Institute Football League 2018


It’s the IFL time of the year again. It’s time when the whole football community comes together...

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Runathon 2018


"Things seem impossible until they're done for the first time!" Runathon sets a perfect example of...

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Football General Championship


A fortnight packed with nothing but gripping surprises and nail-biting moments is finally here!...

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Inter IIT Sports Meet - Day 7


IIT Bombay are the Overall GC Winners at the 52nd Inter-IIT Sports Meet with a day to spare. Here's...

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Inter IIT Sports Meet - Day 6


With a Gold in Women's Volleyball, 5000m and 4*100m men's relay, IIT Bombay is marching strong...

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Inter IIT Sports Meet - Day 5


With the semifinals matches of many sports lined up tommorow, our contingent is sticking with the...

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Inter IIT Sports Meet - Day 4


IIT Bombay is looking stronger than ever in its pursuit of the coveted General Championship with...

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Inter IIT Sports Meet - Day 3


IIT Bombay has proven its supremacy yet again with three Gold medals highlighting Day 3 of the 52nd...

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Inter IIT Sports Meet - Day 2


IIT Bombay continues it's dominance on Day 2 of the Inter IIT Sports Meet with some crucial wins...

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Inter IIT Sports Meet - Day 1


Another great day for the IIT Bombay Contingent at the 52nd Inter-IIT Sports Meet! Here's a summary...

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Inter IIT Sports Meet - Day 0


A wonderful start given to IIT Bombay's InterIIT campaign by our cricket team with a comprehensive...

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Inter IIT Football Trials


Hello everyone,The wait is finally over, with the Football camp trials for the 52ndInter-IIT Sports...

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Boys' Crossy GC


Unity, Passion, Sweat, excitement, happiness! This is what, Crossy GC was the composition of. Boys'...

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Inter IIT Aquatics Meet - Day 2


Here are the compiled Day 2 results of IIT Bombay Aquatics team. Arijit Pramanik gave a promising...

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Inter IIT Aquatics Meet - Day 1


Our Inter-IIT contingent has kicked off the tournament with an adrenaline-filled flair! The...

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Sophie Crossy


Sophie Crossy witnessed an epic clash between sophomores who fought for the glory of their...

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Freshmen Crossy


The Freshmen Crossy witnessed an overwhelming participation of more than 150 freshmen. The...

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IIT Bombay Runners Club Inaugural Run


With the aim of creating an active running community and encouraging people to get involved in...

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Swimming GC


Swimming GC 2017-18 witnessed an overwhelming participation, brilliant performances and some great...

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Sophie Hockey GC


The recently held Sophie Hockey GC witnessed overwhelming participation and some very close...

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Girls Kho-Kho GC


'SHE believed, SHE could and so SHE did'The very first GC of this semester has been conducted with...

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