Common Name: Lemon
Scientific Name: Citrus limon
Type: Evergreen

Lemon, is a small tree in the Rutaceae (citrus family) that originated in Asia (likely India and Pakistan) It grows up to 6 m (20 ft) tall, and has stout spines. It is now grown commercially worldwide in tropical, semi-tropical, and warm temperate countries, including the Mediterranean region, for the fruit, which is used fresh and in beverages and cooking, and is also used as a preservative due to its anti-oxidant properties.
Location: Inside H9, H6, NSS nursery

Known as
  • Acid lemon
  • Nimbu
  • Periyaelumichai
  • Champra
  • Simple, alternate, leathery
  • Oblong to elliptic in shape
  • Dark green above, light green below
  • Petioles(Leaf stems) are generally slender winged
  • Smooth, grey brown
  • Contains sharp thorns on twigs
  • Vertically striated
  • Flower buds are purplish
  • Mature flower is white with 4 to 5 petals
  • Male and female flowers on same plant
  • Flowering throught the year
  • Smooth, dotted with oil glands
  • Globose to oblong in shape
  • Green when unripe, yellow when ripe
  • Juice is high in citric acid and vitamin C