Sophie Crossy

Sophie Crossy witnessed an epic clash between sophomores who fought for the glory of their respective hostels with their eyes set on Gold. We have introduced a rolling trophy this year onward for the winner hostel, with the aim of increasing level of competition and participation.

The hostel wise results are:
Winner- Hostel 2 -69 points
1st Runner up- Hostel 7 -65 points
2nd Runner up- Hostel 4 -62 points
4th position- Hostel 3- 53 points

Winner- Hostel 10B -34 points

Top finishers are:
1st Ashi Gupta- H10B-14:41 mins
2nd Mansi Khedekar- H10B- 20:54 mins
3rd Rucha Pasalkar and Risha Agarwal- H10B- 27:40 mins

1st- Pratik Patil- H6- 13:22 mins
2nd- Toshan Kharumnuid - H9- 13:34 mins
3rd- Upwan Swami- H3- 13:36 mins