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IITB Newsgroup Usage Policies

1. IIT Bombay News Groups have been set up by the Institute, under the custody of the Computer Centre, to provide a convenient forum for exchange of views and discussions.

2. Postings can be made on these newsgroups by any member of the campus community who holds a valid LDAP account, and by alumni who have similar login privileges.

3. These newsgroups are not moderated, in the sense that no one reads or pre-censors postings. However, postings must follow reasonable norms in terms of etiquette and legality. (Anything that would be considered unacceptable in the print media will be considered unacceptable on the newsgroups as well.)

4. Some examples of what is considered unacceptable are given below:

a. use of obscene language, as per prevailing community standards of public discourse;
b. violation of IIT Bombay IT policy;
c. material considered treasonable or seditious;
d. material considered dangerous or illegal;
e. hate speech;
f. threats to individuals or groups.

5. Unacceptable use of newsgroups may result in punitive action of various kinds, depending on the nature and gravity of the offence. Some examples are given below:
a. suspension from newsgroup usage;
b. blocking of access to all IT services run by IIT Bombay;
c. filing of complaint with the Institute Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC) or the Director;
d. filing of complaint with Police cybercell or the appropriate statutory authority.

6. Unacceptable postings, including entire threads, may be deleted by the Institute/CC. Normally, a reason for carrying out such activities will be conveyed to the parties involved. However, the Institute being the "service provider" for this service, reserves the unconditional right to delete postings without giving any reason or prior intimation.

7. Action under items 5 and 6 above may be taken at the behest of a complaint or suo moto by the Institute/CC. Please send your complaints to help@cc.iitb.ac.in. It would normally be expected that an official complaint is preceded by a similar complaint or protest on the relevant thread on the newsgroup itself.

8. Postings on decisions taken by Institute/CC, on actions taken under items 5 and 6 above, are not open to discussion or appeal. Minimum penalty for violation of this condition will be suspension from the newsgroups.

9. The newsgroups are not an official announcement venue or bulletin board of the Institute.

10. The newsgroups do not "guarantee" any unconditional freedom of speech. However, within the parameters defined above, which are broadly based on the restrictions that apply to other communication media as per prevailing laws, they offer a reasonable forum for free and frank discussion.

11. Participation in the newsgroups is voluntary and all opinions expressed there are those of individual users and not of, or supported by, the Institute or CC.

12. Use of newsgroups by a user presumes that he/she is aware of this policy. If, for whatever reason, a user does not want to be goverend by this policy, he/she should not use the newsgroups.