Welcome to Group for Rural Activities

A Place to learn about India.

About GRA

Group for Rural Activities is a voluntary student group of IIT Bombay which aims at providing an exposure to our rural India to the diverse IITB community. Our Major Activities includes:

  • GRA Semester End Camp
  • Insem visit to NGOs
  • Social Intership
  • Talks by Prominent Social Workers
  • Circulating Good Moral and Spiritual Books among the people.


We have been visiting number of pioneers of grass level development across India to learn and understand about villegers and NGOs and their works. Duration of the camp is about 4-5 days.
Previous trips include Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh), Jalgaon, Palghar, Ahmednagar, Ranshet (Maharashtra), Arunachal pradesh, Mysuru (Karnataka), etc.

Bicycle Donation

The initiative involves collection of disposed bicycles by pass-out junta and distribute it among the needy children in rural and tribal areas.

Talks by Prominent Social Workers

When leaders speak, they Inspire.
We conduct talks by prominent Social Workers to inspire the people to know and work to solve the problems faced by the rural India.

Teach Me

This program provides learning platform for underprivilaged students from Phule Nagar (Slum area near IIT Bombay)