Above The Sky, And Beyond The Horizons. We Rise and We Shine, Like The Stars, That We Are, We Are The Nine.



Study Room Started! ( 9th Jan 2022 )

Badminton Court Open ! ( 8th Jan 2022 )

Volleyball Court Opened ! ( 8th Jan 2022 )

Complaints Section Added ! ( 6th Jan 2022 )

Mess Started ! ( 1st Jan 2022 )

Complaints, Feedbacks and Suggestions Portal!

If you have any complaints, suggestions or feedbacks in regards to anything (be it maintenance, cultural, tech, sports, LAN, etc.) in Hostel 9, please feel free to use the form linked below. Necessary action will be taken within maximum 7 days.

Hostel 9 recent standings

Event Genre Position
Vitual Crossy GC (2020) Sports 1st
Institute Fantasy League (2020) Sports 3rd
Chess Virtual Cup (2020) Sports 4th
Carrom GC (2019) Sports 1st
Chess GC (2019) Sports 1st
Athletics GC (2019) Sports 2nd
Cricket GC (2019) Sports 2nd
Football GC (2019) Sports Quarter Final
Crossy GC (2019) Sports 4th
Music GC (2019) Culturals 4th