Common Name: Kailashpati
Scientific Name: Couroupita guianensis
Type: Deciduous

This large tropical tree, reaches upto heights of 35m , indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, is listed as a rare tree and flower in India. Cultivated in many other tropical areas throughout the world because of its beautiful, fragrant flowers and large, interesting fruits. Fruits are spherical with a woody shell and reach diameters of up to 25 cm, which give the species the common name 'Cannonball tree'. The fruits take up to 1 to 1.5 year to mature.
Location: Inside H4, behind Gulmohar cafetaria(Southside), in front of H8 entrance

Known as
  • Cannonball Tree
  • Naglinga
  • Tope Gola
  • Shivlingam
  • Simple, spirally arranged
  • Smooth, velvety with serrate margins
  • 8 to 31cm long, can reach upto 57cm
  • Leaves are shedded twice a year
  • Rough, greyish brown
  • Vertically fissured
  • Exfoliating in large flakes
  • Stunning with 6 large fleshy waxy-petals
  • Petals are red inside, yellow outside
  • Produced in racemes(Upto 80cm long)
  • Strongly scented, especially fragrant at night
  • Spherical with woody shell
  • Can reach upto 25cm in diameter
  • Fruits take about 1 to 1.5 year to mature
  • Crack open, exposing 200 to 300 hairy seeds