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Mess Rules

1. Mess timings
The mess timings will be very strictly followed, and no request will be entertained outside of the mess timings.
2. Mess menu items
Only items mentioned in the menu will be served, and no demand can be made for any item, which is not on the menu that day. The same applies to Jain and the boiled counter.
3. Non-messing and rebate
Any student can choose not to register for mess facility permanently for a semester; in such a case, 1300/- per month will be deducted as compensation. The student may continue eating by paying for an individual meal on a normal per day cost that is applicable to other students. The remaining amount from their mess bills would be refunded at the end of the semester. A form will be circulated before each semester to ask for details of those who would like to go for non-messing during the coming semester. Non-messing is not applicable during the vacation period; it is only an option during the semester. Any student can choose to apply for a rebate during the semester. The total number of days allowed for rebate is 15 per semester. One should apply for a rebate at least 2 full days in advance and for a minimum of 3 days. For any kind of academic leave, 2 copies of the duly signed department leave form should be attached with the rebate form 2 days in advance of your travel.
4. Mess utensils
Taking mess utensils outside the mess area is strictly not allowed. Violating the rules will lead to fines as follows:
(i) For the first complaint: Rs. 500/- per utensil
(ii) For the second complaint: Rs. 1000/- per utensil
(iii) More than 2 violations will result in the revocation of mess facilities. In case of any disagreement, please contact Dean SA.
Note: Please be careful and don't throw mess utensils with food waste
5. Guest
Use guest entry registers or cash coupon system while taking your friends/relatives to eat in our mess. You are not allowed to share plates in the mess for any reason.
6. In case of medical leave
In case of medical leave, facility to have food in your room is available. You are required to submit medical proof of your illness and number of days for which you require meals in your room to the hall manger. The mess staff will bring food to your room and take the plates away for the specified time period. In case of medical emergency, if the hall manager is not available, you should contact us at the contact details given on the bottom.
7. Behavior
Misbehavior with mess workers and council members will not be tolerated at all. Please be respectful whenever you are approaching anyone of these. Any misbehavior complaints will be forwarded to the disciplinary committee. For any complains kindly contact mess council instead of indulging in any arguments with staff.
8. Fridge cleaning
The mess fridges will be cleaned weekly. You are requested to remove all your belongings by Saturday night every week. Any items that remain in the fridge on Sunday mornings will be considered as waste and thrown away. The fridges will be available for usage again from Sunday night after dinner.

Meal Timings

Breakfast : 7:30 am – 9:40 am
Lunch : 12:00 pm – 2:15 pm
Tiffin : 4:30 pm – 6:15 pm
Dinner : 7:30 pm – 9:45 pm
Breakfast : 7:45 am – 10:00 am
Lunch : 12:00 pm – 2:15 pm
Tiffin : 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Dinner : 7:30 pm – 9:45 pm

Brands of Consumables Permissible

Item Brand
Salt Tata, Annapurna, Nature fresh, Ashirwad, Nirma, Saffola, Captain cook
Spices M.D.H. Masala, Knorr, Catch, Everest, Mothers, Nilons, MTR, Priya, Patanjali,Ramdev, K-Pra
Chicken Venky's Chicken, Godrej Real good, Zorabian, Suguna, Al Kabeer
Ketchup Maggi, Kissan, Heinz, Del Monte, Surabhi, Sam’s, Ching
Oil (Sunflower)-Refined Sundrop, Godrej, Saffola, Fortune, Nature Fresh, Dhara (use of Hydrogenated (vanaspati) oil is strictly prohibited)
Pickle Mother's, Priya, Tops, Nilon’s, MTR, Bedekar
Atta/ Maida Ashirvaad, Pillsbury, Annapurna, Samrat, Nature fresh, Patanjali, Shakti,Bhog
Instant Noodles Maggi, Top Ramen, Yippee, Ching’s secret, Patanjali
Flavoured drinks Rasna, Roohafza, Mapro
Papad Lijjat, Ganesh, Shreeji, Ramdev, Mothers
Butter Amul, Mother dairy, Govardhan, Britannia, Kwality, Warana (use of margarine or any other butter substitutes are prohibited)
Bread Modern, Kwality, Wibs, Britannia, Bonn, Harvest Gold
Cornflakes Kellogg’s, Patanjali
Chocos Kellogg’s
Jam Kissan, Tops, Cremica, Mapro, Druk, Maggi, Surabhi, Mother’s
Ghee Amul, Mother Dairy, Britannia, Gits, Nestle, Everyday, Dynamix, Vadilal, Warana
Shrikhand Amul Warana, Chitale
Frozen yogurt Mother dairy
Cow Milk(Half Cream/non-toned) Amul, Mother Dairy, Govardhan, Warana, Kwality
Paneer Amul, Mother Dairy, Warana, Gowardhan
Tea Brooke bond, Lipton,Tata, Tetley, Godrej
Coffee Nescafe, Bru, Tata, MR
Ice Cream Amul, Mother Dairy, Kwality wall’s, Natural’s, Havmor, Vadilal, Patanjali. Dinshaw’s, Cream bell
Soya Nutrela
Frozen Peas Safal (offseason), Al kabeer, Vadilala
Cheese Amul, Mother Dairy, Britannia, Warana, Govardhan
Kolum Rice Royal, Donur, Kohinoor, India gate
Basmati Rice for special rice Everyday, Daawat
Custard Powder Brown & Polson
Sauce (Chilli , Garlic , Soya, Manchurian, Tomato) Chings, Heinz, Maggi, Kissan , Sam’s, Cremica, Tops
Toor Dal / Masoor Dal / Urad Dal / Chana Dal Tata, India gate, MTR, Packed materials from Metro / Dmart / Big Bazaar / Bigbasket
Sugar Madhur, Mantra, Satyam, MTR, Packed materials from Metro / Dmart / Big Bazaar / Bigbasket
Cornflour / Rava Satyam Packed materials from Metro / Dmart / Big Bazaar / Bigbasket

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