Adventure Club

Adventure Sports in Sahyadri Ranges

There is enormous amount of potential for adventure sports in Sahyadri ranges, situated just an hour away from Mumbai. Since the inception of the club, several activities or workshops are conducted each month namely treks, rock climbing, water sports,rappeling etc. with easy and difficult ratings. Club encourages students to take adventure as a team sport and also gives them the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement involved, go out in nature and enjoy its beauty and serenity with a thought to keep it preserved it for the generations to come.

Mountaineering, Adventure, Paragliding and Skiing Courses

Adventure sports were first introduced as Basic Mountaineering Course(BMC). It is very popular among the adventure loving students. One of the four institutes affiliated to Indian Mountaineering Foundation(IMF), Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (ABVIMAS) in conducts various certified courses such as Basic(26 days)&Advanced(28 days) Mountaineering Course, Adventure Camp(10 days) & Adventure Course(14 days), Water Sports, Skiing etc. Several certified organizations in Pune conduct paragliding courses (3 to 4 days) certified by Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors (APPI) from October to May. These courses especially Mountaineering are physically demanding, but they teach you many things which make you a better person overall and give you lifetime experience.

Cycling Club

Cycling is recently included in Gymkhana sports due to a huge participation in this exciting sport. We usually conduct a cycling ride to nearby places in Mumbai in a month. The usual distance of these rides is 50 km and 120 km. These rides are under the supervision of a professional cyclist and also supported by some senior cyclist if our insti. For safety purposes, the institute provides a supporting vehicle in each ride. Apart from rides we also conduct cycling competitions like biathlon on Independence Day and triathlon GC.

Skating Club

Institute Skating Club was founded in early 2011. Seniors had done a great job to develop such a skating culture in institute. In early 2015 Skating was recognised as gymkhana sports in institute. Our senior achieved a milestone in recreational and slalom skating. Due to great participation in all the camps, institute provide inline skates to students, which they can issue from SAC-Store. Soon we will include quad skate and skateboard in our inventory. Our usual place for practice is outdoor basketball court.