Placement Information

After you get your LDAP ID and password you can go to the link provided below and see the placement scenarios. There is a section called Placement Dairies where you can find the feedback of the students who got placed.

Grading System

Like most of the engineering colleges IIT Bombay also follows Grade Point system here which is known as CPI system (Cumulative Performance Index). For every course taken by the students, he/she is assigned a letter grade on his/her combined performance in all the assessments. For more information check out the below pdf file.

Academic Calendar 2017-2018

In the below mentioned link you can get the information regarding Schedule of course instruction and examinations, Notes pertaining to academic activities for Academic year 2017 -2018, Schedule of dissertation/project presentations and Phd annual progress seminars, Notes pertaining to Dissertation / Project Work and Ph.D Annual Progress Seminars / Examinations and dates of special academic events / meetings.

How to Access​ ​GPO​ ​mails​ ​on​ ​your​ ​mobile​ ​mail​ ​client?

Follow this link and you will be able to access GPO mails on your mobile mail client.:
Incoming server settings
username: e.g.
password: ********
Port 993
Security SSL/TLS
Outgoing server settings
port 587
Require sign in: yes
fill username & password

Mail Forwarding

Follow the below procedure for getting the gpo mail in your gmail account..
Open you GPO account
Go to the options menu
Open Auto Forward/Auto Reply and other misc LDAP stuff
Open this link

Login again using LDAP id and password
Click Setup auto forward or autoreply
Type your gmail id in forwarding address column.
Click Submit….

Configuration for IITB-Wireless

Emergency Contact Details

Using mobile ? <<<- Slide ->>> table horizontally to view all content

Facility Contact
Quick Response Team (Security Section IITB ) 9167 398 598,    9833 337 979,   9833 338 989
Security Section IITB 022-2576(1100)/9167 398 596
Ambulance (IITB) 022-2576(1110)
IITB Hospital 022-2576-(7051/1110)
Seven Hills Hospital 022-6767-(6767/6766)
Hiranandani Hospital 022-2576-(3333/3300) (Dial 7 for emergency)
Police Station -Powai 022-2570-2690
Fire Station – Vikhroli 022-2517-0730
Fire Station – Marol 022-2920-0940
Fire Station - Mulund 022-2568-7637
Fire Control Room 022-2307-6111 (Mumbai Fire Brigade)

Free Softwares available from IITB website

Follow the below link to get some of the commercial licensed software the Computer Center has acquired.Softwares like Abaqus , Ansys, AVG antivirus, Labview, MATLAB, Origin etc... can be downloaded from the below mentioned link.

Rules and Regulations at IITB

The Academic Programmes are governed by Rules and Regulations approved by the Senate from time to time. The senate continuously monitors the academic programmes and makes appropriate modifications /improvements as and when required. The Senate also sets a definite time schedule for various academic activities. Follow the below link to get comprehensive information on the existing Rules & Regulations for UG and PG Programmes.