Boys' Crossy GC

Unity, Passion, Sweat, excitement, happiness! This is what, Crossy GC was the composition of. Boys' Crossy General Championship, sponsored by the Fitizen and IIT Bombay Half Marathon witnessed overwhelming participation of more than 537 students. Chief guest Samir Singh, the 100days*100km runner increased the awesomeness of the Crossy GC by his presence
Hostelwise results:
Winner - Hostel 3 - 382 points 
Runner Up - Hostel 7 - 352 points
2nd Runner Up - Hostel 4 - 323 points
4th position - Hostel 9 - 309 points

Individual results:
Gold Medal- Anand Gaurav(H8) -15:51mins
Silver medal- Abebe Mekonnen(H13) -16:06mins
Bronze medal - Raghvendra P(H13) -16:20mins
4th Position- Naman Yadav (H2) - 17:10mins

Here are the top 50 bib number, hostel wise results and hostel wise participation details: