
33 H5-33 Dunns's Conundrum Stan Lee Available
34 H5-34 Eclipse Stephenie Meyer Available
35 H5-35 Elvis and his Pelvis Michael Cox Available
36 H5-36 Emperor The Death of the kings Conn iggulden Available
37 H5-37 Estonian Fairy Tales Available
38 H5-38 Executive Orders Tom clancy Available
39 H5-39 Fear itself Stephen king Available
40 H5-40 Fire Ice Clive cussler Available
41 H5-41 Fools Die Mario Puzo Available
42 H5-42 Freedom Midnight Larry Collins Available
43 H5-43 Going Home Doris Lessing Available
44 H5-44 Gudiya Ghar Henrik Ibson Available
45 H5-45 Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift Available
46 H5-46 Hannibal Thomas Harris Available
47 H5-47 Harlot's Ghost Norman Mailer Available
48 H5-48 Healthy Mind Healthy Body A Vedanta Kesari Presenetation Available
49 H5-49 Hickory Dickory Dock Agatha Cristie Available
50 H5-50 Hopscoych Brian Garfield Available
51 H5-51 Hullabaloo Kiran Desai Available
52 H5-52 Icon Fredrick Forsyth Available
53 H5-53 Icon Fredrick Forsyth Available
54 H5-54 In High Places Arthur Hailey Available
55 H5-55 Inside Europe Today John Gunther Available
56 H5-56 It Happened In India Kishore Biyani Available
57 H5-57 Journey of two Hearts Anuj Tiwari Available
58 H5-58 Just Friends and Brave Enenmies Thomas Jefferson Available
59 H5-59 Les Miserables (VOL II) Victor Hugo Available
60 H5-60 Living Gospels Kenneth.N.Taylor Available
61 H5-61 Long Time Coming Robert Goddard Available
62 H5-62 Long Time Coming Robert Goddard Available
63 H5-63 Making Mr.Right Mollie Gregory Available
64 H5-64 Midnight Josephine Cox Available
65 H5-65 Naye Hindi Laghu Natak Nemichandra Jain Available
66 H5-66 Never Let Me go Sachin Garg Available
67 H5-67 Obejctive General Knowledge Tarun Goyal Available
68 H5-68 Out of the Past Patrica Wentworth Available
69 H5-69 P.S.I Love You Ceceila Ahern Available
70 H5-70 Patanjali Yoga Sutras Swami Prabhavananda Available
71 H5-71 Paths of Glory Jeffrey Archer Available
72 H5-72 Peyton Place Grace Metalious Available
73 H5-73 Private Games James Patterson Available
74 H5-74 Rag Darbari Shree Lal Shukla Available
75 H5-75 Ransom Dannielle Steel Available
76 H5-76 Rough Justice Jack Higgins Available
77 H5-77 Sai Baba Howard Murphet Available
78 H5-78 Sai Baba Howard Murphet Available
79 H5-79 Seawitch Alistair Maclean Available
80 H5-80 Secrets Of the God Da vinci code , edited by Dan Burstein Available
81 H5-81 Serpent Clive cussler Available
82 H5-82 Slected Short Stories Colorful Publications Available
83 H5-83 Slumdog Millionaire Vikas Swarup Available
84 H5-84 Snowball Ted Allbeury Available
85 H5-85 Spirit and the Mind Samuel.H.Sandweiss Available
86 H5-86 Storm Boris Starling Available
87 H5-87 Strong Medicine Arthur Hailey Available
88 H5-88 Summer of Night Dan Simmons Available
89 H5-89 The 3 mistake of my life Chetan Bhagat Available
90 H5-90 The Cardinal of the Kremlin Tom Clancy Available
91 H5-91 The Chase Clive cussler Available
92 H5-92 The Choice Henry Denker Available
93 H5-93 The Christmas that changed everything Marry Lynn Baxter, Marilyn Pappano, Christine Flynn Available
94 H5-94 The Courier A harry martinez thriller Ava McCarthy Available
95 H5-95 The Dark Labyninth Laewrence Durrel Available
96 H5-96 The Dark Labyninth Laewrence Durrel Available
97 H5-97 The Dark Room Rachel Seiffert Available
98 H5-98 The Fields Of Death Simon Scarrow Available
99 H5-99 The Fourth Protocol Frederick Forsyth Available
100 H5-100 The Graft Martina Cole Available
101 H5-101 The Krishna Key Ashwin Sanghi Available
102 H5-102 The Long Firm Jake Arnott Available
103 H5-103 The Midas Men Jonathan Evans Available
104 H5-104 The New Man C.P.Snow Available
105 H5-105 The Penetrators Hank Searls Available
106 H5-106 The Pride and The Enguish Douglas Reeman Available
107 H5-107 The Quest Wilbur Smith Available
108 H5-108 The Secret Rhonda Byrne Available
109 H5-109 The silver swan Banjamin Black Available
110 H5-110 The Successor Stephen Frey Available
111 H5-111 The Violent Enemy Jack Higgins Available
112 H5-112 The Watcher Brian Freeman Available
113 H5-113 The Wreckage Michael Robotham Available
114 H5-114 The Zahir Paulo Coelho Available
115 H5-115 Tranquility without Pills Jhan robbins and David Fischer Available
116 H5-116 Trojan Odyssey Clive cussler Available
117 H5-117 Twelve Red Herrings Jeffrey Archer Available
118 H5-118 Twisted Jeffrey Deaver Available
119 H5-119 Warlock Wilbur Smith Available
120 H5-120 White Teeth Zadie Smith Available
121 H5-121 Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis Available
122 H5-122 You and your Career Joe.D.Pereira Available
123 H5-123 Yuvko ke prati Swami Vivekanand Available
124 H5-124 Australia's Great Barrier Reef-Nat Geo Magazine Available
125 H5-125 Business World Magazine Available
126 H5-126 Can we fly-Nat Geo Magazine Available
127 H5-127 Greenland-Nat Geo Magazine Available
128 H5-128 Making Robots Human-Nat Geo Magazine Available
129 H5-129 Stamp Magazine Available
130 H5-130 The Birth of Religion Magazine Available
131 H5-131 Wallpaper Magazine Available
132 H5-132 Spandan Magazine Available
1 H6-1 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Available
2 H6-2 Mills and Boon - Dearest Traitor Patricia Wilson Available
3 H6-3 Bloody Jack L.A. Meyer Available
4 H6-4 Mills and Boon : The Corporate Marriage Campaign Leigh Michaels Available
5 H6-5 Dead and Gone Dorothy Simpson Available
6 H6-6 Talking to Strangers Anne Cassidy Available
7 H6-7 The Reptile Room Lemony Snicket Available
8 H6-8 Making Your Mind Up Jill Mansell Available
9 H6-9 A Song in the Morning Gerald Seymour Available
10 H6-10 Blown Away G.M. Ford Available
11 H6-11 Twilight : Eclipse Stephenie Meyer Available
12 H6-12 Mills and Boon : Back in the Headlines Sharon Kendrick Available
13 H6-13 The Liverpool Rose Katie Flynn Available
14 H6-14 Net Force Explorers : One is the Loneliest Number Tom Clancy Available
15 H6-15 Cheryl Sean Smith Available
16 H6-16 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Available
17 H6-17 Mills and Boon : A Date with Destiny Miranda Lee Available
18 H6-18 The Little White Horse Elizabeth Goudge Available
19 H6-19 Mills and Boon : An Impulsive Debutante Michelle Styles Available
20 H6-20 Mills and Boon : The Dumont Bride Terri Brisbin Available
21 H6-21 Mills and Boon : Stranger from the Past Penny Jordan Available
22 H6-22 Friends, Lovers, Chocolate Alexander McCall Smith Available
23 H6-23 Wit'ch War James Clemens Available
24 H6-24 The Wrong Man Jason Dean Available
25 H6-25 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Available
26 H6-26 Captain Underpants (The sixth animated novel) Dav Pilkey Available
27 H6-27 The English Illustrated Dictionary N.A. Available
28 H6-28 The Adventures of King Midas Lynne Reid Banks Available
29 H6-29 So Long, and Thanks for All the fish Douglas Adams Available
30 H6-30 Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand Available
31 H6-31 The Phantom of the Opera(abridged) Gaston Leroux(retold by Diane Namm) Available
32 H6-32 Dead Line Stella Rimington Available
33 H6-33 Fortress of Lies J. Steven York Available
34 H6-34 Risky Business Nora Roberts Available
35 H6-35 Pay the Devil Jack Higgins Available
36 H6-36 Tracy Beaker : The Dare Game Jacqueline Wilson Available
37 H6-37 Mills and Boon : Highland Turmoil Stephanie Howard Available
38 H6-38 Mr. Majeika Humphrey Carpenter Available
40 H6-40 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Available
41 H6-41 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Available
42 H6-42 Star Wars : Episode 1 John Broadhead, Joyce McAleer Available
43 H6-43 Bears Robert Elman Available
44 H6-44 Floating City Eric Lustbader Available
45 H6-45 The Royal Family Trevor Hall Available
46 H6-46 Mills and Boon : A Cure for Love Penny Jordan Available
47 H6-47 Shark Attack Mac McDiarmid Available
48 H6-48 The Commanding Sea Clare Francis Available
49 H6-49 Bristol Peter MacDonald Available
50 H6-50 The Woodworker's Handbook Peter Metcalfe Available
51 H6-51 A Roman Town R.J. Unstead Available
52 H6-52 Factastic Book of Comparisons Russell Ash Available
53 H6-53 Horrid Henry Robs the Bank Francesca Simon Available
54 H6-54 Animal Photography Heather Angel Available
55 H6-55 The Adventures of Merlin : 2011 Annual N.A. Available
56 H6-56 Reader's Digest : Discover South-East Asia and Indonesia N.A. Available
57 H6-57 Emergency Rescue Allan Hall Available
58 H6-58 Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Grania Forbes Available
59 H6-59 Horrid Henry's Wicked Ways Francesca Simon Available
60 H6-60 Mills and Boon : Fringe Benefits Nancy Warren Available
61 H6-61 Coping with School Peter Corey Available
62 H6-62 Mills and Boon : Savage Seduction Sharon Kendrick Available
63 H6-63 A Midsummer Night's Dream(abridged) William Shakespeare(retold by Clare Bevan) Available
64 H6-64 Too Ghoul for School : Silent but Deadly B. Strange Available
65 H6-65 Shipwrecked Jo Foley Available
66 H6-66 Mills and Boon : The Daring Duchess Paula Marshall Available
68 H6-68 Amazing Birds Alexandra Parsons Available
69 H6-69 Star Wars : 2007 Annual N.A. Available
70 H6-70 The Big Book of Football Stories Multiple Available
71 H6-71 Rapscallion James McGee Available
73 H6-73 Mountbatten (Autobiography) N.A. Available
74 H6-74 Encyclopedia of Britain Bamber Gascoigne Available
75 H6-75 Murder at the Masque Amy Myers Available
76 H6-76 Mills and Boon : Her Texas Lawman Stella Bagwell Available
77 H6-77 Rain on the Wind Elizabeth Hunter Available
78 H6-78 Mills and Boon : The GP's Marriage Wish Judy Campbell Available
79 H6-79 Mills and Boon : A Bewitching Compulsion Susan Napier Available
80 H6-80 Stories and Tales of Old Lancashire Cliff Hayes Available
81 H6-81 Mills and Boon : Sweet as my Revenge Susan Napier Available
82 H6-82 The Life and Times of George VI Keith Middlesmas Available
83 H6-83 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Available
84 H6-84 Midnight Whispers Virginia Andrews Available
85 H6-85 The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella Available
86 H6-86 Blindfold Lyndon Stacey Available
87 H6-87 The Concise Oxford Dictionary N.A. Available
88 H6-88 Faces Martina Cole Available
89 H6-89 The Naughtiest Girl in the School Enid Blyton Available
90 H6-90 Diana Alison Gauntlett Available
91 H6-91 America's Wildernesses Ansel Adams, John Muir Available
92 H6-92 Tae Kwon Do David Amerland Available
93 H6-93 England from the Air Annabel Walker Available
94 H6-94 Mills and Boon : Mississippi Miss Emma Goldrick Available
95 H6-95 Guinness World Records 2009 N.A. Available
96 H6-96 Collins Longman's Student Atlas N.A. Available
97 H6-97 Reader's Digest : Reverse Dictionary N.A. Available
98 H6-98 Jerusalem Colin Thubron Available
99 H6-99 USSR : The Land and the People N.A. Available
100 H6-100 Everything to Gain Barbara Taylor Bradford Available
101 H6-101 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Available
102 H6-102 Horrid Henry's Revenge Francesca Simon Available
103 H6-103 Magic Sarah Brown, Gil McNeil Available
104 H6-104 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Available
105 H6-105 Strong Women Roberta Kray Available
106 H6-106 The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy Fiona Neill Available
107 H6-107 A Hopeless Romantic Harriet Evans Available
108 H6-108 The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary N.A. Available
109 H6-109 Mills and Boon : The Rake's Wicked Proposal Carole Mortimer Available
110 H6-110 Horses Angela Rixon Available
111 H6-111 Inconceivable Ben Elton Available
112 H6-112 Mills and Boon : Dangerous Lord, Seductive Miss Mary Brendan Available
113 H6-113 Her Own Rules Barbara Taylor Bradford Available
114 H6-114 Draw 50 Aircraft and Spacecraft Lee J. Ames Available
115 H6-115 Theirs is the Kingdom Andrew Morton Available
116 H6-116 Mysterious Britain Janet and Colin Bord Available
117 H6-117 Eye of the Storm V.C. Andrews Available
118 H6-118 Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend Francesca Simon Available
119 H6-119 The Days of Summer Jill Barnett Available
120 H6-120 The Demon Headmaster Gillian Cross Available
121 H6-121 Reader's Digest : Discovering the Wonders of our World N.A. Available
122 H6-122 Be a Magician Ali Bongo Available
123 H6-123 The 'Do It Yourself' Book Harry Butler, Ron Grace and Geoffrey Burdett Available
124 H6-124 Reader's Digest : Word Power Dictionary N.A. Available
125 H6-125 Road Rage Ruth Rendell Available
126 H6-126 The Reading Group Elizabeth Noble Available
127 H6-127 Absurdistan Gary Shteyngart Available
128 H6-128 Reader's Digest : Life in the Age of Exploration N.A. Available
129 H6-129 Dogs Harry Glover Available
130 H6-130 Mills and Boon : The Master Player Emma Darcy Available
131 H6-131 The Spook's Tale/Interception Point Joseph Delaney/Mark Walden Available
132 H6-132 *Starring* Tracy Beaker Jacueline Wilson Available
133 H6-133 Law and Order Adam Hopkins, Gaby Macphedran Available
134 H6-134 Feng Shui Stephen Skinner Available
135 H6-135 The Nativity of Christ Richard Harries Available
136 H6-136 The Commanding Sea Clare Francis Available
137 H6-137 Help me Boab (Puzzles) N.A. Available
138 H6-138 Darren Shan : Hunters of the Dusk Not known Available
139 H6-139 Diana : Princess of Wales Nicholas Courtney Available
140 H6-140 Old Oman W.D. Peyton Available
141 H6-141 The Afrika Reich Guy Saville Available
142 H6-142 The United States Capitol Fred J. Maroon Available
143 H6-143 Around the World in Eighty Days with Michael Palin ?Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn Available
144 H6-144 Guinness World Records 2003 N.A. Available
145 H6-145 Everyday Cook Book Marguerite Patten's Available
146 H6-146 Turner Abroad Andrew Wilton Available
147 H6-147 Private Eye Stories short stories by Raymond Chandler,Ross Macdonald and etc Available
148 H6-148 Book Of Crosswords Joe Cameron Available
149 H6-149 Hack : A max chard mystery John Burns Available
150 H6-150 Sheba Jack Higgins Available
152 H6-152 Don't Look Twice Andrew Gross Available
153 H6-153 Doomsday : Mankind's days are numbered Graham Brown Available
154 H6-154 Alien Alan Dean Foster Available
155 H6-155 The Minstrell Code Walter Nelson Available
156 H6-156 Shivers Terror on Troll Mountain M D Spenser Available
157 H6-157 To The Death Robert Merritt Available
158 H6-158 A Forest of Stars Kevin J Anderson Available
159 H6-159 Short Stories 1 : Fatherland, Jenny's mountain,Diamond Solitaire, To Fly A Kite Robert Harris, Elaine Long, Peter Loversey,Elizabeth Webster Available
160 H6-160 Short Stories 2 : A Dangerous Fortune, The Client, The Estuary Pilgroim, The Bear Ken Follett, John Grisham, Douglas Skeggs,James Oliver Curwood Available
161 H6-161 Short Stories 3 : Driving Force, The Island Harp, Stephanie,Watching In The Dark, The White Puma Dick Francis,Jeane Williams,Winston Graham,Artemis Cooper,R D Lawrence Available
162 H6-162 Short Stories 4 : The Fist Of God,Stagnes Stand,Exposure,And The Violins Stopped Playing Frederick Forsyth,Thomas Eidson,Evelyn Anthony,Alexander Ramati Available
164 H6-164 The Road To Nab End William Woodruff Available
165 H6-165 The World According To Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson Available
166 H6-166 Paul McGrath : Back From The Brink Vincent Hogan Available
167 H6-167 The Girl Who Played With Fire Stieg Larsson Available
168 H6-168 Rainbow Six Tom Clancy Available
169 H6-169 Fatal Voyage Kathy Reichs Available
170 H6-170 Winter Is Past Ruth Axtell Morren Available
171 H6-171 Blood Hunt Ian Rankin Available
172 H6-172 Chasing The Dime Michael Connelly Available
173 H6-173 The Girl WHo Kicked The Hornet's Nest Stieg Larsson Available
174 H6-174 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Stieg Larsson Available
177 H6-177 Don't Blink James Patterson Available
178 H6-178 Gridlock Ben Elton Available
179 H6-179 Vol 176 : France celebrates its bicentennial National Geographic Available
180 H6-180 Vol 171 : Medicine's New Vision National Geographic Available
181 Vol 222 : Olympic London National Geographic Available
182 Vol 183 : Dinosaurs National Geographic Available
183 Vol 217 : Hubble Renewed National Geographic Available
184 Vol 195 : Battle Of Midway National Geographic Available
185 Vol 161 : Park At The Top Of The World National Geographic Available
186 Vol 187 : Quiet Miracles Of The Brain National Geographic Available
187 Vol 203 : Dicovering The First Galaxies National Geographic Available
1 H8-1 The Death Instinct Jed Rubenfeld Thriller Available
2 H8-2 A Gathering Light Jennifer Donnelly Realistic Fiction Available
3 H8-3 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Ken Kesey Fiction Available
4 H8-4 Always The Children Anne Watts Autobiography Available
5 H8-5 Clear Light of Day Anita Desai Fiction Available
6 H8-6 Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship J.R.R. Tolkien Adventure Available
7 H8-7 The Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien Fantasy Available
8 H8-8 The Forbidden Brother Barbara McMahon Romance Available
9 H8-9 Hardy Boys: Detective Handbook Franklin W. Dixon Adventure Available
10 H8-10 Gate Aptitude Test : Chemical Engg. GK Pulbications Course Book Available
11 H8-11 Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis Course Book Available
12 H8-12 Five Point Someone Chetan Bhagat Fiction Available
13 H8-13 Name To A Face Robert Goddard Historical Fiction Available
14 H8-14 The Greatness Guide 2 Robin Sharma Self Improvement Available
15 H8-15 Sherlock Holmes: Complete Novel Vol 1 Sir Arther Conan Doyle Detective Fiction Available
16 H8-16 The Theory of Everything Stephen W. Hawking Autobiography Available
17 H8-17 Flood of Fire Amitav Ghosh Fiction - 3rd book of Ibis Trilogy Available
18 H8-18 The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy Fiction Available
19 H8-19 I Too Had a Love Story Ravinder Singh Romance Available
20 H8-20 Mightier Than A Sword Jeffrey Archer Political Thriller Available
21 H8-21 Readers Digest Vol 1 - Entertainment Available
22 H8-22 Readers Digest Vol 2 - Entertainment Available
23 H8-23 A Feast for Crows George R.R. Martin 4th book in asoiaf (GoT series) Available
24 H8-24 When The Pedlar Called Harry Bowling Family Drama Available
25 H8-25 The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov Satirical Fiction Available
26 H8-26 And Then There Were None Agatha Cristie Detective Fiction Available
27 H8-27 Looking for Alaska John Green Fiction Available
28 H8-28 A Storm of Swords 1:Steel and Snow George R.R. Martin 3rd book in asoiaf (GoT series) Available
29 H8-29 The X Files: Enigma of Mind, Space and Time Orbis Publication Non fictional mysterious instances Available
30 H8-30 Explorers Desmond Wilcox -- Available
31 H8-31 Churchill:The Life Triumphant United Press International Biography Available
32 H8-32 Basic MultiVariable Calculus Mardesoon, Tromba, Alan Weinstein Course Book Available
33 H8-33 Quality Engineering Using Robust Desing Madhav Phadke Course Book Available
34 H8-34 Basic Electrical Engineering Kothari, Nagrath Course Book Available
35 H8-35 Electronic Communication Systems Kennedy, Davis Course Book Available
36 H8-36 Microelectronic Circuits Sedra/Smiths Course Book Available
37 H8-37 Fundamentas of Digital Image Processing Anil K. Jain Course Book Available
38 H8-38 Communication Systems Simon Haykin Course Book Available
39 H8-39 Mummy from Hell Ken Doyle, Patrick Doyle Sadist Fiction Available
40 H8-40 Another Country James Baldwin Fiction Available
41 H8-41 Classic Sea Stories Barry Unsworth Fiction Available
42 H8-42 Manorama Yearbook 2014 Vinod Rai, Shashi Tharoor Course Book Available
43 H8-43 The Third Wave Alvin Toffler Historical Available
44 H8-44 English Dictionary Blackie Course Book Available
45 H8-45 Cellular Telecommunications (Analog and Digital) William C.Y. Lee Course Book Available
46 H8-46 The Art of Electronics Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill Course Book Available
47 H8-47 Royal Chaos Dan McGirt Fantasy Available
48 H8-48 Cat Karina Michael Coney Biological Fiction Available
49 H8-49 Androcles and the Lion Bernard Shaw Fiction Available
50 H8-50 The Rhinemann Exchange Robert Ludlum Thriller Available
51 H8-51 Dark Canyon Louis Lamour Fiction Available
52 H8-52 Truth Is God M.K. Gandhi Self Improvement Available
53 H8-53 Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert T. Kivosaki Fiction Available
54 H8-54 Trail of the Damned ( B18) Jack Barton Wild West Fiction Available
55 H8-55 My Uncle Silas H.E. Bates Fiction Available
56 H8-56 Airport Arthur Hailey Fiction Available
57 H8-57 To Tame a Land Louis Lamour Thriller Available
58 H8-58 Mass Transfer Operations Robert E. Treybal Course Book Available
59 H8-59 Engineering Drawing N.D. Bhatt Course Book Available
60 H8-60 Windfalls: Alpha of the Plough J.M. Dent Essay Collection Available
61 H8-61 Gideon's March J.J. Marric Thriller Available
62 H8-62 Half Hidden Emma Blair Romance Available
63 H8-63 Quest for the White Witch Tanith Lee Fantasy Available
64 H8-64 The Age of Reason Jean-Paul Sartre Psychological Drama Available
65 H8-65 Calculus Tom M. Apostol Course Book Available
66 H8-66 Topaz Leon Uris Suspense Thriller Available
67 H8-67 West of Eden Harry Harrison Science Fiction Available
68 H8-68 Software Engineering Roger S. Pressman Course Book Available
69 H8-69 Job: A Comedy of Justice Robert A.Heinlein Science Fiction Available
70 H8-70 Golden Lighting Max Brand Spy Thriller Available
71 H8-71 Smiley's People Le Carre Spy Thriller Available
72 H8-72 The New Jeeves Wodehouse Comedy Drama Available
73 H8-73 Wacky Star Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Available
74 H8-74 Joseph Andrews Henry Fieldings Comedy Available
75 H8-75 Revolt in 2100 Robert A. Heinlein Science Fiction Available
76 H8-76 Lucky Star and the Oceans of Venus Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Available
77 H8-77 The Cat Who walks through the walls Robert A. Heinlein Science Fiction Available
78 H8-78 Coral Island R. M. Ballantyne Adventure Fiction Available
79 H8-79 Foundation and Empire Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Available
80 H8-80 Shadow Dancers Ullian Stewart Carl Romantic Thriller Available
81 H8-81 The Home and The World Rabindranath Tagore Autobiographical Novel Available
82 H8-82 Tuno Bungay H.G. Wells Semi-autobiographical Novel Available
83 H8-83 Mash goes to Morocco Richard Hooker and William E. Butterworth Adventure Comedy Available
84 H8-84 Mash goes to San Francisco Richard Hooker and William E. Butterworth Adventure Comedy Available
85 H8-85 To sail beyond the sunset Robert A. Heinlein Science Fiction Available
1 H9-1 doctor who and the sea-devils malcolm hulke Available
2 H9-2 the levanter eric ambler Available
3 H9-3 the chrysalid john wyndham Available
4 H9-4 landslide desmond bagley Available
5 H9-5 fall of mevar dwijendralal roy Available
6 H9-6 rio revengade and bullet for bannerman kirk hamilton Available
7 H9-7 I.jan cremer r.e.wyngaard and alexander tro. Available
8 H9-8 doctor who and the keys of marinus philip hinchcliffe Available
9 H9-9 doctor who and the daleks david whitaker Available
10 H9-10 return to peyton place grace metalious Available
11 H9-11 the golden keel desmond bagley Available
12 H9-12 sunburst desmond cory Available
13 H9-13 the big boxer alfred maund Available
14 H9-14 the party rudolph von abele Available
15 H9-15 doctor who and the three doctors terrance dicks Available
16 H9-16 garri kasparov m.yudovich Available
17 H9-17 seawitch alistair maclean Available
18 H9-18 pearl tabitha king Available
19 H9-19 out of the dark world grace chetwin Available
20 H9-20 hollywood wives jackie collins Available
21 H9-21 justin moyan david weiss Available
22 H9-22 a score of arms richard meade Available
23 H9-23 troubles j.g.farrell Available
24 H9-24 the aquarium book e.g.boulenger Available
25 H9-25 a blaze of arms roger fitzalan Available
26 H9-26 the lizard in the cup peter dickinson Available
27 H9-27 kidnapped robert louis stevenson Available
28 H9-28 the midwich cuckooos john wyndham Available
29 H9-29 the ewings john o'hara Available
30 H9-30 domination in 2545 endgame studies ghendrikh kasparyan Available
31 H9-31 gilbert white peter johnson Available
32 H9-32 one day in the life of ivan denisovich alexander solzhenitsyn Available
33 H9-33 in custody anita desai Available
34 H9-34 the 1/4 second draw j.t.edson Available
35 H9-35 cache from outer space philip jose farmer Available
36 H9-36 good as gold joseph heller Available
37 H9-37 madmax beyond thunderdome terry hayes Available
38 H9-38 the long sunset r.c.sherriff Available
39 H9-39 widdershins oliver onions Available
40 H9-40 a fairly honourable defeat iris mmurdoch Available
41 H9-41 the ferguson rifle louis l'amour Available
42 H9-42 caliban's wooling victor price Available
43 H9-43 in love's crucible bertha m. clay Available
44 H9-44 the warm and golden war nicholas lord Available
45 H9-45 the wycherly woman ross macdonald Available
46 H9-46 price andrew the warrior prince graham and heather fisher Available
47 H9-47 the sum of all fears tom clancy Available
48 H9-48 blues for mister charlie james baldowin Available
49 H9-49 I sit in hanger lane jack trevor story Available
50 H9-50 travels with carley john steinbeck Available
51 H9-51 child psychiatry and you mikhail buyanov Available
52 H9-52 alexander went from line of battle a richard bolitho story Available
53 H9-53 persuasion jane austin Available
54 H9-54 executive orders tom clancy Available
55 H9-55 tunnel in the sky robert a. heinlein Available
56 H9-56 the toff and the golden boy john creasey Available
57 H9-57 the third world war general sie john hackett Available
58 H9-58 the cyclops conspiracy nick carter Available
59 H9-59 flowering cherry robert bolt Available
60 H9-60 green eyes lucius shepard Available
61 H9-61 sudden outlawed oliver strange Available
62 H9-62 outbreak robin cook Available
63 H9-63 kangaroo richard aldington Available
64 H9-64 the case of the black-eyed blonde erle stanley gardner Available
65 H9-65 nightmare at noon adam steele Available
66 H9-66 the holcroft covenant robert ludlum Available
67 H9-67 the deep peter benchley Available
68 H9-68 eva and adolf glenn b.infield Available
69 H9-69 birds of america mary mccarthy Available
70 H9-70 the enemy desmond bagley Available
71 H9-71 blowfly david loman Available
72 H9-72 gore vidal's myra breckinridge Available
73 H9-73 justine lawrence durrell Available
74 H9-74 the case of the beautiful begger erle stanley gardner Available
75 H9-75 then eight bells toll alistar macleean Available
76 H9-76 invasion robin cook Available
77 H9-77 angel of response grass valley Available
78 H9-78 mad about sports frank jacobs Available
79 H9-79 smiley's people john le carre' Available
80 H9-80 the dogs robert calder Available
81 H9-81 2nd chance james patterson Available
82 H9-82 icon steve jobs jeffrey s. young Available
83 H9-83 kill me if you can james petterson Available
84 H9-84 the immortals of meluha amish tripathi Available
85 H9-85 the broker john grisham Available
86 H9-86 stephen hawking michael white Available
87 H9-87 angel of the dark sidney sheldon Available
88 H9-88 the runaway jury john grisham Available
89 H9-89 mistress of the game sidney sheldon Available
90 H9-90 jit aapki (hindi) shiv kheda Available
91 H9-91 the oath of the vayputras amish tripathi Available
92 H9-92 the tides of memory sidney sheldon Available
93 H9-93 angel and demons dan brown Available
94 H9-94 digital fortress dan brown Available
95 H9-95 deception point dan brown Available
96 H9-96 inferno dan brown Available
97 H9-97 the lost symbol dan brown Available
1 H10-1 A Short History Of Nearly Everything (Science) Bill Bryson Fiction Available
2 H10-2 Reader's Digest Condensed Books Ken Follet, Dean Koontz, Nora Roberts, Harry Stein Fiction Available
3 H10-3 The Photograph Penelope Lively Fiction Available
4 H10-4 Imperial Blandings An Omnibus P. G. Wodehouse Fiction Available
5 H10-5 Uncle Fred in the Springtime P. G. Wodehouse Fiction Available
6 H10-6 Stolen Susan Lewis Fiction Available
7 H10-7 Critical Robin Cook Fiction Available
8 H10-8 Crisis Robin Cook Fiction Available
9 H10-9 Serpico Peter Mass Fiction Available
10 H10-10 Fury Salman Rushdie Fiction Available
12 H10-12 Selected Poems William Wordsworth Fiction Available
13 H10-13 One Richard Bach Fiction Available
14 H10-14 Coolie Mulk Raj Anand Fiction Available
15 H10-15 The Daily Telegraph Puzzle book George Orwell Fiction Available
16 H10-16 War and Peace Leo Tolstoy Fiction Available
17 H10-17 Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy Fiction Available
18 H10-18 Great Expectations Charles Dickens Fiction Available
19 H10-19 David Copperfield Charles Dickens Fiction Available
20 H10-20 The Dark Tower/Wolves of the Calla Stephen King Fiction Available
21 H10-21 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw Fiction Available
22 H10-22 Assorted prose John Updike Fiction Available
23 H10-23 The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold his Ferrari Robin Sharma Fiction Available
24 H10-24 Round the Bend Nevil Shute Fiction Available
25 H10-25 Foucault's Pendulum Umberto Eco Fiction Available
26 H10-26 Spaceache Snoo Wilson Fiction Available
27 H10-27 Immortality Milan Kundera Fiction Available
28 H10-28 A Life in Letters John Steinback Fiction Available
29 H10-29 The New Life Orhan Pamuk Fiction Available
30 H10-30 Ulysses James Joyce Fiction Available
31 H10-31 A Many-Splendoured Thing Han Suyin Fiction Available
32 H10-32 The mill on the floss George Eliot Fiction Available
33 H10-33 Testament of youth Vera Brittain Fiction Available
34 H10-34 The man from St.Petersburg Ken Follett Fiction Available
35 H10-35 Duvar (French) Jean Paul Sartre Fiction Available
36 H10-36 Ah, wilderness and two other plays Eugene O?Neil Fiction Available
37 H10-37 Topaz Leon Uris Fiction Available
38 H10-38 Picture Palace Paul Theroux Fiction Available
39 H10-39 A passage to India E M Forster Fiction Available
40 H10-40 The case of the gilded fly Edmund Crispin Fiction Available
41 H10-41 Far from the madding crowd Thomas Hardy Fiction Available
42 H10-42 Dolly?s war Dolly Scannell Fiction Available
43 H10-43 Flowers for Mrs. Harris Paul Gallico Fiction Available
44 H10-44 Childhood Maxim Gorky Fiction Available
45 H10-45 Plays Maxim Gorky Fiction Available
46 H10-46 Jurrasic Park Michael Crichton Fiction Available
47 H10-47 Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky Fiction Available
48 H10-48 Bartimaeus Jonathan Stroud Fiction Available
49 H10-49 The last place God made Jack Higgins Fiction Available
50 H10-50 The Phantom of Manhattan Frederick Forsyth Fiction Available
51 H10-51 Genocide at St.Honor Horst Weitzer Fiction Available
52 H10-52 All That Glitters V.C. Andrews Fiction Available
53 H10-53 And so ends the world Richard Pape Fiction Available
54 H10-54 Red over green Robert Henriques Fiction Available
55 H10-55 Arranged Love Parul A. Mittal Fiction Available
56 H10-56 Sattantar (Marathi) Venkatesh Madgulkar Fiction Available
57 H10-57 Spandan Yuva Kamal Se (4 copies) Fiction Available
58 H10-58 National Geographic January 1996 Magazine Available
59 H10-59 National Geographic February 1996 Magazine Available
60 H10-60 National Geographic March 1996 Magazine Available
61 H10-61 National Geographic April 1996 Magazine Available
62 H10-62 National Geographic July 1996 Magazine Available
63 H10-63 National Geographic August 1996 Magazine Available
64 H10-64 National Geographic August 1997 Magazine Available
65 H10-65 National Geographic September 1997 Magazine Available
66 H10-66 National Geographic October 1997 Magazine Available
67 H10-67 National Geographic December 1997 Magazine Available
68 H10-68 National Geographic March 1998 Magazine Available
69 H10-69 National Geographic April 1998 Magazine Available
70 H10-70 National Geographic May 1998 Magazine Available
71 H10-71 National Geographic June 1998 Magazine Available
72 H10-72 National Geographic July 1998 Magazine Available
73 H10-73 National Geographic November 1998 Magazine Available
74 H10-74 National Geographic December 1998 Magazine Available
75 H10-75 National Geographic January 1999 Magazine Available
76 H10-76 National Geographic February 1999 Magazine Available
77 H10-77 National Geographic April 1999 Magazine Available
78 H10-78 National Geographic June 1999 Magazine Available
79 H10-79 National Geographic July 1999 Magazine Available
80 H10-80 National Geographic September 1999 Magazine Available
81 H10-81 National Geographic November 1999 Magazine Available
82 H10-82 National Geographic December 1999 Magazine Available
83 H10-83 National Geographic February 2000 Magazine Available
84 H10-84 National Geographic March 2000 Magazine Available
85 H10-85 National Geographic April 2000 Magazine Available
86 H10-86 National Geographic June 2000 Magazine Available
87 H10-87 National Geographic July 2000 Magazine Available
88 H10-88 National Geographic October 2000 Magazine Available
89 H10-89 National Geographic November 2000 Magazine Available
90 H10-90 National Geographic December 2000 Magazine Available
91 H10-91 National Geographic February 2001 Magazine Available
92 H10-92 National Geographic March 2001 Magazine Available
93 H10-93 National Geographic April 2001 Magazine Available
94 H10-94 National Geographic May 2001 Magazine Available
95 H10-95 National Geographic June 2001 Magazine Available
96 H10-96 National Geographic August 2001 Magazine Available
97 H10-97 National Geographic September 2001 Magazine Available
98 H10-98 National Geographic October 2001 Magazine Available
99 H10-99 National Geographic November 2001 Magazine Available
100 H10-100 National Geographic December 2001 Magazine Available
101 H10-101 National Geographic January 2002 Magazine Available
102 H10-102 The Week December 23, 2012 Magazine Available
103 H10-103 Linux 2010 Magazine Available
104 H10-104 Empower March 2013 Magazine Available
105 H10-105 India Today Woman March 2013 Magazine Available
106 H10-106 Outlook March 18, 2013 Magazine Available
107 H10-107 India Today March 18, 2013 Magazine Available
108 H10-108 Frontline March 22, 2013 Magazine Available
109 H10-109 Navneet Golden Book of Logarithmic and Mathematical Tables (4 copies) Magazine Available
110 H10-110 Steam and Other Tables (with Mollier Chart) 2010 Magazine Available
111 H10-111 Steam and Other Tables (with Mollier Chart) 2008 Magazine Available
112 H10-112 Introduction to Algorithms 3rd Cormen, Leiserson, Rivet, Stein Miscellaneous Available
113 H10-113 Quality Engineering using Robust Design Madhav S. Phadke Miscellaneous Available
114 H10-114 I.S.C. Biology (Vol. I) V. B. Rastogi Miscellaneous Available
115 H10-115 Concise Inorganic Chemistry 5th J. D. Lee Miscellaneous Available
116 H10-116 Textbook of Finite Element Analysis (2 copies) P. Seshu Miscellaneous Available
117 H10-117 Physical Chemistry A Molecular Approach Donald A. McQuarrie, John D. Simon Miscellaneous Available
118 H10-118 Operating System Concepts 6th Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne Miscellaneous Available
119 H10-119 Operations Research Dr. B. S. Goel, Dr. S. K. Mittal Miscellaneous Available
120 H10-120 Making Sense of Squiggly Lines 1st Christopher Brown Miscellaneous Available
121 H10-121 Chemistry Part 1 NCERT Miscellaneous Available
122 H10-122 Chemistry Part 2 NCERT Miscellaneous Available
123 H10-123 Macroeconomics 6th N. Gregory Mankiw Miscellaneous Available
124 H10-124 A text on Petro Chemicals Dr.B.K.Bhaskararao Miscellaneous Available
125 H10-125 Electricity and Magnetism AS Mahajan , AA Rangwala Miscellaneous Available
126 H10-126 Nonlinear Optics 3rd Robert W.Boyd Miscellaneous Available
127 H10-127 Flow in Open Channels 2nd K. Subramanya Miscellaneous Available
128 H10-128 Financial Management (2 copies) 2nd Rajiv Srivastav, Anil Misra Business, Marketing and Management Available
129 H10-129 Consumer Behaviour 10th Schiffman, Kanuk, Kumar Business, Marketing and Management Available
130 H10-130 Business Marketing Management (3 copies) 10th Michael D. Hutt, Thomas W. Speh Business, Marketing and Management Available
131 H10-131 Sourcing and Supply Chain Management 5th Handfield, Monczka, Giunipero, Patterson Business, Marketing and Management Available
132 H10-132 Human Resource Management (2 copies) 12th Gary Dessler, Biju Varkkey Business, Marketing and Management Available
133 H10-133 Business Research Methods (4 copies) 3rd Alan Bryman, Emma Bell Business, Marketing and Management Available
134 H10-134 Business Research Methods Zikmund, Babin, Carr, Adhikari, Griffin Business, Marketing and Management Available
135 H10-135 Financial Management 10th I M Pandey Business, Marketing and Management Available
136 H10-136 Cases in Financial Management 3rd I M Pandey Business, Marketing and Management Available
137 H10-137 Strategic Management and Business Policy (4 Copies) 3rd Azhar Kazmi Business, Marketing and Management Available
138 H10-138 Quantitative Analysis for Management 10th Render, Stair, Hanna, Badri Business, Marketing and Management Available
139 H10-139 Crafting and Executing Strategy Thomson, Peteraf, Gamble, Strickland, Jain Business, Marketing and Management Available
140 H10-140 Management Information Systems (2 copies) 11th Ken Laudon, Jane Laudon, Rajnish Dass Business, Marketing and Management Available
141 H10-141 Services Marketing (People, Technology, Strategy) (4 copies) 7th Lovelock, Wirtz, Chatterjee Business, Marketing and Management Available
142 H10-142 Customer Relationship Management Sheth, Parvatiyar, Shainesh Business, Marketing and Management Available
143 H10-143 Operations & Supply Management 12th Chase, Shankar, Jacobs, Aquilano Business, Marketing and Management Available
144 H10-144 Analysis of financial time series 2nd Ruey S.Tsay Business, Marketing and Management Available
145 H10-145 Organisational Behaviour (3 copies) Margie Parikh, Rajen Gupta Business, Marketing and Management Available
146 H10-146 Management Control Systems (3 copies) 12th Robert N Anthony , Vijay Govindarajan Business, Marketing and Management Available
147 H10-147 Strategic Management of Technological Innovation 2nd Melissa A Schilling Business, Marketing and Management Available
148 H10-148 Managing Radical Change tlett Sumantra Ghoshal , Gita Piramal , Christopher A. Bar Business, Marketing and Management Available
149 H10-149 Indian Ocean Strategy Sandeep Singh Business, Marketing and Management Available
150 H10-150 Next Generation Business Intelligence Rajendra M. Sonar Business, Marketing and Management Available
151 H10-151 Indian Models of Economy, Business and Management 3rd P. Kanagasabapathi Business, Marketing and Management Available
152 H10-152 Ethical Management (3 copies) Satish Modh Business, Marketing and Management Available
153 H10-153 Business legislation for Management (2 copies) 2nd M. C. Kuchhal, Deepa Prakash Business, Marketing and Management Available
154 H10-154 Transformational Leadership (2 copies) Edited by Shivganesh Bhargava Business, Marketing and Management Available
155 H10-155 IIM Ahmedabad Business Books Atanu Ghosh Business, Marketing and Management Available
156 H10-156 How to prepare for the GRE Graduate Record Examination 16th Sharon Weiner Green, Ira K. Wolf Engineering Available
158 H10-158 Gate 2013 Metallurgical Engineering (2 copies) Engineering Available
159 H10-159 Gate Chemical Engineering 2009 G.K.Publishers Engineering Available
160 H10-160 Electronics For You June 2010 Engineering Available
161 H10-161 Electronics For You May 2010 Engineering Available
162 H10-162 Power Electronics (Circuits, Devices and Applications) 3rd Muhammad H. Rashid Engineering Available
163 H10-163 Solid State Electronic Devices 6th Ben G. Streetman, Sanjay Kumar Banerjee Engineering Available
164 H10-164 Dictionary of Electrical Engineering K.L.Raina Engineering Available
165 H10-165 Problems in Electrical Engineering 4th S.Parker Smith Engineering Available
166 H10-166 Thomas' Calculus 11th Weir, Hass, Giordano Engineering Available
167 H10-167 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 9th (International Student Edition) Thomas, Finney Engineering Available
168 H10-168 Calculus 9th Thomas and Finney Engineering Available
169 H10-169 Introduction to Linear Algebra 2nd Serge Lang Engineering Available
170 H10-170 Calculus Volume II 2nd Tom M. Apostol Engineering Available
171 H10-171 Calculus @ IITB Version 2, 2010 Inder K. Rana Engineering Available
172 H10-172 A Course in Calculus and Real Analysis SI Sudhir R. Ghorpade, Balmohan V Limaye Engineering Available
173 H10-173 MA106 Lecture Notes Revised Basic Linear Algebra Inder K. Rana Engineering Available
174 H10-174 Automotive Mechanics 10th William H Crouse, Donald L Anglin Engineering Available
175 H10-175 Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics 4th Irving H. Shames Engineering Available
176 H10-176 Mechanics of Materials 6th James M. Gere Engineering Available
177 H10-177 An Introduction to Mechanics Kleppner/Kolenkow Engineering Available
178 H10-178 Basic Structural Analysis 2nd CS Reddy Engineering Available
179 H10-179 The C Programming language Brian W.Kernighan,Dennis M. Ritchie Engineering Available
180 H10-180 Software Engineering A Practioner's Approach 6th Roger S. Pressman Engineering Available
181 H10-181 C++ Program Design 3rd Cohoon & Davidson Engineering Available
182 H10-182 Statsitical Methods 6th George W. Snedecor, William G. Cochran Engineering Available
183 H10-183 Linear Statistical Inference and Its Application 2nd C. Radhakrishna Rao Engineering Available
184 H10-184 Introduction to the Theory of Statistics 2nd (International Student Edition) Mood, Graybill Engineering Available
185 H10-185 Introduction to Statistical Theory Hoel, Port, Stone Engineering Available
186 H10-186 Engineering Drawing N. D. Bhatt Engineering Available
187 H10-187 Engineering Drawing N. D. Bhatt Engineering Available
188 H10-188 Elementary Engineering Drawing (2 copies) 49th N. D. Bhatt, V. M. Panchal Engineering Available
189 H10-189 MISCELLANEOUS Engineering Available
190 H10-190 Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems Engineering Available
191 H10-191 Design Data Engineering Available
192 H10-192 Introduction to Flight 5th John D Anderson Jr. Engineering Available
193 H10-193 Principles of Control Systems 7th (Revised) S. C. Goyal, U. A. Bakshi Engineering Available
194 H10-194 Introduction to Operations Research Concepts and Cases 8th Hillier, Lieberman Engineering Available
195 H10-195 Theory of Vibrations with Applications 5th Thomson, Dahleh, Padmanabhan Engineering Available
196 H10-196 Distributed Databases Ceri, Pelagatti Engineering Available
197 H10-197 Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering 4th H. Scott Fogler Engineering Available
198 H10-198 Callister's Materials Science and Engineering 2007 R. Balasubramaniam Engineering Available
1 H14-1 The plantagener prelude Jean Plaidy Available
2 H14-2 Isabella Alison Weir Available
3 H14-3 Doomed Queen Anne meyer Available
4 H14-4 The Spanish Braidgroom Jean Plaidy Available
5 H14-5 The Lute Player Norah Lofts Available
6 H14-6 Myself my Enemy Jean Plaidy Available
7 H14-7 Punjabi Saga Prakash Tandon Available
8 H14-8 The Captive Queen Alison Weir Available
9 H14-9 The Inscrutable Americans Anurag Mathur Available
10 H14-10 The Devil's Queen Jeanne Kalogridis Available
11 H14-11 The sword and the flame Pamela Hill Available
12 H14-12 Alexandra Carolly Erickson Available
13 H14-13 ?? ??? ?????? ????? Swamy Vivekananda Available
14 H14-14 Wideacre Philippa Gregory Available
15 H14-15 ?????? ?????????? Swamy Vivekananda Available
16 H14-16 ?????????????????? Swamy Vivekananda Available
17 H14-17 In the shadow of the crown Jean Plaidy and Victoria Holt Available
18 H14-18 Mary Tudor Linda Porter Available
19 H14-19 Mary, Bloody Mary Carolyn Meyer Available
20 H14-20 Dogs of God James Reston Jr Available
21 H14-21 The sixth wife Jean Plaidy Available
22 H14-22 Anastasia Carolyn Meyer Available
23 H14-23 The shadow of the pomegranate Jean Plaidy Available
24 H14-24 Transformational Leadership Shivganesh Bhargava Available
25 H14-25 Transformational Leadership Shivganesh Bhargava Available
26 H14-26 Innocent Traitor Alison Weir Available
27 H14-27 The lady Elizabeth Alison Weir Available
28 H14-28 Epitaph for three women Jean Plaidy Available
29 H14-29 The red rose of Anjou Jean Plaidy Available
30 H14-30 The lady in the tower Alison Weir Available
31 H14-31 Devil's Brood Sharon Penman Available
32 H14-32 Royal Road to Fotheringhay Jean Plaidy Available
33 H14-33 Mary Queen Scots Antonia Fraser Available
34 H14-34 Revolution 2020 Chetan Bhagat Available
35 H14-35 Catherine-The virgin widow Jean Plaidy Available
36 H14-36 The last days of Henry VIII Robert Huchinson Available
37 H14-37 Chronicle India 2010 Ojha Available
38 H14-38 Freakonomics Steven Available
39 H14-39 Omerta Mario Puzo Available
40 H14-40 The power of your subconcious mind Joseph Murphy Available
41 H14-41 All about Jesus Matthew Available
42 H14-42 News from no man's land John Simpson Available
43 H14-43 Numerology Hans Decoz Available
44 H14-44 The reluctant queen Jean Plaidy Available
45 H14-45 Swamy Vivekananda and Success of Students A.R.K.Sharma Available
46 H14-46 Crown of Aloes Norah Lofts Available
47 H14-47 Utopia Sir Thomas More Available
48 H14-48 The pleasures of love Jean Plaidy Available
49 H14-49 Her Mother's Daughter Julianne Lee Available
50 H14-50 Corporate Atyaachar Abhay Nagarajan Available
51 H14-51 40 days of love Rick Warren Available
52 H14-52 The last Queen Gortner Available
53 H14-53 Red Ink Greg Dinallo Available
54 H14-54 Bible and Sword Barbara Tuchman Available
55 H14-55 Hypersonic and High Temperature Gas Dynamics John Anderson Available
56 H14-56 IES-2012 Made Easy Available
57 H14-57 Contemporary Business Communication Scot Ober Available
58 H14-58 Contemporary Business Communication Scot Ober Available
59 H14-59 Mechanical Metallurgy George Dieter Available
60 H14-60 8085-Microprocessor Gaonkar Available
61 H14-61 Sales and Distribution management Havaldar/Cavale Available
62 H14-62 An introduction to Mechanics Kleppner Available
63 H14-63 Management Information System Ken Laudon Available
64 H14-64 Management Information System Ken Laudon Available
65 H14-65 Management Information System Ken Laudon Available
66 H14-66 Organizational Behavior Robbins/Judge/Sanghi Available
67 H14-67 Organizational Behavior Robbins/Judge/Sanghi Available
68 H14-68 Operations Research Hillier/Lieberman Available
69 H14-69 Operations Research Hillier/Lieberman Available
70 H14-70 Solid State Electronic Devices Streetman/Banerjee Available
71 H14-71 Purchasing Monczka/Trent/Handfield Available
72 H14-72 Legal Aspects of Business Akhileshwar Pathak Available
73 H14-73 Legal Aspects of Business Akhileshwar Pathak Available
74 H14-74 Legal Aspects of Business Akhileshwar Pathak Available
75 H14-75 Human Resource Management Dessler/Varkkey Available
76 H14-76 Human Resource Management Dessler/Varkkey Available
77 H14-77 Switchgear protection and Power Systems Sunil Rao Available
78 H14-78 Electrical Machinery Bimbhra Available
79 H14-79 Managerial Issues of Enterprise Resource Planning System Olson Available
80 H14-80 Managerial Issues of Enterprise Resource Planning System Olson Available
81 H14-81 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Fischer/Jordan Available
82 H14-82 Operations Research Hamdy Taha Available
83 H14-83 Operations Research Hamdy Taha Available
84 H14-84 Information Technology Project Management S.A.Kelkar Available
85 H14-85 Information Technology Project Management S.A.Kelkar Available
86 H14-86 Information Technology Project Management S.A.Kelkar Available
87 H14-87 Operations & Supply management Chase/Shankar/Jacobs/Aquilano Available
88 H14-88 Bond Markets, Analysis ad Strategies Fabrozzi Available
89 H14-89 International Finance Levi Available
90 H14-90 Options, Futures and Other Derivatives Hull/Basu Available
91 H14-91 Transport Phenomena Bird/Stewart/Lightfoot Available
92 H14-92 Priciples of Corporate Finance Brealey/Myers/Allen/mohanty Available
93 H14-93 Priciples of Corporate Finance Brealey/Myers/Allen/mohanty Available
94 H14-94 Managing Radical Change Ghoshal/Piramal/Bartlett Available
95 H14-95 Mathematical Analysis Bermant/Aramanovich Available
96 H14-96 Verilog HDL Synthesis Bhasker Available
97 H14-97 GATE 2012 Electrical GK Publications Available
98 H14-98 Managerial Accounting Hilton/Ramesh/Jaydev Available
99 H14-99 Managerial Accounting Hilton/Ramesh/Jaydev Available
100 H14-100 Financial Accounting for Management Ramachandran/Kakhani Available
101 H14-101 Strategic Brand Management Keller/Parameswaran/Jacob Available
102 H14-102 Microrlectronic Circuits Sedra/Smith Available
103 H14-103 Control Systems Gopal Available
104 H14-104 Parallel Computing Bhujade Available
105 H14-105 Linear Algebra Sahai/Bist Available
106 H14-106 Linear Algebra Sahai/Bist Available
107 H14-107 Mathematical Methods In chemical engineering Pushpavanam Available
108 H14-108 Chemical Reaction Engineering Octave LevelSpiel Available
109 H14-109 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Rao Available
110 H14-110 Intoduction to Transport Phenomena Roy/Guha Available
111 H14-111 Introduction to fluid mechanics Fox/McDonald Available
112 H14-112 Derivatives and portfolio management Kaplan Available
113 H14-113 Alternative Asset Valuation and fixed income Kaplan Available
114 H14-114 Equality Investments Kaplan Available
115 H14-115 Economics Kaplan Available
116 H14-116 Practice Exams Kaplan Available
117 H14-117 Information Technology Lucas Available
118 H14-118 Information Technology Lucas Available
119 H14-119 Information Technology Lucas Available
120 H14-120 Probability and Statistics Walpole/Myers/Ye Available
121 H14-121 Services Marketing Lovelock/Wirtz/Chatterjee Available
122 H14-122 Macroeconomics Mankiw Available
123 H14-123 Cases in Financial Management Pandey/Bhat Available
124 H14-124 Management Control System Anthony/Govindarajan Available
125 H14-125 Management Control System Anthony/Govindarajan Available
126 H14-126 Management Control System Anthony/Govindarajan Available
127 H14-127 Problems in general Physics Abhay Kumar Singh Available
128 H14-128 Materials Science and Engineering Callister Available
129 H14-129 Financial Management Pandey Available
130 H14-130 Financial Management Pandey Available
131 H14-131 Numerical Methods for engineers Gupta Available
132 H14-132 Digital Signal Processing Proakis/Manolakis/Sharma Available
133 H14-133 Digital Signal Processing Proakis/Manolakis/Sharma Available
134 H14-134 Ethical Hacking Ankit Fadia Available
135 H14-135 Ethical Hacking Ankit Fadia Available
136 H14-136 Theory and Application of DSP Rabiner/Gold Available
137 H14-137 Medical Instrumentation Webster Available
138 H14-138 Integrated Electronics Millman/Halkias Available
139 H14-139 Integrated Electronics Millman/Halkias Available
140 H14-140 Electronic Communication Systems Kennedy/Davis Available
141 H14-141 Elements of Electromagetics Sadiku Available
142 H14-142 Microwave Devices and Circuits Liao Available
143 H14-143 The 8051 Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems Mazidi Available
144 H14-144 The 8051 Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems Mazidi Available
145 H14-145 Digital Signal Processing Barapate/Katre Available
146 H14-146 Pspice using ORCAD Rashid Available
147 H14-147 Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design Katre Available
148 H14-148 TCP/IP protocol Suite Forouzan Available
149 H14-149 Advanced Engineering Mathematics Kreysizig Available
150 H14-150 The C Programming Language Ritchie Kernighan Available
151 H14-151 Intoduction to Algorithms Cormen Available
152 H14-152 The art of computer programming Vol1 Knuth Available
153 H14-153 The art of computer programming Vol2 Knuth Available
154 H14-154 The art of computer programming Vol3 Knuth Available
155 H14-155 Signals and Systems Oppenheim Available
156 H14-156 Automata Theory, Languages and Computation Hopcroft Available
157 H14-157 Discrete Mathematics Lovasz Available
158 H14-158 Linear Algebra Huffman Available
159 H14-159 Industrial and Power Electronics Deodatta Available
160 H14-160 Classical Mechanics Goldstein Available
161 H14-161 Control Systems Nagoor Kani Available
162 H14-162 Introduction to general topology K.D.Joshi Available
163 H14-163 Computer Networks Tannenbaum Available
164 H14-164 Graph Theory Deo Available
165 H14-165 Switching and Finite Automata Theory Kohavi Available
166 H14-166 Semiconductor Physics and Devices Neamen Available
167 H14-167 Complex Function Theory Sarason Available
168 H14-168 Computing in Algebraic Geometry Decker Lossen Available
169 H14-169 Analysis I Tao Available
170 H14-170 Analysis II Tao Available
171 H14-171 Topics in Algebra Herstein Available
172 H14-172 An Embedded Software Primer Simon Available
173 H14-173 Electronic Circuits Analysis and Design Katre Available
174 H14-174 Calculus Apostol Available
175 H14-175 Fundamentals of Speech Recognition Rabiner Available
176 H14-176 Fundamentals of Digital Logic Brown Available
177 H14-177 VLSI Physical Design Automation Sait Available
178 H14-178 Illustrated Oxford Dictionary Oxford Available
179 H14-179 Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals Bailey Available
180 H14-180 mathematical Biology Peeyush Chandra Available
181 H14-181 Readers' Digest Book of Facts Reader's Digest Available
182 H14-182 Linear Systems Kailath Available
183 H14-183 OpenCL Programming Guide Munshi Available
184 H14-184 Calculus Stewert Available
185 H14-185 High Voltage Engineering Ahila Available
186 H14-186 Electronic Product Design Kaduskar Available
187 H14-187 GRE Test Barrons Available
188 H14-188 Generating Functionology Wilf Available
189 H14-189 Engineering Mathematics GATE academy Available
190 H14-190 Manorama Yearbook 2009 Manorama Available
191 H14-191 Chintamani (Hindi) Acharya Ramachandra Shukla Available
192 H14-192 Purani Hindi (Hindi) Pandit Chandradhar Sharmaa Available
193 H14-193 Holy Bible Catholic Available
194 H14-194 Volga se Ganga (Hindi) Rahul Sanktyaayan Available
195 H14-195 Sarv Shresht Kahaniya (Hindi) Sharat Chandra Available
196 H14-196 Bahuvachan (Hindi) Rahul Sanktyaayan Available
197 H14-197 Rashmirathee (Hindi) Rahul Sanktyaayan Available
198 H14-198 Dhumakkad Shaastr (Hindi) Rahul Sanktyaayan Available
199 H14-199 Karl Marx (Hindi) Rahul Sanktyaayan Available
200 H14-200 Economics SamuelSon Available
201 H14-201 Revolution 2020 Chetan Bhagat Available
202 H14-202 Day of Judgement Jack Higgins Available
203 H14-203 Exocet Jack Higgins Available
204 H14-204 Pay the Devil Jack Higgins Available
205 H14-205 The Death instinct Jed RubenFeld Available
206 H14-206 The book with no name Anonymous Available
207 H14-207 The farm Richard Benson Available
208 H14-208 Katherine Anya Seton Available
209 H14-209 Saint Thomas's Eve Jean Plaidy Available
210 H14-210 A perfect Spy John le Carre Available
211 H14-211 All that Remains Patricia Cornwell Available
212 H14-212 Sourthern Cross Patricia Cornwell Available
213 H14-213 Body of Evidence Patricia Cornwell Available
214 H14-214 Sourthern Cross Patricia Cornwell Available
215 H14-215 Blow Fly Patricia Cornwell Available
216 H14-216 Cruel and Unusual Patricia Cornwell Available
217 H14-217 The Reversal Micheal Connelly Available
218 H14-218 Nine Dragons Micheal Connelly Available
219 H14-219 Echo park Micheal Connelly Available
220 H14-220 The tartan Legend - Autobiography Ken Buchanan Available
221 H14-221 The Salzberg Connection Helen McInnes Available
222 H14-222 Are you somebody? Nuala O'faolain Available
223 H14-223 Friends like these Danny Wallace Available
224 H14-224 The Vicar of Wakefield Oliver Goldsmith Available
225 H14-225 Mother Maxim Gorki Available
226 H14-226 Twilight Stephenie Meyer Available
227 H14-227 Twilight Eclipse Stephenie Meyer Available
228 H14-228 Twilight new moon Stephenie Meyer Available
229 H14-229 War and Peace Leo Tolstoy Available
230 H14-230 The best of Quest Lawwq Futehally Available
231 H14-231 Sun Light on the garden Andre Beteille Available
232 H14-232 Ideology and Social Science Andre Beteille Available
233 H14-233 The Valhalla Exchange Jack Higgins Available
234 H14-234 A Darker place Jack Higgins Available
235 H14-235 Pay the Devil Jack Higgins Available
236 H14-236 Edge of Danger Jack Higgins Available
237 H14-237 Dark Justice Jack Higgins Available
238 H14-238 The Judas Gate Jack Higgins Available
239 H14-239 Day of Reckoning Jack Higgins Available
240 H14-240 A fine night for Dying Jack Higgins Available
241 H14-241 Sheba Jack Higgins Available
242 H14-242 The wolf at the door Jack Higgins Available
243 H14-243 Exocet Jack Higgins Available
244 H14-244 The Voyage of the Beagle Darwin Available
245 H14-245 Philosophical Essays Bertrand Russel Available
246 H14-246 The last Mughal William Dalrymple Available
247 H14-247 Cultural History of Modern India Dilip Menon Available
248 H14-248 A corner of a Foreign Field Ramachandra Guha Available
249 H14-249 An Introduction to the study of Indian History Damodar/Dharmanand/Kosambi Available
250 H14-250 Capital Karl Marx Available
251 H14-251 Ancient Indian Costume Roshen Alkazi Available
252 H14-252 Akbar and his India Habib Available
253 H14-253 Memoirs Rajni Kothari Available
254 H14-254 An anthropologist among the Marxists Ramachandra Guha Available
255 H14-255 Makers of modern India Ramachandra Guha Available
256 H14-256 Jammu and Kashmir Somnath Dhar Available
257 H14-257 From the ruins of empire Pankaj Mishra Available
258 H14-258 My little India Manoj Das Available
259 H14-259 Coins Parameshwari Lal Gupta Available
260 H14-260 The poverty of theory Thompson Available
261 H14-261 History of Bengal people Niharranjan Ray Available
262 H14-262 Sesame and Lilies John Ruskin Available
263 H14-263 Voltaire Candide Available
264 H14-264 Waiting for the Mahatma R.K.Narayan Available
265 H14-265 Nine Lives William Dalrymple Available
266 H14-266 Alberuni's India Edward Sachau Available
267 H14-267 1984 George Orwell Available
268 H14-268 Man and Superman Bernard Shaw Available
269 H14-269 India after Gandhi Ramachandra Guha Available
270 H14-270 Indian Numismatics Kosambi Available
271 H14-271 World History Patrick O'Brien Available
272 H14-272 Our Parliament Subhash Kashyap Available
273 H14-273 1857-Essays from Economic and Political Weekly Sameeksha Trust Available
274 H14-274 On Economic Inequality Amartya Sen Available
275 H14-275 An autobiography of a sex worker Nalini Jameela Available
276 H14-276 Behind Closed doors Rinki Bhattacharya Available
277 H14-277 The Picador Book of Modern Indian Literature Amit Chaudhuri Available
278 H14-278 What you see is what you get Alan Sugar Available
279 H14-279 The red badge of courage and other stories Stephen Crane Available
280 H14-280 Devata B.D.Basu Available
281 H14-281 Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay Jasleen Dhamija Available
282 H14-282 The prince Niccolo Machiavelli Available
283 H14-283 Anybody out there Marian Keyes Available
284 H14-284 A week in December Sebastian Faulks Available
285 H14-285 Devil may care Sebastian Faulks Available
286 H14-286 Charlotte Gray Sebastian Faulks Available
287 H14-287 Huma Traces Sebastian Faulks Available
288 H14-288 History of the world - Prehistory to the Renaissance Esmond Wright Available
289 H14-289 Practical Weight training Reader's Digest Available
290 H14-290 When, where, why and how it happened Reader's Digest Available
291 H14-291 Illustrated Dictionart of Essential Knowledge Reader's Digest Available
292 H14-292 Internet - The complete reference Young Available
293 H14-293 Oxford Dictionary of Slang John Ayto Available
294 H14-294 Glimpses of world history Jawaharlal Nehru Available
295 H14-295 Faceless Martina Cole Available
296 H14-296 The jump Martina Cole Available
297 H14-297 The runaway Martina Cole Available
298 H14-298 The family Martina Cole Available
299 H14-299 The know Martina Cole Available
300 H14-300 Goldenrod/Surprise Party/The Time Next Week Herbert Harker/William Katz/Leslie Thomas/Elizabeth Darrell Available
301 H14-301 Great Circle/Chico The Small One/Thornyhold/Death Train Sam Llewellyn /Elizabeth webster/Mary Stewart/Robert Byrne Available
302 H14-302 Condition Black/Dances with wolves/The gillyvors/The glass cockpit Gerald Seymour/Michael Blake/Catherine Cookson/Robert P Davis Available
303 H14-303 Death Penalties/River God/November of the heart/No picnic on mount kenya Paula Gosling/Wilbur Smith/La Vyrle Spencer/Felice Benuzzi Available
304 H14-304 American Wife Curtis Sittenfeld Available
305 H14-305 Who wants to be a millionaire - The bumper quiz book Boxtree Available
306 H14-306 The white queen Philippa Gregory Available
307 H14-307 Listening to Grasshoppers Arundhati Roy Available
308 H14-308 India - From midnight to the millenium and beyond Shashi Tharoor Available
309 H14-309 Politics in India Rajni Kothari Available
310 H14-310 Poverty and Famines Amartya Sen Available
311 H14-311 Folktales from India A.K.Ramanaujan Available
312 H14-312 Medieval India Irfan Habib Available
313 H14-313 Early India Romila Thapar Available
314 H14-314 Human Society in Ethics and Politics Bertrand Russel Available
315 H14-315 Snow Orhan Pamuk Available
316 H14-316 The Bhagavadgita S.Radhakrishnan Available
317 H14-317 History of Education in India B.D.Basu Available
318 H14-318 The picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde Available
319 H14-319 Bertrand Russel's Unpopular Essays S.K.Mishra Available
320 H14-320 The Indus Civilization Irfan Habib Available
321 H14-321 The Joy of Work S.A.Sapre Available
322 H14-322 Gitanjali Rabindranath Tagore Available
323 H14-323 The market that failed C.P.Chandrasekhar Available
324 H14-324 A passage to India E.M.Forster Available
325 H14-325 Our Leaders Bhavana nair Available
326 H14-326 Unto This Last John Ruskin Available
327 H14-327 Best of O'Henry O Henry Available
328 H14-328 Crisis as Conquest C.P.Chandrasekhar Available
329 H14-329 Indian Philosophy-Vol2 S.Radhakrishnan Available
330 H14-330 Hindi Nationalism Alok Rai Available
331 H14-331 Why I write George Orwell Available
332 H14-332 Our Constitution Subhash Kashyap Available
333 H14-333 The wonder that was India A L Basham Available
334 H14-334 The Hindu View of Life S.Radhakrishnan Available
335 H14-335 Feminism - A Very Short Introduction Margaret Walters Available
336 H14-336 Selected Writings - Elwin Elwin Available
337 H14-337 Universities and Crossroads Andre Beteille Available
338 H14-338 Orwell and the politics of despair Alok Rai Available
339 H14-339 A subaltern Studies Reader Ranajit Guha Available
340 H14-340 What I Believe Bertrand Russell Available
341 H14-341 Prehistory-People's History of India Irfan Habib Available
342 H14-342 The face you were afraid to see Amit Bhaduri Available
343 H14-343 Nationalism Rabindranath Tagore Available
344 H14-344 The Charming Man Marian Keyes Available
345 H14-345 The sixth Wife Suzannah Dunn Available
346 H14-346 Wolf hall Hilary Mantel Available
347 H14-347 The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Available
348 H14-348 Faces in a Crowd Anney Harvey Available
349 H14-349 Selected Works of Oscar wilde Oscar Wilde Available
350 H14-350 My favorite Goodbye Shiela O'Flanagon Available
352 H14-352 Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Rashmi Bansal Available
353 H14-353 Living Dangerously Katie Fforde Available
354 H14-354 The sun in splendour Jean Plaidy Available
355 H14-355 Thermal Engineering R S Khurmi/J K Gupta Available
366 H14-366 2 STATES CHETAN BHAGAT Available
370 H14-370 MACHINE DRAWING P S GILL Available
386 H14-386 GEOMORPHOLOGY BLOOM Available
390 H14-390 E-BUSINESS 2.0 KALAKOTA/ROBINSON Available
393 H14-393 CONCEPTS OF PHYSICS -1 HC VERMA Available
394 H14-394 CONCEPTS OF PHYSICS -2 HC VERMA Available
395 H14-395 E-BUSINESS 2.0 KALAKOTA/ROBINSON Available
409 H14-409 E-BUSINESS 2.0 KALAKOTA/ROBINSON Available