Common Name: Bitti
Scientific Name: Thevetia peruviana
Type: Evergreen

Bitti is a poisonous large tropical shrub/small tree, native throughout Mexico and in Central America, and cultivated widely as an ornamental tree. All parts of this plant are toxic to most vertebrates. Contains many toxins that produce gastric and cardiotoxic effects. e.g vomiting,abdominal pain, nausea, pain in mouth and lips etc. Draught resistant and planted as ornamental tree in gardens and parks
Location: Entrance of Convo, ED building to YP gate road

Known as
  • Yellow Oleander
  • Mexican Oleander
  • Lucky Nut
  • Peeli Kaner
  • Simple, alternate, glossy green
  • Linear lanceolate, long, narrow
  • Tip is pointed with a dark green color.
  • Covered in waxy coating to reduce water loss
  • Smooth, corky
  • Green when young
  • Turns slivery grey with age
  • Fragrant, yellow
  • Present in terminal clusters
  • Long funnel shaped
  • Flowering throughout the year
  • Small, deep red black
  • Laterally compressed, poisonous
  • 2 to 4 flat seeds
  • Fruiting throghout the year