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LAN Issues

Fine Policy for different Offences

If any violation of rules is brought to light, various access features will be blocked and fine will be imposed as below.

In case of any monetary fine, the user has to deposit the money in Cash Section, and then deposit the receipt with an application to unblock his/her access features in Computer Centre.

Excessive Downloads Rs. 500/- AND Blocking of netmon ID

Excessive downloads of non-academic material will lead to a fine and blocking of User's ID on netmon.
This includes Operating System downloads. If a user wants to download any OS, he/she has to request CC for the same by mailing at help@cc.

If a user feels his ID is blocked for downloading academic material, THEN he/she should contact MLC.

Change of USER ID
Change of USER ID is not permitted under any circumstances. Hence, please choose your USER ID wisely.

1. Internal Bombarding:User's Machine (MAC-ID) blocked from accessing the net till it is made virus free. User will have to pay Rs. 500 to get his machine unblocked, once it is virusfree.

2. Netmon Bombarding: Fine as mentioned in (1) above, and a block of his/her user ID on netmon for 15 days.

Email Spam
Any kind of spam if found to generate from a machine, either intentionally by user or due to some virus attack, the machine will be disconnected from LAN and a fine of Rs. 500 and netmon ID ban of 15 days will be imposed.

Damage to CC Equipment by Hostel Inmates (Racks, Locks, Switches, etc)
1. Any damage to CC equipment in hostels would lead to the blocking of LAN connectivity of the entire hostel.

2. The hostel will have to pay a fine of Rs.500/- and the hostel LAN will be activated after submitting to MLC the fine receipt and form (download from here) duly signed by the G. Sec. and the Warden of the respective hostel.

3. Any future damage in the same hostel will lead to blocking of LAN connectivity of the hostel for a week along with the fine of Rs.500/-

Malicious Activities
If a user is found to indunge in any of the below, he/she will face a fine of Rs. 1000 and 15 days ban. Further, it is possible that the case may be reported to DAC, or Cybercell, depending on the intensity and nature of the crime.

1. Packet Sniffing
2. Hacking
3. Password Snooping (Stealing)

If any institute service or access is blocked by an ISP or any other external service provider, because of a user causing network bombardment or indulging in excessive downloads, then such a user will have to pay the full amount that the Institute spends for restoration of that service or access. In addition, a punitive fine may be imposed on such a user.