Welcome to Woodlands Hostel-8 | IIT-Bombay

Welcome to the most happening hostel in IIT Bombay. Also known as Woodlanders, the hostel boasts about the gym launched and talks about being one of the few hostels having a study room among all the hostels in the institute. Housing close to 450 students from across different programmes and departments, the diversity of the hostel across region and religion is something to be boasted about. With 30 wings, the hostel is one of the largest and has a unique wing culture which extends even to its alumni. The hostel has a lavish lounge which has a 65" TV and an extravagant sound system. The unique of this lounge in IIT Bombay is that it is connected with the canteen and Brews and Bites. This site will provide you all the information you need about Hostel 8.

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