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This feedback helps us understand the performance of the ISCP team along with the areas that can be improved upon, which will be passed on to the next team. We request you to take this up sincerely and thank you for your time.

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Hello, Friends!

We hope you are just excited to be a part of IIT Bombay as we were. Hearty congratulations on this incredible feat! Institute Students Companion Program (ISCP) welcomes you to one of the most resourceful campuses in India. The next two or three years are going to be the most memorable, impactful, insightful and life changing years which will fly past. We hope you imbibe as much as you can and more from your peers, seniors, faculty and staff. Here’s to your first glimpse of ISCP, the backbone of your journey through the mecca of learning.

ISCP is a program within the IIT Bombay Post Graduate (PG) student community. It is monitored by the Dean AP Office. Its primary objective is to develop an atmosphere of cordial interaction amongst the PG entrants and the PG seniors. It will encourage the flow of information, knowledge, and sharing of experiences among the students.

Life in IIT Bombay can appear a little daunting at times, balancing between the academic workload and the plethora of extra-curricular activities. And that is where ISCP can help you blend in and make the most of it. ISCP strives to provide a senior student companion as a mentor to all newly admitted students. New entrants can contact their assigned companion to discuss their academic and non-academic issues or concerns. Student Companions enable the smooth and gentle transition from the graduation days to post-graduation days. New entrants also feel assured that there is somebody on campus to help them and listen to their concerns. Many-a-times they find a caring friend in companions.

What to expect from a Student Companion:

In short, this is a program by the students of IIT Bombay, for the new students to ensure their overall development through utilization of all the available resources at IIT Bombay.
Let the learning begin. Feel free to contact us anytime!



The ISCP Team is built in a way to ensure that we reach each student personally and solve their problem. The building blocks of the team are Student Companions (SCs). Each SC is directly responsible for helping and mentoring a small group of students, the strength of the group is ideally 7-10 students. The team has Department Coordinators (DCs) whose responsibilities other than of a SC are helping in the selection of SCs, coordinating with and keeping track of SCs, organizing department level activities in collaboration with other department functionaries, and organising activities in collaboration with other departments. The work done by DCs is monitored by Overall Coordinators (OCs) selected by a team comprising previous OCs, ISCP Faculty Coordinator and Deans of the Institute. The OCs are responsible for building up the entire ISCP Team with the help of DCs in consultation with the Faculty Coordinator and ensuring that the team works properly. The team also consists of the International Cabinet Member (ICM) whose responsibility is monitoring and solving the problems of International Students in the Institute. The Web Nominee is also the part of the team with the responsibility of updating and maintaining the ISCP Website. The most important thing is that the team structure is not hierarchical, feel free to contact the OCs or the Faculty Coordinator directly in case of any problem or query. We are at your service 24x7…!!


Faculty Cordinator
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Overall Coordinator
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Overall Coordinator
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International Cabinet Member

International Cabinet Member
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Web Nominee

Web Nominee
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