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Ever dreamt of doing a moonwalk like Michel Jackson or writing a story better than Romeo Juliet or playing gabbar better than gabbar himself. Well that's just sort of a fraction of what we do at Hostel3, the content is much more promising than the cover. Hostel 3 is the most famous for its excellence and achievements in the field of Sports, but people often forget that the Vitruvians is also home of the most talented students in the cultural field as well. Our students take active part in all the Cultural activities of the institute and the Cult Council of our hostel organise the most interesting events.

As we say, its not just about performing, its about winning. Its about learning and evolving. We won the Music Arcade GC in 2020, stood 2nd in Goonj 2019, 2nd in Gyrations 2018, and 2nd in MDGC 2018. Yes,the last year was a bit rough with us but we are determined to bounce back and stand up straight with all might. Inviting you all to a phenomenal journey ahead with us

Our Cultural Activities

Titillate. Arouse. Astonish. Excite. Lead. Think. Exercise. Enjoy. Live!

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