1. Every resident of the hostel can ask for a login for hostel comps.
  2. All new entrants should be given logins within 2 weeks after they join the hostel.
  3. There should be no guest/common logins allowed.
  4. The comp room is property of CC. However the hostels are responsible for the essential maintenance and cleanliness.
  5. Only the comps which have the licensed version of Windows are allowed to have windows installed on them.
  6. There should be a comp council for each hostel which
  7. The hostel council can draft its own policies (with the aproval of hostel's comp council) regarding comp room usage lest they clash with MLC policies.
  8. Any fund generated through comp room which includes fines must be used only for development of computational facilities in comp room. However it is up to the council to decide how.
  9. Any hardware cannot be removed from the comp room (except for maintenance work) without the approval of MLC.