Institute Research Scholar Companion Program

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay


Events Co-ordinated by IRSCP:-


Orientations were organized with the help of Academic staff and other council bodes in both the semesters for PhD students. On top of that, one interactive session was arranged on the very 1st day on both the semesters, answering the queries of the 1st year entrant RS. Session was found useful and was highly appreciated by all entrant RS.


LaTeX workshop on 8 July 2015, 5th-6th Feb 2015, 27th September 2014:

Every semester one LaTeX workshop was conducted. 1st one was on Saturday, 27th September 2014, which was attended by approx. 160 students of IIT Bombay. It was long 4 Hrs workshop covering from beginning to beamer. Software was installed on student’s laptops and everything worked in their laptops.2nd such workshop was on 5-6th Feb. 2015, which was attended by 120 students of IIT Bombay. 3rd workshop was on 8 July 2015, attended by around 200 students.


MATLAB workshops:

Every semester one MATLAB workshop was conducted. 1st one was on Sunday, 10th August 2014. It was long 4 Hrs workshop covering from zero to Simulink. Software was installed on student’s laptops and everything worked in their laptops. It was one of the largest voluntarily attended workshops inside IIT Bombay, which was attended by approx. 330 students of IIT Bombay, hall had only 8 seats left empty and was well appreciated by all. Students across dept. and degrees attended this one. 2nd such workshop was on 9-11th Feb. 2015, which was attended by 100 students of IIT Bombay.


Sessions on Linux and Dropbox:

Session titled ‘What is Linux: How to get along?’ was conducted on Thursday, 12th Feb. 2015. Basics of Linux OS were covered in detail and installation was done on few laptops. It was attended by about 35 students.

Session titled ‘What is Dropbox’ was conducted on Friday, 13th Feb. 2015. It covered features of Dropbox and how to use it, what are its advantages? Session was attended by about 20 students.


Hindi English Learning Program (HELP) for PG students:

HELP was launched on Saturday, 7th March 2015. It was launched for PG students, but saw participation from some UGs as well. It covered group discussions among groups, individual stage speaking. Students have to communicate in their weaker language, either Hindi or English and audience will give a feedback for possible improvements. About 250 students registered but on an average only 60 attended the session initially (main reason was their busy schedules). In total, 10 sessions were conducted during the semester, 2 more sessions in the summer vacation. Those who attended it regularly saw some improvement in their communication skills.


lecture on ‘What is Research?’

A talk on ‘What is Research?’ by Prof. Asim Tewari, Mechanical Engg. Dept., IIT Bombay, was organized on Tuesday, 24th March 2015. It was attended by 200 students.


Sessions by Central Library:

A session on the plagiarism check software turnitin was organized on Thursday, 28th May 2015. It was conducted by assistant librarian of central library. Session was attended by 130 students. Student accounts for 60 of the attendees were created in few weeks for facilitating the ease of access of software for all.

Next two sessions were organized on reference manager software. 1st one on Mendeley was organized on Wednesday, 1st July 2015 and 2nd one on Zotero was organized on Thursday, 2nd July 2015. 1st one had audience of 150, while 2nd one had 70. On both the days, software was installed in student’s laptops and it was hands-on session.


About Research Scholar Discussion Group (RSDG):

First two sessions of this year’s RSDG were conducted on Saturday, 27th September 2015. Talks were given by two of the research scholars. Audience was 20 in number. Due to lack of availability of speakers, due to their busy schedules, it could not be continued later.


Online and offline feedback from the 1st semester RS:

Online feedback was taken in both the semesters from the 1st semester research scholars at the end of their 1st sem, about how are they doing. Many questions were asked and generated lots of useful data. Questions related to their Academic performance, social interactions, information reach-ability, companion and about IRSCP were asked. About 150 students out of about 250 filled the survey in each semester. It was useful in knowing where we are and how we can improve?


Online feedback from all RS:

Based on the same lines of feedback from 1st year, one more feedback was taken in April 2015. This was from all the RS of IIT Bombay. About 200 of them responded. This feedback also helped us know where we are and what are the things, RS need?


About information emails:

Several emails were sent to 1st year RS and other RS of IIT Bombay from time to time, about various activities, events, things to do. Email also included informative emails about vaccination, ReSCon, PhD mailing lists, FB groups, stipend protest, cult. And sports events etc. These were sent to increase participation of the students in all these events and were successful in achieving them.


Final words:

Thank you all IRSCP team mates, all council bodies, all RS, specifically 1st year RS and all the students, for their support throughout the year. These were not possible with support from all of these.



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