Sports at H3

In Hostel 3, Sports is not an activity. It is not a discipline. It is not a hobby or a way to pass time. In Hostel 3, Sports is a way of life.

From the muddy football field where we put our heart and soul into winning a Inter wing match to the Volley field where we spend countless hours to win a single set of 25 points in nothing but a friendly evening game. Once you step foot inside, you will feel that this place breathes sports.

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Glory and Achievement in GCs

Achievement (2019)

  • Gold in Cricket GC
  • Second in Volleyball
  • 2nd in Basketball

Standing in GCs

Due to Online semeter, No GCs happened this year.

Our Sports Events

Shaping imagination into reality!


Hostel III Premier league

Hostel 3 Premier League symbolizes the epitome of sporting enthusiasm and excellence. An event in which the entire hostel community comes together to make possible a tournament encompassing 8 teams, more than 100 players and 31 breathtaking matches. Late night floodlit matches,talented footballers and a vibrant crowd makes for a magnificent scenario at the hostel footer field as hostel 3 footballing titans clash to establish the shrewdest brains,the most prolific veterans,and the most promising prodigies of the beautiful game we call football. So come join the carnival where 8 managers will lead there own handpicked group of gladiators as they fight for the crown of Hostel 3's best footballing unit!!! It doesnt get any better than this.........


Hostel 3 Cricket League

Following the success of H3PL, its cricketing counterpart H3CL was introduced in our Hostel in 2017 and has continued every year since then. The format is the same as H3PL. There are 2 Overall Coordinators managing the league. 8 teams (IPL based) are there, each one having a manager. We have the Opening Ceremony of H3CL in the first week of October. The process to participate is very easy by filling forms for registrations for players, managers, and overall coordinators. It is a tournament where teams sweat it out to emerge as the champs. It promises fierce competition as well as memorable moments. Right from the auctions to the final match, the tournament is guaranteed to be a cliff-hanger. Friends may turn into rivals for the duration of the tournament but new friendships will be forged and newer experiences await you. It is a great opportunity for the seniors and freshies to interact with each other as well as a chance for the freshies to announce themselves on the cricketing stage.

Our Sports Activities

These are mainly sports activities on our Hostel.





Volley Ball






Table Tennis