General Championship

This event is held once a year in the Spring Semester under three categories: Boys, Girls and PG’s.

In this event the best tennis players from each hostel go head to head to determine which hostel boasts of the best talent in Lawn Tennis. It is a fiercely contested event with all participants putting in everything they have to win glory for their hostels and earn themselves a chance to break into the Inter-IIT Team.

Institute Tennis Championships

This usually follows the Institute Tennis Open, and is IIT-B’s version of the IPTL. It is a team based event in which 8 managers are in charge of 8 teams. There is an auction of the players. The teams are divided into two pools of four each and play round-robin amongst each other. The format of each tie consists of:

  1. Marquee Player Singles
  2. Men’s Singles
  3. Men’s Doubles
  4. Women’s Singles
  5. Freshmen Singles

The league format makes it a fun-filled event. The presence of a marquee player in each team ensures that each player gets proper guidance and gets to learn a lot during the course of the league.

Institute Tennis Open

It is the flagship open tournament for Tennis at IIT Bombay. This tournament is open to all -students, alumni, professors and staff.

It is a grand-slam styled open singles tournament and is held in the Autumn Semester. It is highly competitive and is a must play for all tennis enthusiasts. It presents a great opportunity for the players to learn as it provides them a platform to go up against experienced players who are a part of the Inter-IIT team.

Institute Freshmen Open

This tournament gives the freshers a chance to showcase their talent. It gives an opportunity to the NSO students to see their improvement through the months and the non-NSO students a chance to battle it out with the regulars. It follows a compass draw format in which everyone gets to play an equal number of matches and it keeps the knockout spirit alive.

It has been an encouragement to the tennis enthusiasts to pursue the game in the institute and also has been a source of raw talent which on being nurtured produced few of the best players of IIT Bombay.

Workshops and Camps

Along with all the tournaments and leagues, Tennis Club of IIT-B conducts many workshops and camps for both beginners and intermediates, throughout the year. These last for a period of about 3-4 weeks and are taken by an external professional coach.


It’s a part of the academic curriculum for the undergraduate students. Through selections for students who opted for tennis, nearly 30-40 are selected and trained throughout the academic year, two days each week.
NSO has always been a source of some great talent for IIT Bombay tennis with students of high enthusiasm for the sport putting in efforts day in and day out to improve their skills in the sport.

Institute Doubles Open

Introduced this year, this tournament aims to bring about a doubles culture in the institute. It will be held along with the Institute Tennis Open. The coordination, teamwork and skills of the both the players will be tested to decide who will be the very first ultimate champions