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“The Secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  
  -Mark Twain

“IIT”, the name itself is enough to stimulate any academician. The world class infrastructure and facility of this leading foundation of science and technology makes it to be the dream of any research scholar. A day by day struggle makes a master to be capable to get inside this prestigious institution as a research scholar.

But the struggle doesn’t stop after getting inside it. With a constant internal urge of “keep moving” for further improvement to get accomplished and equivalent with the world class research going on worldwide converts a civilian into an IITian. For the overall development of the scholars, to utilize their prospective, to help them in every step and in every turning regarding academic and non-academic problems the Institute Research Scholar Companion Programme has been designed. This programme provides the platform to all the research scholars to address their academic as well as non-academic issues to get all kinds of help. Therefore, IIT Bombay is providing the platform to the research scholars to raise their issues to reach their goal in the form of Institute Research Scholars Companion Programme (IRSCP).

The IRSCP is in effect from the academic year 2012-2013, and is monitored by the Dean AP office. This year it is stepping into its fourth year. Students are requested to make best use of the resources made available to them by the IRSCP.



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