We are the Vitruvians!

High on spirits, Hostel 3 is best known for its enthusiastic inmates. Be it excelling in sports, outranking others in cultural or shining bright at institute festivals, our hostel has been there done that!! And this plethora of accomplishments doesnt make it stop. Hostel 3 is out for a kill--and even sky is not the limit!!

  • H3 craxxxxxxxx cricket GC 2015
  • H3 in finals of Hockey GC 2015
  • Brace yourselves! Polt is coming!
  • H-3 wins over H-9 with the score 1-0 at the end of full time.
  • H3 craxx 2nd in CROSSY.


H3 boasts of one of the richest cultural talent in the institute. From different genres of Cult GCs to PAF, you will find us on or near the podium, if not first. This has been the trend since time immemorial. And we strive to take this legacy forward and keep machaofying!


In Hostel 3, Sports is not an activity. It is not a discipline. It is not a hobby or a way to pass time. In Hostel 3, Sports is a way of life. From the muddy football field where we put our heart and soul into winning a Inter wing match to the Volley field where we spend countless hours to win a single set of 25 points in nothing but a friendly evening game. Once you step foot inside, you will feel that this place breathes sports.


Hostel 3 has always been home to the institute's best when it comes to technical activities. This is a hostel where there is something going on throughout the year, be it the racing cars being built for TrackMania, the line followers, the fundae sessions conducted by seniors, setting up the Robocon arena and building its bot, etc. For a hostel bubbling with enthusiasm, tech just never seems to come to a halt.

Some of our recent Standings

Event Genre Position
Film GC Film 'n' Media 1st
3D Modelling GC PFA 1st
Dram GC Dramatics 2nd
Logic GC Tech 4th
Lawn Tennis GC Sports Gold
Crossy GC Sports Silver

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