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Hostel One (H-1) is the first (oldest) hostel in the campus of IIT Bombay and it is entitled with the name 'Queen of the Campus'.  Established in 1959, it is located at the core of this intellectual arena . Staying here is a wonderful experience: the first thing one notices while entering the hostel would be the "Thought of the Day" a quotation written by the student residents. The hostel offers this concept of one-minute walk - One minute walk to swimming pool... to the gymkhana... to the main ground...  to the Open Air Theatre... to the Students activity Center (SAC) among other things.

Queen of the campus is not just another hostel. "It is a way of life, a philosophy... a place of enthusiasm and vigour."  Of late, H1 has become a PhD hostel: a place primarily for the doctoral students of the institutes: the pleasant environment of the hostel providing a solace from the tense research atmosphere at work; a nest for aspiring researchers who sleep with their groaning research problems and wake up with new ideas. 

The spacious lounge, huge mess with excellent workers and ever improving quality of mess food are the traits of this hostel. Gorgeous garden with plenty of trees are homes to crows, pigeons and monkeys, lending a pleasant environment to the hostel. H-1 celebrates various institute fests and national festivals that bring tremendous enthusiasm among the residents, creating an opportunity in network building as well as socio cultural interactions. Life is a celebration in H-1.