Common Name: Karanj
Scientific Name: Millettia pinnata
Type: Deciduous

Karanj belongs to pea family Fabaceae. Native in tropical and temperate Asia including parts of Indian subcontinent, China, Japan, Malaysia, Australia and Pacific islands. Grows to about 15 to 25m in height with a large canopy which spreads equally wide. Karanj is increasingly used for oil production due to its use in biodiesel. In India, karanj has been traditionally used by villagers on slopy uplands to bind the soil.
Location: Near Campus hub, near H4, H8 and H3

Known as
  • Indian Beech Tree
  • Pongam Tree
  • Pongam Oil Tree
  • Honge Tree
  • Compound, pinnate, alternate
  • Shiny burgundy when young
  • Glossy, deep green as they mature
  • Rounded at base, obtuse acuminate at apex
  • Smooth, crooked trunk
  • Grey brown in color
  • Vertically fissured
  • White, purple, pink with strong fragrance
  • Calyx is bell shaped, corolla is rounded ovate
  • Raceme like inflorescence has 2 to 4 flowers
  • Blossoming throughout the year
  • Thick walled, smooth, brown seed pods
  • Take 10 to 11 months to mature
  • Flattened, elliptical and slightly curved
  • 1 or 2 bean-like brownish-red seeds