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In Semester Undergraduate Research Program
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The projects are available and deadline for submission is September 1st, 23:59 !


Currently, many students approach Professors for an in-semester project as there is ample amount of time to delve into the wonderful world of research. iSURP has been undertaken to centralise this process of project allocation for the convenience of both Professors and the students. It also aims at encouraging students to take research experience beyond their own department by launching Inter-Department Projects. As it’s name says, EnPoWER wishes to build a culture of UG participation in innovative Engineering activities and thus also provide opportunities to do project under CSRE.

iSURP shall be conducted in the joint purview of Academic Council and Placement Cell so students are required to sign IAF before taking up the project. The duration of the project will be decided on discussion with the Prof. Go through the Rule Book here very carefully before applying. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us.

A very special thanks to all the faculty members & DAMP Teams for their kind support towards this. We hope you, the students, make the most of it!


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How are we supposed to apply for the program?

All students are supposed to fill the form after clicking the Apply button. For freshmen, the application procedure ends here. Others are supposed to sign the IAF at the Placement Cell website. Refer rule book for more details.

What is the duration of iSURP?

The duration of iSURP is a mutual decision between the Professor and you. You can put forth your convenient dates during the interview and the Professor can comment on his/her availability. Ideally it is one and a half to two months. It can also be exceeded into the semester in case the student is enthusiastic enough and wants to work for a URA award.

What should I write in a SOP?

Statement of Purpose should reflect the motivations with which you are filling the application for the project you want to do. It is used by the Professor to judge if you are enthusiastic enough to learn and work for the entire duration of the project.

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Institute Secretary Academic Affairs