Common Name: Chikoo
Scientific Name: Manilkara zapota
Type: Evergreen

Chikoo is a fairly slow-growing, upright and elegant long-lived tree. Native to southern Mexico and Central America. Grows up to 18m high in the open but reaching 30m when crowded in a forest. It is strong and wind-resistant. Wood is strong and durable, used to make beams and furniture. Gummy latex (chicle) tapped from trunk during rainy season used for making chewing gum and adhesives.
Location: Behind gulmohar cafetaria

Known as
  • Sapodilla
  • Chikku
  • Sapota
  • Chiku
  • Simple,alternate, medium green
  • Elliptic to ovate with entire margin
  • 7 to 15cm long, 2.5 to 4cm wide.
  • Pointed, clustered at branch tips
  • Smooth, vertically fissured
  • Dark brown in color
  • Rich in a white, gummy latex called chicle
  • Small, bell shaped, white
  • They are bisexual
  • Inconspicous with 6 lobed corolla
  • Borne on slender stalks at the leaf bases
  • Nearly round, ellipsoid, conical
  • Exceptionally sweet, malty flavor
  • Flesh is pale yellow to earthy brown
  • Black, hard, glossy, 1 to 6 seeds