Runathon 2018

"Things seem impossible until they're done for the first time!" Runathon sets a perfect example of this quote. Before the run, the question was, will institute people be able to run continuously for 4 hours? Here is the answer- 28 registrations, 24 runners reporting, and all of them completing 4 hours of continuous running! Yes, last Sunday morning all the runners displayed amazing grit and enthusiasm for the first ever Runathon. Runners challenged their limits and all of them succeeded. Experiences like these surely help in tackling real-life obstacles. More pics - Results: Men(Individual): Gold - Pratik Patil(42.8 km) Silver - Rayees Sheikh (32.8km) Bronze - Narayan Patil (32.4 km) Women(Individual): Gold - Dhruti Shah (32.8 km) Silver- Tanista Ravi Nair (28.8 km) Bronze - Nimita Shinde (28.4 km) Team Relay Team H (Umakant, Chaithanya, Kuldeep, Poorvi) - 46.4 km Team A (Prakriti, Sudhakar, TT Niranjan, Sreenath) - 45.6 km Team K (P Kiran, Mansi, Rajendra, Saurabh) - 44.2 km Maximum distance covered in 1-hour relay by Boys - Kuldeep Singh (13.6 km) Girls - Prakriti Tayalia(10.8 km) IIT Bombay Sports salutes all the runners for their exceptional willpower! #KeepRunning #IITBombaySports #FitnessGoals