Welcome to IIT Bombay. The 2nd oldest IIT in the country and the best. Having the motto ‘Knowledge is the supreme goal’ this is the place where hobbies become talents and talents meet opportunities.

This isn’t boasting but you are ; joining the best technical institute in the country. With professors and facilities surpassing your imagination you will hardly cease to be amazed by the awesomeness of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Who says engineers can’t be artistic? What sets IITB apart is the enthu for extracurriculars that you will discover here. Sing, dance, act, speak, write, paint, shoot, play: do what you like the best with the best. IITB is a pleasantly surprising treasure hub of a plethora of activities that will not fail to dazzle you.

Dream a dream and learn to make it come true and with style too. You will discover skills that you never knew you had, develop them to become a master at your art and finally culminate into a thing of beauty that will inspire generations of IITians and more…!