About-image Welcome to the most happening hostel in IIT Bombay. Also known as VI-Kings, which got derived from the roman numeral VI, the hostel boasts about the largest football field and one of the best basketball court among all the hostels in the institute. Housing close to 450 students from across different programmes and departments, the diversity of the hostel across region and religion is something to be boasted about. With 22 wings, the hostel is one of the largest and has a unique wing culture which extends even to its alumni. The hostel has a lavish lounge which has a 65" TV and an extravagant sound system. The unique of this lounge in IIT Bombay is that it is connected with the canteen. This site will provide you all the information you need about Hostel 6.
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Latest Updates

Hostel-6 bagged 1st position in Photography GC
Hostel-6 wins 2nd position in Gyrations
Hostel-6 secured 1st prize in MDGC 2017-18
Hostel-6 wins 2nd in Fine Arts GC 2017-18




HexFest-image One of the event which brings almost everyone in the hostel outdoors to take part in the plethora of events that are conducted as part of the hostel annual fest, HEXFEST. Conducted as a one day festival till 2013, it got upgraded as a 2-day weekend festival which was hugely successful. The festival has a range of events which includes Tea party, Barbecue night, Gala Dinner, Wall painting, On-the-Spot events and competitions, Poker night among other events. Conducted in the month of March, the 2014 edition has been a roaring success and the inmates are eagerly waiting for the 2015 edition.


Alumni-image Hostel-6 gives you a life which always makes you wanting to come back to it. Thats probably one of the reason why the alumni of hostel-6 go back their memory lane and associate themselves again with hostel in various ways. A lot of developmental activities have been taken up with their funds and support. The laundromat facility, a printer and many other support services have been donated by these alumni who always have been at the forefront when it comes to matters regarding the hostel. We would love to have alumni as part of our hostel events and we invite them whenever they find time and we would ask them to look at this space for further updates.