Common Name: Coconut
Scientific Name: Cocos nucifera
Type: Evergreen

The Coconut Palm is a member of the palm family. It is the only species in the Genus Cocos, and is a large palm, growing upto 30m. The term coconut can refer to the whole coconut palm or the seed, or the fruit, which, botanically, is a drupe, not a nut. Coconuts are known for their versatility ranging from food to cosmetics. They form a regular part of the diets of many people in the tropics and subtropics.
Location: Inside most of the hostels, Beside Civil Dept. building

Known as
  • Nariyal
  • Shriphal
  • Naral
  • Narikel
  • Compound, pinnate, 4 to 6m long
  • 60 to 90cm long pinnae
  • Old leaves break away cleanly
  • Stiff midribs are used for making brooms
  • Smooth, hard trunk
  • Pale greyish brown in color
  • Self cleaning with round scars
  • Distict male and female flowers
  • Male, female flowers in the same inflorescence
  • Believed to be largely cross pollinated
  • Flowering throughout the year
  • Composed of 3 layers
  • Oil and milk are derived from dry coconut
  • Coconut water is consumed throughout the humid tropics
  • Shell has three germination pores or "eyes"