About Hostel Maintenance

"Keeping everything running"
This sole motto is the drive behind the working of the maintenance council. We work as a team to make your stay in the hostel comfortable and attend to any issues that pop up. Welcome to the maint body of H-10. We help in keeping it a better place to live in.. Have a problem?? Let us know by writing to us (maintcoh10@iitb.ac.in). We,the council, contact service vendors and other organisations to help the inmates.. If required to contact voluntarily,the details are here..

Electrician - 7966
PHO - 7056
These numbers can be dialed from the hostel telephone at the security desk.

How To Complain
For any complaints regarding maintenance please write complaint in https://support.iitb.ac.in/support/login.jsp by logging with your LDAP ID. Make sure you have written LDAP ID not the email address. You can submit the complaints on the portal for following different issues:
1) CIVIL MAINTENANCE - Carpentry, Plumbing ( jet sprays, sink, leakage, toilets)
2) ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE - Tube lights, fans, switchboards, corridor/washroom lights, water heater, exhaust fans.
3) PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE (PHO) - Cleaning, Pest Control
1. Go to the link -> support.iitb.ac.in , login with your LDAP id.
2. Select New Complaint.
3. In complaint details will show your name, phone number. Fill EXTENSION NUMBER 2710 (required).
4. Select the complaint type:-
-> Estate - Carpenter/Plumbing/Other complaints like Water sepage,etc.
->EMD-Electric Work
5. Select Location Type
6. Select Complaint Category -->Complaint title --> Describe the issue. You can even upload image.
7. Select Complaint Priority (Low, Medium, High, Very High)
8. Click Submit. You can view the status of complaint by Home-->Show My Complaints.
1. For Washing Machine, Water Cooler and Aqua Guard Related Complaints, you need to submit the complaints in Google form at - https://forms.gle/LEudqwkkdieL8a5n7
2. Even after registering the complaint at support.iitb.ac.in , if the issue does not gets resolved in one week, then please send an e-mail to h10hallmgr@iitb.ac.in mentioning your complain id and a screenshot of your complaint. Please keep in cc the the other two email ids.

Also for any other queries, please feel free to drop an e-mail to -
maintcoh10@iitb.ac.in, gsech10@iitb.ac.in, h10hallmgr@iitb.ac.in


In our hostel we have the following facilities:
1. 24*7 TV Room having sufficient sitting area.
2. Library which has books of different genres.
3. Gym which is very spacious and has sufficient equipments.
4. Dance Room which is very big in size and is equipped with mirrors and speakers.
5. Music Room which has sufficent space for each instrument and students to sit.
6. Tech Room for all the technical enthusiasts.
7. Pool Room for enjoyment and hangout.
8. Board Games Room for all the indoor game players.
9. Ironing Room for those planning to get thier cloths well ironed.
10. Laundry Rooms equipped with washing machines and dryers in every wing.

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