Swimming GC

Swimming GC 2017-18 witnessed an overwhelming participation, brilliant performances and some great show in the water. The Wild Ones maintained their legacy of being the champions for the second time in a row and Hostel-10B had a clear dominance among the girls' hostels.

The final results are-

  • First Place: Hostel-2
  • Second Place: Hostel-8
  • Third Place: Hostel-13
  • Fourth Place: Hostel-7
Player of the GC: Kushal Dhinoja (Hostel-8)

  • First Place: Hostel-10B
  • Second Place: Hostel-10A
  • Third Place: Hostel-11
  • Fourth Place: Hostel-15C
Player of the GC: Nora (Hostel-10B)